Introduction to Version Control System for Windows

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  • Version Control System Appendix B of Introduction to C Programming Author: Peter PH Chang S
  • What is Version Control System?S A.k.a. S S S S S S S S Branch
  • Type of VCSS Copy-PasteS Centralized Version Control SystemS Distributed Version Control System
  • Type of VCSS Copy Paste S The most easy way to implement S Awful way S No comment message S Not automically S Wasting space S No conflict solution S No duplicate for backup S
  • VCSS Centralized VCS S Easy to implement S Learning curve is moderate S Cannot develop without network S Do everything by network. SLOW! S There is only one server. If it is broken, you loss everything
  • VCSS Distributed VCS S Learning curve is steep S Can work without network S Everyone has its clone. Dont worry about server! S Easy to branch!
  • Well-known VCSS Centralized VCS S CVS S Subversion (SVN) S PerforceS Distributed VCS S git S Mercurial (Hg) S Bazaar
  • Distributed VCS: git S
  • S MS Windows S UNIXS S msysgit S Windowsgit S S TortoiseGit S git S
  • Step1Installation
  • Install msysgit - 1
  • Install msysgit - 2
  • Install msysgit - 4 Next
  • Install msysgit - 5
  • Install msysgit - 6
  • Install Tortoise git - 1 32-bit64-bit
  • Install Tortoise git - 2
  • Install Tortoise git - 3 Next
  • Install Tortoise git - 4
  • Install Tortoise git - 5
  • Install Tortoise git - 6
  • Step2First commit
  • S S git initgit repoS S git addrepo S git commitrepo
  • Initial SettingS
  • Initial SettingS
  • Create a new repoS GitGit create repo
  • Create a new repoS
  • Create a new repoS Proceed
  • Create a new repoS Git repo
  • TortoiseGitcommit
  • Add fileS
  • Add fileS add filecommitrepo
  • Commit fileS Commit
  • Commit filesS gitnameemail Yes
  • Commit filesS gitnameemail Yes
  • Commit files
  • Commit filesS Commit Commit
  • Commit filesS Commit
  • Git diffS printf
  • Git diffS TortoiseGit
  • Git diffS CommitS
  • Git diff
  • S
  • S
  • S commit
  • Another way: CLIS repo S git initS repo S git add . S git commit m Commit messageS Git S git logS S git diff 5d09 S git diff 5d09 ab01
  • Git Server S
  • GitHubS git server S LinuxMac S Windowsgit serverS GitHub S Easy to create public repo S If you have .edu mail, you can get right to create private repo for free during the two years S
  • GitHub
  • GitHub
  • GitHubS S git clone REPO S TortoiseGitclone REPOserver S git server S server S git pull S server S git push
  • Reference S
  • ReferenceS Git tutorial 13695342S Git 5528339S Git(Windows) beginner/