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Graduation Speech. By; Alex Pacifico. Barack Obama. Became president on November 4, 2008 Came into office January 20, 2009 Typical American just like all of us. BP Oil Spill. Noticed on April 24, 2010 Leaking about 1,000 barrels per day. -Threatened tons of lives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Graduation SpeechBy;Alex Pacifico

  • Barack ObamaBecame president on November 4, 2008Came into office January 20, 2009Typical American just like all of us

  • BP Oil SpillNoticed on April 24, 2010Leaking about 1,000 barrels per day

    -Threatened tons of lives- Raising gas prices, harmed environment

  • FacebookCreated by Mark Zuckerberg on Feb. 4, 2004First called The FacebookBecame Facebook in 2005Plays a huge part in our lives

  • Twitter-Created in 2006 for bloggingBecame popular in 2009Used by us to post frequent statuses

  • Vera BradleyMost girls own atleast one item from themBeen in Business over 20 yrs.

  • UGGBoots, Moccasins, Slippers, ApparelRange from $60-$500 or more

  • KendamaOriginated in JapanPlayed by tossing the ball & attempting to catch it on one of the cups.

  • YOLO

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