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l D[m>[WZmWoFh[#?dj[hc[Z_Wj[ wettsc|at:. c|teae|elsc|Diese Wortschatzliste ist pro Unit chronologisch geordnet. Alles wird so bersetzt, wie es in Text- und bungszusammenhang erscheint. Wortschatz: chronologischLE@K (IwO Iuu|NIsingle adj /sigql/ unverheiratet, ledig Alan isnt married; hes single.last v /lo:sl/ dauern Do you think their relationship will last?hard (= difcult) adj /lo:d/ schwierig We thought English was difcult but Japanese is really hard!medicine n /medsn/ Medizin Can you go to the chemists and buy some medicine?course n /l5:s/ Kurs Im doing a course to learn French.can v, n /ln, len, ln/ v = knnen; n = Dose, Bchse Paul can speak a little French. A can of cola costs 65 cents.foreign adj /lnien/ auslndisch Bill can speak two foreign languages: German and Russian.graduate v /qidjoeil/ sein Studium abschlieen When I graduate from university, Im going to travelling.retired adj /iilaied/ im Ruhestand Most people stop work and are retired by the age of 60.leave v /li:v/ weggehen, lassen, verlassen I arrive at work at 8 am and I leave at 5.30.wonderful adj /w\ndell/ wunderbar We had a wonderful holiday. It was great.essay n /esei/ Aufsatz Pete wrote a brilliant essay. He got 90%.poor adj /oe(i)/ arm Rich countries should help poor countries more.|k/CIl C|agony aunt n /qeni o:nl/ Kummerkastentante Beth is a radio agony aunt; she talks to people about their problems.information n /inlemei]n/ Information You can nd more information on the website.twin n /lwin/ Zwilling Gary is Marks twin but they are completely different from each other.|l I|Nl N6 /Nu ||/Kl N6problem n /inLlem/ Problem When I have a problem, I usually ask my parents for advice.kid (child) n /lid/ Kind When I was a kid, I hated vegetables.downtown n /daonlaon/ Stadtzentrum We never go downtown in Los Angeles. Its too dangerous.store n /sl5:(i)/ Geschft, Laden, Warenhaus Theyre building a big department store near my home.share v /]ee(i)/ teilen I share a at with two students.grow up v /qieo \/ aufwachsen Children who grow up in this area have a lot of problems.advice n /edvais/ Rat When I have a problem, my sister usually gives me good advice.k|/ul N6 /Nu ||/Kl N6star sign n /slo: sain/ Sternzeichen He was born in September so his star sign is Virgo.blind date n /Llaind deil/ Blind Date, Verabredung mit einem/einer Unbekannten Tim met his wife, Linda, after he went on a blind date.conference n /lnnleiens/ Konferenz This year, the companys annual conference is in Rome and 1,000 people are going.environmental adj /invaiienmenll/ Umwelt- Global warming is a serious environmental problem.sometimes adv /s\mlaimz/ manchmal She never eats meat but sometimes she has sh.diving n /daivig/ Tauchen Diving off the Great Barrier Reef can be dangerous.surng n /sa:lig/ Surfen The waves are enormous at that beach so its great for surng.go clubbing v /qeo ll\Lig/ in die Disco gehen Alison doesnt go clubbing, she hates dancing.outgoing adj /aolqeoig/ kontaktfreudig Invite Claire to the party. Shes really sociable and outgoing.funny adj /l\ni/ lustig The lm is a comedy, its really funny.date n /deil/ Frau/Mann, mit der/dem man verabredet ist He took me to a great restaurant on our rst date.couple n /l\l/ Paar Peter and Jill are a very happy couple. Theyve been married for 10 yearslawyer n /l5:je(i)/ Anwalt, Anwltin Kate is a lawyer. She spends a lot of time in court.club n /ll\L/ Club Martin is a member of the football club.exchange v /ilsl]eind/ austauschen, wechseln Can I exchange these pounds for euros, please?art gallery n /o:l qleii/ Kunstgalerie There are some fantastic paintings in that art gallery.designer n /dizaine(i)/ Designer Holly is a designer. Shes very interested in fashion.last adj /lo:sl/ letzte(r,s) Which runner was last in that race?relationship n /iilei]n]i/ Beziehung They met last year and now theyre having a serious relationship.good-looking adj /qod lolig/ gut aussehend Pete is very good looking. Hes got green eyes and dark hair.good fun adj /qod l\n/ lustig The party was good fun; we really enjoyed it.theatre n /0iele(i)/ Theater Is the new play at the Royal theatre any good?comfortable adj /l\mlleLl/ bequem If you work eight hours at a computer, you need a comfortable chair.vegetarian adj /vedeleeiien/ vegetarisch Maria is a strict vegetarian. She doesnt eat meat, sh or eggs.kind n, adj /laind/ n = Art, Sorte; adj = freundlich, nett What kind of apples would you like? Luke is a kind and friendly person.bar n /Lo:(i)/ Bar, Lokal The drinks in this bar are very expensive!snowboard v /sneoL5:d/ snowboarden In winter, you can usually ski and snowboard at this resort.casual adj /loel/ lssig, zwanglos Kevin never wears a suit; he prefers casual clothes, like jeans.adventure n /edvenl]e(i)/ Abenteuer Their safari holiday in Kenya was a great adventure.successful adj /selsesll/ erfolgreich Kim is a very successful businesswoman. She has her own company.brave adj /Lieiv/ mutig, tapfer Im frightened of horror lms. Im not very brave!midnight n /midnail/ Mitternacht She has to be home by 12 pm. She cant stay out after midnight.\OC/u|/kY /Nu |kONuNCl /Il ONseparate adj /seiel/ getrennt The restaurant has separate areas for smokers and non smokers.factory n /llleii/ Fabrik Ted works in a factory which makes cars.meaning n /mi:nig/ Bedeutung We dont understand the meaning of this word.mean v, adj /mi:n/ v = bedeuten, meinen; adj = gemein What does this sentence mean? Carl hates spending money; hes very mean.ring v, n /iig/ v = anrufen; n = Ring Give me your phone number and Ill ring you later. Sues got a beautiful, gold wedding ring.everyday adj /eviidei/ alltglich Her everyday routine is quite boring.object n /nLdill/ Gegenstand Last night, a strange object was seen ying over the city.chewing gum n /l]u:ig q\m/ Kaugummi You cant eat chewing gum or take drinks into class.diary n /daieii/ (Termin)kalender I need to check that date in my diary.hairbrush n /leeLi\]/ Haarbrste Ive lost my hairbrush my hairs a mess!mouse mat n /maos ml/ Mausmatte I must buy a new mouse mat for my computer.pencil sharpener n /ensl ]o:ne(i)/ Bleistiftspitzer My pencil has broken. Can I borrow your pencil sharpener?rubber n /i\Le(i)/ Radiergummi Can I borrow your rubber? Ive made a mistake.ruler n /iu:le(i)/ Lineal You need to use a ruler if you want to make that line straight.scissors n /sisez/ Schere These scissors are terrible! I cant cut anything with them!sunglasses n /s\nqlo:siz/ Sonnenbrille Its a good idea to wear sunglasses, the light is very strong.tissues n /li]u:z/ Papiertaschentcher My nose is running; do you have any tissues?z D[m>[WZmWoFh[#?dj[hc[Z_Wj[ wettsc|at:. c|teae|elsc|competition n /lnmeli]n/ Wettbewerb, Wettkampf Our team won the competition by one point.hurt v /la:l/ verletzen She fell over and hurt her back so she had to go to hospital.province n /invins/ Provinz Is the largest province in Spain Andalucia or Catalua? lucky adj /l\li/ glcklich I was lucky to pass the exam; I didnt study very hard.|k/CIl C|occupation n /nljeei]n/ Beruf Whats your occupation? Im a designer.uniform n /ju:nil5:m/ Uniform Do you have to wear school uniform, or can you wear what you want?\OC/u|/kY /Nu ||/Kl N6clear up v /lliei \/ aufrumen It took me 4 hours to clear up the mess you made!mess n /mes/ Durcheinander Can you tidy your room; its a real mess!make-up n /meil \/ Make-up Susana never wears make-up. She prefers to look natural.text v /lelsl/ eine SMS senden Dont ring Nigel. If you text him, its cheaper.at least adv /el li:sl/ mindestens Jim has got 4 sisters and at least 20 cousins!bring v /Liig/ bringen Would you like us to bring any drinks to the party?poster n /eosle(i)/ Poster She loves football; shes got a huge poster of Ronaldinho on her wall.k|/ul N6 /Nu ||/Kl N6lifestyle n /lailslail/ Lebensstil We travel a lot so we have a very transatlantic lifestyle.miss v /mis/ verpassen Dont be late tomorrow, you might miss the meeting.have something in common (= to share interests or experiences) /lv s\m0ig in lnmen/ etwas gemeinsam haben They have something in common, they both like travelling and sport.prefer v /iila:(i)/ vorziehen I prefer going to the cinema to watching a DVD at home.abroad adv /eLi5:d/ im/ins Ausland This job involves travelling abroad to different countries.communication n /lemju:nilei]n/ Kommunikation There is no communication in this ofce; nobody speaks to each other.technology n /lelnnledi/ Technologie John isnt interested in modern technology; he hasnt even got a mobile phone!almost adv /5:lmeosl/ fast I bought the dress, but I almost changed my mind. European adj /joeiei:en/ europisch The European Union has recently expanded to include more countries.farmhouse n /lo:mlaos/ Bauernhaus Last holiday, we stayed in a farmhouse because my children love animals.at adj /lll/ ach There arent any mountains in this part of the country. The land is very at.strange adj /slieind/ merkwrdig The plot of the book was very strange; I couldnt understand it.landscape n /lndslei/ Landschaft I prefer these landscape paintings to the portraits.test v /lesl/ testen We should test the theory before we say it works.distance n /dislens/ Entfernung Whats the distance between Rome and Florence?disadvantage n /disedvo:nlid/ Nachteil One disadvantage of living here is that there is no public transport.exhausting adj /iqz5:slig/ sehr anstrengend Hes always very tired because his job is exhausting.glamorous adj /qlmeies/ glamours James Bond has a glamorous lifestyle: money, women and fast cars!social life n /seo]l lail/ Sozialleben She doesnt have a social life; she never has time to go out.practise v /illis/ ben If you want