Greenhouse Effect

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Greenhouse Effect. . Greenhouse Effect. Major Idea. Causes. Other greenhouse gases. Causes. Life Span. Causes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Greenhouse Effect


  • Major

  • Other greenhouse gasesCauses

    GHGTemperature Increases (when CO2 is one)CO21CH423N2O310CFCs140~11700PFCs6500~9200SF623900

    CO255%CH415%CFCs6%N2O 24%

  • Life SpanCauses

    CO250~200 yearsCH412~17 yearsCFCs120 yearsN2O 102 years

  • Global


  • Climate Effects

  • Measures to save energy & reduce carbon dioxide Dorcy YangKitty ShenJustin Tai

  • GovernmentPromoting Green Consumption The use of the Green Mark eco-label for over ten years has been a great boon to the promotion of green consumption in Taiwan. By green consumption, we can decrease the pollution and pursue better life quality.

  • GovernmentGovernment in Taiwan has passed the draft Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act The content is mainly regulate greenhouse gases(GHG) emissions based on emission efficiencies and new-source emissions, as well as penalties for non-compliance.Tighten vehicle exhaust standards The government in Taiwan has decided to tighten vehicle exhaust standards in compliance with world environmental trends and encourage industry to introduce and produce clean cars that use the latest pollution prevention technology. The new standards will be implemented on 1 January 2012.

  • measures of each companyB&Q Raise the temperature of air conditioners up to 26 degrees inside and decrease the use of electricity between 5 % and 10 %.

    Philips Electronics Stop selling fluorescent lighting with higher mercury in order to reduce pollution.

    Tetra Pak (1) Signed Global Cooperation Agreement with WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature) which focuses on the protection of global forestry . (2) promised to reduce 10% emission of CO2 before 2010

    Wei Chuan Corporation (1) Ask employees to bring their tableware and handkerchief (2) Unplug computers can save 20% electricity when off duty

  • How should human beings do to improve the earth?Here is my ideas1. We can grow many trees to change the air2. Use low energy light bulbs3. Switch off computers, stereos, DVDs when they're not in use 4. Take public transportation5. To keep air conditioners temperature at 26~286. Install faucet flow restrictors Faucet flow restrictors, including reduced-flow showerheads, reduce water use (and hot water use), save energy, and conserve water. 7. Buy and use some products with saving energy the logo of saving energy in Taiwan

  • EQUIPMENTS OF OUR SCHOOLSOME FUNNY PRODUCTS SHOULD BE IMPORTEDRain saver water butt kitThe triple-chamber fast composter

    - To reuse food scrapsThe Multi-functional fieldThe solar panel &wind power generation

  • Interesting short films Dont waste papersSave water

  • Conclusion

    If everyone can lend a hand with carbon reduction, the Earth will continue to nurture the lives living on it.

    Everyones help is big enough to affect the future of Earth.To protect the Earth is everyones responsibility.

  • References

    Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs () Life Taiwan Protection Administration, Taiwan

    *Following, we will divide the topic into three parts : government, companies and individuals. The first thing were going to talk about is the measures of Government. And I just come up with three important policies. We choose four companies as examples to see how they take actions to save energy. Tetra Pak : a company that produces packages for food and drinkingWei Chun: They take some measures to save electricity and energy. In Taiwan, if you buy products with this logo, energy saving will be raised 10 % to 50% more than standard ones. *The open field can directly reduce electricity without turning on the air conditions and fans.The solar panel and wind power generation: Both of them are useful forms of energy

    The triple-chamber composter :The triple-chamber composter is faster, cleaner than traditional one. There are three steps: mixing waste materials, digesting waste into compost, and allowing the compost to mature.Put your daily kitchen scraps and garden waste into the top chamber of it, and within twelve to fifteen weeksyou'll have fresh compost, ready for your garden.


    We found some interesting short films. Lets take a look. And we hope you can enjoy them. (After) In fact, everyone can try his/ her best to protect the place we live in. (first) There are over 6 billion people on Earth. *