Goodreads: The Platform That Can Make Your Career

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Goodreads: The Platform That Can Make Your Career. Michael J. Sullivan Riyria Revelations Riyria Chronicles Hollow World. Getting Presentation Slides. Will be posted to my blog on Monday: Along with links to some of the resources Ill speak about today. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Author Branding: What you Need to Know</p> <p>Goodreads: The Platform That Can Make Your CareerMichael J. SullivanRiyria Revelations Riyria Chronicles Hollow WorldGetting Presentation SlidesWill be posted to my blog on Monday:</p> <p>Along with links to some of the resources Ill speak about today.</p> <p>Both this presentation, and my presentation on Author Branding given in yesterdays PRO session</p> <p>A Little Bit About MyselfAuthor Riyria Revelations, Riyria Chronicles, Hollow WorldHalf a million English Language Books Sold20 Foreign Language ContractsSelf, small-press, and big-five</p> <p>At BEA (Book Expo America) Goodreads presentation used me as a case study for an author who does Goodreads right.</p> <p>#48 Most followed last 12 months; #43 Most followed last week (out of 78,000 authors + millions of readers)</p> <p>A Little Bit About YouHow many of you were at my session yesterday on branding?How many have published at least one book or article?How many are still in the pre-publication phase?How many are or want to be traditionally published?How many are or want to be self-published?Are there any hybrid authors in the audience: who both self and traditionally publish?</p> <p>Three Things That Made My CareerWrote books that people wanted to readConnected with book bloggers to get reviews/interviewsEarly adopter of GoodreadsMember since October 200819 Giveaways2 Publisher funded marketing campaigns3 Goodreads Choice NomineeFeatured in Goodreads NewsletterFeatured author in Ask the Author rollout</p> <p>No Matter How You Publish Use GoodreadsIts where the readers are (twitter, pinterestetc all kinds of stuff but goodreads is JUST books2013 BEA Presentation (May 30, 2013)18 million members570 million books shelved24 million books reviewed11 million books discovered (added to-read shelves)74,000 authors</p> <p>What We Can Do TodayIve written volumes of information on this subjectCan only scratch the surface in 50 minutesGoing to hit the highlightsLots of time for Q&amp;ALots of resources for further study after you leave the conference</p> <p>Many Authors Find Goodreads DifficultAn Authors Guide to Goodreads (reddit)Goodreads 101 - Part 1: Setting up your profileGood Reads 101 - Part 2: Tell me about your bookGoodreads 201: Part 3: Introducing yourselfGoodreads 201: Part 4:Introduction emailsMeasuring your Goodreads ResultsPutting your best foot forward</p> <p></p> <p>Goodreads HelpSlide share 22 PresentationsGoodreads 201 Advanced TechniqueMarketing your books on GoodreadsBuilding a Platform on GoodreadsYour Guide to Giveaways Your Guide to Author Promotions the siteGuidelines for AuthorsAuthor Program How to</p> <p>Getting Started With GoodreadsOptimize your Goodreads Profile PageClaim your pageMake sure all your books are showingLink to your blogPost some sample chaptersFind appropriate groupsPost a book in authors sectionCreate some email templatesDo a giveawayTrack your results</p> <p>Author Profile</p> <p>Author Profile DetailsIdentifies you as a Goodreads Author Use your long bio like discussed in yesterdays sessionUse italics, bolding, and pictures to make it standoutAutomatically adds blog posts to GoodreadsNEW: Ask the author Q&amp;A with readers</p> <p>Groups: The Most Important Place on GoodreadsFew authors seem to know or use themCheck the rules!!Find groups that match your genreUsually have a section for authors to postUsually do monthly polls to choose to read booksBE A MEMBER FIRST</p> <p>Groups: Authors Section Promotion PostThank them for opportunityGraphic or book cover15 word headline (from yesterdays presentation)One paragraph back of book blurbReviews (with links)Any accolades Most anticipated booksBest book of 2013</p> <p>Private GroupsBy invitation onlyExclusivity = desirabilityPart of the in-crowdSecret - what is said in the group stays in the group No posts are sent out to the persons feedsGive them special things they cant get anywhere elseShort story, afterword, playlist used when writing books</p> <p>Email Signatures</p> <p>Email SignaturesShows pictures of your booksLinks to Goodreads pagesCan create links to books not yet publishedDo a search on the book titleUse the Manually add book on the far rightEliminates need to push your book</p> <p>GiveawaysChoose your categories wellDoesnt have to be a ton of books 1-2 is fineMake a compelling descriptionStart early (pre-order)Run for about 30 daysUse the widget to advertiseCan run several for the same book</p> <p>Giveaways: Do Them Often</p> <p>Track Results: Authors Dashboard</p> <p>Summary of all your booksOverall rating how much people like your booksHow many people are shelving and have read the books</p> <p>Track Results: Books Added to Shelf</p> <p>Track Results: Unique Readers (add to shelf)</p> <p>Track Results: Monthly </p> <p>In ConclusionYou build an audience one reader at a timegoodreads is where you connect with them.Be a member firstYou get what you giveEven a small-fry can be a starKeep at ityoull build over time</p> <p>Connecting With MeEmail: michael.sullivan.dc@gmail.comTwitter: @author_sullivanWebsite: www.riyria.comPublishing articles: Amazing Stories MagazineReddit:/r/fantasy/r/writing/r/write2publish</p>


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