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<p>UNITATEA DE NVMNT : COALA GIMNAZIAL GEORGE COBUC</p> <p>PROFESOR: MORARIU ADRIANA-IULIA</p> <p>MANUAL: HIGH FLYER UPPER INTERMEDIATEAVIZAT DIRECTOR,</p> <p>CLASA: a VIII-a/ 2 ore/ spt.</p> <p>PLANIFICARE CALENDARISTIC PENTRU CLASA a VIII a </p> <p> LIMBA MODERN 1</p> <p>ANUL SCOLAR 2015-2016 35 SAPTAMANI</p> <p> UnitCompetente specifice vizateContinuturi</p> <p>Numar ore alocateSaptamanaObs.</p> <p>Revision&amp; Initial test2.1;3.2</p> <p>1.3;2.2</p> <p>3.2;4.2</p> <p>- previously studied tenses</p> <p>- reading&amp;comprehension</p> <p>- indirect speech</p> <p>-passive voice914.09-2.10</p> <p>A. Journeys Past and Present2.1;3.2</p> <p>1.3;2.2 Present perfect: simple and continuous</p> <p> Reading: High Flyers-Journeys Past and Present in London. 65-16.10</p> <p>B. The Worlds a Stage1.1;1.2</p> <p>2.4;3.2 Position of adverbials. Verbs followed by gerunds.</p> <p> Scanning: Oresteia319-23.10</p> <p>C. Get Better Soon3.2;4.2</p> <p>2.2;4.3Winter bugs and what to do about them</p> <p>Reading: The Enemy Within326.10-30.10</p> <p>D. Revision1.3;2.2</p> <p>4.1;4.3 Are you an optimist or a pessimist?</p> <p> Grammar practice: Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous, Infinitive or Gerund. 32-6.11</p> <p>Unit 1. Crossing Borders1.2;1.3</p> <p>1.3;3.2</p> <p>2.4;3.2 Past tenses: revision, negative statements and questions.</p> <p> Predicting style from first paragraph. The structure of an article.</p> <p> Reading: The New Speaker of English.39-13.11</p> <p>Unit 2. Exploring the World.3.2;4.2</p> <p>2.2;4.3Be/get used to. Clauses of concession: even though, despite. Reading: Phantom Travelers. An informal letter of advice.316-20.11</p> <p>Unit 3. Thats What Friends Are For.3.1;3.2</p> <p>1.1;1.2 Adjective + preposition combinations. So / such that. Reading: Vision of Danger (Episode 1). The green-eyed monster.323-27.11</p> <p>Unit 4. Kicks and Thrills2.1;3.2</p> <p>3.3;4.3 Indirect questions. Reported speech: revision.</p> <p> Reading: Martial Arts. Bungee Jumping.330.11-4.12</p> <p>Unit 5. Parents in the Classroom1.2;1.3</p> <p>2.4;3.1</p> <p>2.1;2.2Reporting advice: advice, recommends, suggest, urge. Preferences and recommendation. </p> <p> Efficient reading. Teenagers and How to Survive Them.</p> <p> Reading: Vision of Danger( Episode 2)37-11.12</p> <p>Unit 6. Revision3.2;4.2</p> <p>4.3;4.4Reading: The Elephant Princess. </p> <p> Grammar practice: Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect, Reported Speech. 314-18.12Christmas partyWinter holiday</p> <p>19.12- 10.01.2016</p> <p>Unit 7. Dont Judge a Book by Its Cover1.3;2.3</p> <p>2.3;4.2</p> <p>4.1;4.3Defining relative clauses with prepositions. Non-defining relative clauses.</p> <p>Books can become addictive. Reading a long text.</p> <p> A summary of Jane Eyre. A contemporary story.611-22.01</p> <p>Unit 8. Puzzling Puzzles2.1;3.2</p> <p>1.3;2.2 Past Perfect Continuous. Possessive Forms. Topic sentences.</p> <p> Reading: Vision of Danger (Episode 3). A dialogue. 625.01-5.02Vac. Intersemestriala 6-14.02</p> <p>Unit 9. Home and Away</p> <p>SEMESTRUL AL II- LEA4.1;4.4</p> <p>1.1;1.3</p> <p>SEMESTRUL al-II-lea</p> <p> A, an, the, zero article. Conservation camps: you can make a difference!</p> <p> A formal letter. Discussing foreign exchanges. Countable and uncountable nouns. 315-19.02</p> <p>Unit 10. Myths and Legends.3.2;4.2</p> <p>1.2;4.3 Expressing purpose: to, in order / so as not to, so (that) too, enough. Finding specific information. An encyclopedia entry Annie Oakley. A biography.322-26.02</p> <p>Unit 11. Rocking n Rolling1.3;2.2</p> <p>4.1;4.3 Phrasal verbs: transitive separable / inseparable.</p> <p> Zooropa and U2; Reading: Vision of Danger (Episode 4).329.02-4.03</p> <p>Unit 12. Revision3.2;4.2;4.3</p> <p>1.1;1.3</p> <p>1.3;2.2;4.1;4.3 Reading: Todays Cub Reporters, Tomorrows Newshounds. Grammar practice: Past Perfect Continuous or Past Simple</p> <p> Writing: Formal letter, Biographies.37-11.03Celebrating Mothers Day</p> <p>Unit 13. Whats On the Box?1.2;1.3</p> <p>1.3;3.2</p> <p>2.4;3.2 Present Simple as Future, static verbs.</p> <p> Reviews of television programmers. Types of programmers.</p> <p> Reading: Vision of Danger (Episode 5).314-18.03</p> <p>Unit 14. Just the Job3.2;4.2</p> <p>3.2;4.2</p> <p>1.2;4.3 Conditional sentences with unless, provided / providing (that), as long as. Condition in the past.</p> <p> Words which avoid repetition.</p> <p> Making it as a model. An archaeologist at work.321-25.03</p> <p>Unit 15. A Slice of Life3.1;3.2</p> <p>1.4;1.5 Sequence of adjectives. Phrasal verbs 2: transitive and intransitive.</p> <p> People in my life: a story. Its a funny old world!328.03-1.04</p> <p>Unit 16. Dreams and Worries2.1;3.2</p> <p>1.1;1.2 Wish/if only past tense, wish + would neednt, dont have/need to, neednt have, didnt have / need to. Dear diary. A Change of Heart.34-8.04</p> <p>Unit 17. In the Dead of the Night</p> <p>22.04- Celebrating Earth Dayn cadrul programului S tii mai multe, s fii mai bun!,</p> <p>Spt. 18-22 aprilie din sem II este dedicat aciunilor Extracurriculare i extracolare, avnd un orar specific3.2;4.2;4.3</p> <p>4.2;4.3 Wish / if only + Past Perfect, regret + verb ing.Reading: Vision of Danger (Episode 6).311-15.04Spring holiday: 23.04-3.05</p> <p>Unit 18. Revision3.2;4.2</p> <p>1.2;4.3</p> <p>4.2;4.3Reading: I Cant Understand What Theyre Talking About! Grammar practice: Present Simple or Present Continuous, Conditional.</p> <p> Writing: Describe peoples general appearance and character. Summaries.2/34-6.05</p> <p>Unit 19. Hoe Was It Done?3.1;3.2</p> <p>1.4;1.5 The Passive Voice: revision, modals and impersonal it. </p> <p> Reading: The Sony Walkman. Vision of Danger (Episode 7).39-13.05</p> <p>Unit 20. Young People in the News 1.3;2.2</p> <p>2.1;3.2</p> <p>2.1;3.1 Fixed phrases with prepositions. As, like, as...as, as if / as though. Identifying the outlook of a newspaper.</p> <p> Reading: The runway. The Junior Golf World Champion.316-20.05</p> <p>Unit 21. Behind the Scenes3.2;4.2;4.3</p> <p>2.1;3.1 Participle clauses. See / hear somebody do / doing something. Reading techniques to suit your purpose. Good thinking Batman323-27.05</p> <p>Unit 22. Land of the Brave?2.1;3.1</p> <p>1.3;2.3</p> <p>4.1;4.3Ability in the past and future: could, be able to, manage to. Phrasal verbs 3: review</p> <p> Reading: Children of Courage. Vision of Danger (Episode 8).330.05-3.06</p> <p>Unit 23. lets Keep Talking1.5;3.3</p> <p>1.4;5.1</p> <p>3.2;4.2;4.3</p> <p>3.1;3.2 Future and future in the past. Intentions, decisions and asking for advice.</p> <p> The writers angle. English as a global language.</p> <p> A composition based on fact and opinion.36-10.06</p> <p>Unit 24. Revision3.2;4.2;4.3</p> <p>1.3;2.3</p> <p>2.3;4.2</p> <p>3.4;4.4 Reading: Twentieth-Century Spies. </p> <p> Reports / Accounts.</p> <p>Grammar practice: Passive voice, Present and Participle Clauses, Phrasal Verbs, Future.</p> <p> Write a story.313-17.06</p>