Going Green

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Going Green. solar. wind. geothermal. tidal. 1. wind turbines provide clean electricity. 2. sound-proofing. 3. Natural shade for apartments. - On Tuesday. - To help him at 11 oclock. The Future Continuous Tense. pronoun + will + be + v- ing . She will be doing her homework. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Going Green


1. wind turbines provide clean electricity.2. sound-proofing.3. Natural shade for apartments.

- On Tuesday.- To help him at 11 oclock.pronoun + will + be + v-ing ..The Future Continuous TenseShe will be doing her homework.will be providingwill be directingll be openingll be having1. They ..... up to 15% of the energy needs.2. When the three turbines are running, the angle of the to towers ..... the wind towards them.3. We . our doors to clients next week and we lots of special offers.

ab1.On Friday evening we ... ( visit) the Bahrain World Trade Centre.2. ................... (you / watch) the football game tonight?3. At 9 oclock on Wednesday, we .. (write) a chemistry test.4. Why cant call you at 6 p.m.? ... ( you/have) your interview?5. I cant go out tonight. I ... (help) my brother with his homework.6. At this time next week, we ... (drive) to Oman.will be visiting

Will you be watchingwill be writingWill you be havingwill be helpingwill be drivingWill you be going to the post office?

Ill be driving to the mall.