Introduction for Freshmen Course Selection System

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Introduction for Freshmen Course Selection System. OIA website: Office of International Affairs, Taipei Tech. Online Subject Selection: Your Passport Number with small letter e.g. a12345. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Introduction for Freshmen Course Selection SystemOIA website: of International Affairs, Taipei Tech(, OIA)

(, OIA)

(, OIA)

Online Subject Selection: Passport Number with small lettere.g. a12345(, OIA)

Step 1 : Background Info(, OIA)

Step 2 : Contact Info(, OIA)

Step 3 : Parents Info(, OIA)

Step 4 : Relatives Info(, OIA)

Step 5 : Medical History(, OIA)10

Step 6: Specialty and Hobbies(, OIA)11

Course Timetable Choose your department from the List(, OIA)12

Examples OnlyRemember to press [Submit] after you pick up the courses in order to complete the procedure.Check your total credits. Add Courses(, OIA)13

Required for undergraduate studentsExamples Only Complete page for Personal Registered Courses Double check from here after you submit your course. Remember to Log Out after completing the subject selection.(, OIA)14Undergraduate (1st, 2nd and 3rd year)Undergraduate (4th year)Postgraduate Maximum



Regulation of Credits Taken in each semesterUndergraduate (1st, 2nd and 3rd year)Undergraduate (4th year)13Undergraduate (1st, 2nd and 3rd year)Undergraduate StudentsPostgraduate Students Minimum



If you wish to take other courses from other department, you need to check with your own department on how many credits are allowed. (Normally it is between 6 ~ 9 Credit Points.) (, OIA)15Pre-Selection Period 2012/08/292012/09/13 Only take the courses within your own department.

Add/Drop Period 2012/09/172012/09/28 After getting the approvals by the instructor and Department chairman, please return the form back to Department Office. Add/Drop Form is available at OIA office.Online S.O.P. (Home/ Int'l Student/ Current Student/ Course Selection SOP),c4011-1.php Withdrawing Courses: From 2012/10/15Please apply to withdraw courses before 12th week of each semester with the instructor and Department chairman approvals. Important Dates(, OIA)16

Thanks forYour Attention.Contact

International Student SectionOffice of International Affairs

Tel: (02)2771-2171 ext.6512~6515


Website:, OIA)