Global Manner(1, 중어반 ) Course Introduction

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Global Manner(1, ) Course Introduction. 2010. 5. 11 Self Introduction Todays Global World Globalization & Localization Why Global Manner? Course Contents Course Operations. Your Professor. Byung-Koo Kim BK Born in Seoul, living in Daejeon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Global Manner(1, )Course Introduction 2010. 5. 11

  • Self IntroductionTodays Global WorldGlobalization & LocalizationWhy Global Manner?Course ContentsCourse Operations

  • Your ProfessorByung-Koo Kim BK Born in Seoul, living in DaejeonMajor field: Mechanicla engineering PhDExp.: 20 years abroad (12 USA, 7 Europe) 30 years at KAERI 7 years at UN IAEA. Vienna 2008, Prof. International Relations, KYU 409, 010-2684-8447

  • Jet transportationCommunication tech Internet revolutionWorld trade: export/importRelocation education, work, immigrationGlobal issues Wars, regional security Economy, finances Environment, health, energy, etc. Todays Global World

  • Globalization & LocalizationGlobal concept vs. Local conceptRoots and wingsGlocal (global + local) worldFeeling comfortable anyplaceLessons from historyHigh-tech developmentWhere is international competitivenessWhy English so important??

  • Why Global Manner?Small World Google EarthUnderstanding international trendsCuriosity of the unknown worldComing of multi-national/multi-cultureNecessity of foreign languagesPossibility of the Jobs AbroadUgly Korean, Ugly American

  • Course Introduction 1. Global mentality Oriental/occidental, race, sex, age, religion

    2. Global life style Languages, food, costume, housing, trade

    3. Global etiquette East/west manner, situational manner

  • Course OperationMandatory course for GCC freshmen3 classes for English/Chinese/Japanese3 professor for Eng/Chi/Jap eachUpload class notes each weekEncourage individual class presentationRelative grading based on 30%, 40%, 20%, 10%

  • Orient vs. Occident Birth of ancient civilization (Orient)Mesopotamia cultureEgypt cultureChinese Yellow River basinModern civilization (Occident)18C: France (French Revolution)19C: British (Pax Britanica)20C: USA (Pax Americana)