How To Sell Myself?

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How To Sell Myself?. Fedoreeva Tatiana 11A grade School 3 Bolshoy Kamen. To Write Or Not To Write a CV ?. I guess writing a CV or a resume is of great importance. It can be my first step towards my future job. But how should I do it ? ?? Who on Earth can help me???. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • How To Sell Myself?Fedoreeva Tatiana11A gradeSchool 3Bolshoy Kamen

  • To Write Or Not To Write a CV?I guess writing a CV or a resume is of great importance. It can be my first step towards my future job.But how should I do it???Who on Earth can help me???

  • What? Where? How?Ill read some examples of CVs.

    Ill use the Internet and find out what makes a first-rate resume.

    Ill learn how to write a cover letter.

  • What Should Be a Must In Your CV?Your resume has only a few seconds to impress- or to end in the trash.A strong resume needs a solid foundation, nothing can mask poor organization. Start with these basics: -contact information -objective -experience -skills/interests -education -references

  • Remember These TipsEmphasize your most important responsibilities.Use active voice.Quantify your achievements with percentage and numbers.Use descriptions to highlight your sense of initiative.

  • Do Cover Letters Really Matter?Cover letters are an important part of a job search. Over 80 percent of recruiters say that cover letters are a necessity.Doing a cover letter poorly is worse than not doing one at all. 76 percent of recruiters say they never consider applicants who have errors in their cover letters.

  • It includes the date, the recipients name, address and a brief salutation.Begin your body of the letter by expressing interest in the position and where you saw the position advertised.Give your phone number, including area code and thank the recruiter for his time.Some advice:Always have a friend or a family member read your resume for typos and grammatical errors.

  • Useful words and expressions:Curriculum vitae (CV), resume, recruiter, cover letter, responsibility, quantity, percentage, applicant, job search, header, body, closing.

  • What Can I Do Now?I know what makes a good CV.I can write a CV and a cover letter.

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