Greenhouse Design Studio, Summer 2012

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Greenhouse Design Studio Summer 2012 digital press kit


  • Kate Miller

    510.540.0201 2012

    ISSUE 2 SUMMER 2012 {gifts and other fun things}

    Greenhouse Design Studio give, get, live green.

  • Kate at Ruby Press

    510 540 0201 2012

    The sun is shining, the birds are singing, summer is in the air, and our new collection is blooming. (youll love it) HOMEKEEPING. A collection of useful and beautiful things for your happy home. (William Morris would approve.) Ranging from lavender infused vintage clothespegs to hand made mugs designed to make your day, this collection makes even the most basic items beautiful and special. TPGs. Were so good at selecting The Perfect Gift, weve even got an acronym for it. The year is full of gift giving occasions, and our new collection of TPGs will get you two thank you notes: one when you give the gift, and another years later when your friend is still using and loving your gift.

    Our items are always sustainable, always beautiful, and always memorable. Oh, and they always benefit environmental causes through our partnership with 1% for the Planet.

  • Kate at Ruby Press

    510 540 0201 2012

    HOMEKEEPING MATTRESS TICKING PILLOW COVER Retail $49 PRETTY KITCHEN SPOONS Retail $69 set of 8 Beautiful (not so) basic items that will make your house sparkle with special touches.

    Weve always admired the French dedication to beauty. Even their

    mattresses are gorgeous. These pillow covers are made from vintage ticking found in flea markets in the south of France

    Have you looked in your utensil drawer lately? Ours is a mess. This set of spoons is just the thing to get it back in order. Set includes three English missing spoons, two olivewood tasting spoons, and three vintage silver spoons. Made from vintage materials, sewn in California Made from vintage and sustainably harvested materials



    SNACKTIME CANISTER Retail $19 This new version of our now famous linen bread bag is made from vintage sheeting found

    in the French flea markets. Bakery loaf size is embroidered with le pain quotidien, baguette size is embroidered with la baguette quotidiennne

    Cleaning day is one of our favorite days of the week. We put on the music, send the family to the dog park, get out our fancy brushes and get to work. Aaaaah. Zen.

    We have these canisters on our kitchen countertop filled with snacks, flour sugar, popcorn, you name it. Choose teacup scoop or French tempered glass scoop sc Made from vintage materials, sewn in California. Hand made by students at the Institute for the Blind in Berlin using century old

    techniques. Made in the US. Teacups are vintage and glass scoops are made of 75% recycled


  • Kate at Ruby Press

    510 540 0201 2012

    CARPE DIEM MUGS Retail $29


    THE PERFECT KITCHEN TOWEL Retail $34 set of 2 We all need a little positive reinforcement occasionally, no? These mugs are the

    perfect way to greet the day. Choose hello gorgeous, good morning , beautiful, I love you, or I love you, too.

    We have a special spot in our heart for this blue china: Flossie was Mrs. Greens grandma, and she always had a cupboard of blue transferware in her kitchen. Available in four sizes

    A good kitchen towel makes all the difference. These towels are especially great because theyre made from vintage French sheeting. Embroidered with you wash, Ill dry. Hand made by artist Alex Marshall in her Corning, California studio. Vintage. Not making something new is the greenest thing of all. Made from vintage materials, sewn in California.


    FARMERS MARKET ESSENTIALS Retail $79 the set

    GREENHOUSE SOY CANDLE NEW FRAGRANCES Retail $19 Line drying your clothes is back in fashion. Your clothes smell great and your whites are

    whiter. Win, win! Set includes 20 clothespins infused with lavender essential oil, packaged in a muslin drawstring bag

    This set is the product of years of research: every Saturday morning we hit the Farmers Market. Set includes: market basket, set of three grocery totes, set of five mesh produce bags.

    Weve added two new fragrances to our Now famous soy candles: in addition to Grapefruit, Spice and Ginger, you can now choose Juniper Aloe, and Grass. Vintage. Not making something new is the greenest thing of all. Sale of this product benefits the PI Foundation, promoting human rights

    in southern India. Made of soy wax, hand poured in Oakland, California


  • Kate at Ruby Press

    510 540 0201 2012


    I LOVE YOU PILLOW CASES Retail $39.50 Set OF 2

    I LOVE YOU HAND TOWELS Retail $49.50 Set of 2 These are the perfect towels for your guest bath, or for the guest bath of someone you love. Made

    from vintage sheeting found in the flea markets of central and south of France. Embroidered in California in deep grey, deep navy, aqua or creamy white.

    These pillow cases are not only soft, smooth and lovely, the give you that positive reinforcement that we all sometimes need. One pillow case is embroidered with I love you, the other with I love you too in deep grey, deep blue, aqua or creamy white.

    These hand towels are warm and cozy, and they declare I love you on one towel and I love you too on the other. How nice. Choose deep grey, deep navy, aqua or creamy white embroidery. Made from vintage materials. Embellished in California. Made of 350 thread count organic cotton. Made of 700 gsm organic cotton


    GENTLEMANS BRUSHES Retail $79 each

    CHIC VINTAGE ASHTRAYS Retail $19 39 We bought these vintage milk bottles from flea markets across the US, and paired them with our

    favorite gigogne tumblers to make the perfect bedside decanter.

    These brushes are old school, for an old school guy. Choose shoe shine or garment brush

    Ashtrays are the new typewriters:relics of a bygone era that are now cool. these ashtrays are perfect for the dresser, desktop, candles on the mantle Vintage. Not making something new is the greenest thing of all. Sale of these products benefits the Institute for the Blind Vintage. Not making something new is the greenest thing of all.

  • Kate at Ruby Press

    510 540 0201 2012


    GREAT WALL OF CHINA Call for price

    CUSTOM PILLOWS JUST FOR YOU Call for price We love throws. We especially like these, theyre as chic as they are warm and cozy.

    Choose polka dot knit or cozy cable. Have you ever wanted a beautiful wall of china like this, but dont know

    where to start? Not to worry. Thats what were here for. Give us a call and well create a wall for you from our collection of vintage china and silver

    Pillows are like jewelry for your sofa. They add just the right touch of personality and can change on a whim. If youd like a collection of pillows thats completely unique, give us a call and well develop something beautiful for you from our collection of vintage fabrics. Polka dot is made of recycled cotton. Cozy cable is made of organic cotton. Vintage. Not making something new is the greenest thing of all. Made from vintage materials

  • Kate at Ruby Press

    510 540 0201 2012

    TPG{The Perfect Gift} SOFT HANDS, SOFT HEART SET Retail $39 the set BROOKLYN SNACKTIME Retail $39 set of 4 These are the gifts that will be remembered, that will be talked about, and most importantly, will be used

    and cherished.

    This is the perfect gift to stock up on. Set includes one bar of honey almond goats milk soap, one bottle of honey almond lotion, and a zipper clutch made of vintage remnants.

    Artisan made chocolate is the new microbrew, and Mast Briothers is our favorite. Set includes one 2.5 oz bar of each: Conacado, Stumptown Coffee, Crown Maple, and Maine Sea Salt Made of vintage and all natural materials. Made in Brooklyn in small batches with organic chocolate.

    BROOKLYN TEA PARTY Retail $69 the set

    WEEKEND IN PARIS TRAVEL SET Retail $69 the set

    TEA FOR ME Retail $79 the set This is our kind of tea party: pretty vintage teacups and Mast Brothers chocolate all around. Set includes:

    four vintage tea cups and four bars of Mast Brothers chocolate (Conacado, Stumptown Coffee, Crown Maple, and Maine Sea Salt)

    This set includes everything you need to have a memorable trip to Paris. Or just imagine one. Set includes: Lonely Planets Travel Tips, French Phrases & City Guide, Moleskines Paris Travel Journal, a zipper clutch to hold it all, a Kaweco Ball Penand a donation to to offset your carbon emissions

    Teatime. How nice. All you need to have a quiet little tea party for one, or two: two classic mugs, two vintage silver teaspoons, a vintage French canning jar filled with 18 Tea Forte Skin Refresher teabags. Teacups are vintage, organic chocolate is made in small batches in Brooklyn, NY Sale benefits A combination of vintage and artisan made items with organic tea.


  • Kate at Ruby Press

    510 540 0201 2012