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<ul><li><p>Quebec 4 / </p><p>Montreal &gt; </p><p>DuMh#&lt; </p><p>A **J </p><p>Minneapol is &lt; </p><p> S'Oux Cty </p><p>O ^ a h a </p><p>1 St. Paul T o r o n t o , . Albc Boston 4 </p><p>Milwaukee Detro i t / </p><p>Chicago j </p><p> Cleveland </p><p> Joliet .WYANDOTTE'S </p><p>MICHIGAN '"".'"PUNTS </p><p>Cincinnati </p><p>Toledo Phi ladelphia 1 Pittsburgh </p><p>B a l t i m o r e , </p><p>&gt; Fairmont </p><p>Kansas City Alton </p><p>1 Houston </p><p>0&gt;^Ashland 1 Charleston </p><p>St. Lou.s \ </p><p>WYANDOTTE'S GElSMAR WORKS </p><p> Nashville </p><p> Chat tanooga </p><p>iBir mingport </p><p>Baton Rouge I Pensacola ^ M o b i l e ^ * # -</p><p>New Orleans </p><p>Savannah </p><p>Jacksonville </p><p>Charleston </p></li><li><p>HOW CLOSE ARE YOU </p><p>to the newest and most modern chemical plant in the South? </p><p>Located in t h e South or on t he Gulf . . . a long the At lan t ic o r Pacific Coas t s . . . on inland wate rways a s far north as Minneapo l i s and St . Paul or near foreign por t s? T h e n y o u ' r e close via water , rail or t ruck t r anspor ta t ion to W y a n d o t t e ' s new (Geismar W o r k s , immedia te ly sou th of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. </p><p>O n t h e M i s s i s s i p p i R iver , this new ethylene oxide p lan t (and a ch lor ine-caus t ic plant u n d e r const ruct ion) is accessible to oceangoing vessels for economical sh ipment to d e e p - w a t e r por t s . </p><p>B a r g e l a d i n g s dup l i ca t e this economy if you ' re located on the Mississippi, or in the Midwest or South on its t r ibutar ies like t h e Ohio and Tennessee Rivers . I n addi t ion , conven ien t stock poin ts have been es tablished at Bayonne , N. .I.. and Chicago, I11., to let more customers benefi t from these wate r - sh ipment a d v a n t a g e s . </p><p>This l o c a t i o n in t h e resource-rich South land has obvious a d v a n t a g e s for geographic expansion by a chemical c o m p a n y , l ike W y a n d o t t e , with a 68-year </p><p>record of being a good organiza t ion t o do busiiness wi th . Abundan t raw mate r ia l s , fuel, and power are avai lable to meet these daily. full-capacity .requirem e n t s of the Geismar W o r k s : 600 t ons of sal t ; 5,000,-000 gallons of process wa te r for m a k e - u p in a 45,000,-OOO-gallon, closed-circuit sys tem; 7.700 cu. f t . /min. of na tu ra l gas (1000 B t u ) ; 1,000,000 WH of electricity; plus large quant i t ies of e thy lene from nearby petrochemical p lan ts . </p><p>Important as the new Geismar Works is t o our cus tomer s and to ourselves, it is only a p a r t of a carefully in tegra ted growth p rog ram. This program is fur ther evidenced by the add i t ion of new facilities a t W y a n d o t t e , Michigan . . . in our increased research and deve lopment ac t iv i t ies and o the r preparations and p lans to p u t W y a n d o t t e in a position to better serve American business now and in the future . For more information on W y a n d o t t e p roduc t s and services, get in touch with your W y a n d o t t e representative, or w r i t e : Wyandotte Chemicals Corporation, Wyandotte, Michigan. Offices in principal cities. </p><p>Wyandotte CHEMICALS MICHIGAN ALKALI DIVISION </p><p>PACING PROGRESS WITH CREATIVE CHEMISTRY </p><p>SODA ASH CAUSTIC SODA BICARBONATE OF SODA CALCIUM CARBONATE CALCIUM CHLORIDE CHLORINE MURIATIC ACID HYDROGEN DRY ICE GLYCOLS . SYNTHETIC DETERGENTS (anionic and nonionic) CARBOSE (Sodium CMC) ETHYLENE OXIDE ETHYLENE DICHLORIDE PROPYLENE OXIDE PROPYLENE DICHLORIDE POLYPROPYLENE GLYCOL DICHLOR0DIMETHYLHYDANT0IN CHLORINATED SOLVENTS OTHER ORGANIC AND INORGANIC CHEMICALS </p><p>HOW CLOSE ARE YOU</p></li></ul>