It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang become...a Gang

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<ul><li><p>7/30/2019 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang become...a Gang</p><p> 1/13</p><p>Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia "The Gang become...a Gang"</p><p>By</p><p>Joel Cleverdon(Blueprint 4 - Question 1)</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang become...a Gang</p><p> 2/13</p><p>FADE IN:</p><p>BLACK SCREEN</p><p>SUPER: WEDNESDAY 10:00AM</p><p>INT. PADDYS PUB - DAY</p><p>SUPER:"12:00 P.M - On a Monday - Philadelphia ,PA"</p><p>OPEN as FRANK enters the pub to see an exhausted DENNIS andMAC slumped over the bar playing on a games console.</p><p>FRANKHave you both been playing on thisthing since yesterday? I bought it</p><p>for the customers, not for you two.</p><p>DENNISShut up Frank, were trying toconcentrate here!</p><p>MACWeve nearly completed the game.</p><p>Frank looks at the TV screen which shows two men (Dennis andMac) running around a virtual city murdering and robbingpassing civilians.</p><p>FRANKWhat is this shit?</p><p>MACWell, for one thing it is notshit and for the third its aboutgangs and taking what you wantwithout consequences. So thatimmediately makes it cool.</p><p>FRANKBut why do it on this thing whenyou can have twice as much fundoing it in real life?</p><p>DENNISLike Mac said, consequences.</p><p>FRANKIf youre good enough you donthave to deal with the consequences.</p><p>(MORE)</p><p>(CONTINUED)</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang become...a Gang</p><p> 3/13</p><p>CONTINUED: 2.</p><p>FRANK (contd)Me and my gang never had to dealwith consequences and we got up tosome crazy illegal shit.</p><p>MACFrank, your gang just sing and have</p><p>heart attacks. Whatever, Frank juststop talking to us.</p><p>FRANKAnyway, when have you two ever beenconcerned with the consequences ofyour actions?</p><p>Dennis and Mac look at eachother as if to say hes right,when have we?</p><p>CHARLIE and DEE enter the pub squabbling as they take a seatat the bar.</p><p>CHARLIE(shouting)</p><p>I know what I saw Dee!</p><p>DEECharlie please stop shouting!</p><p>CHARLIE(continues shouting)</p><p>But you think Im crazy!</p><p>DEE</p><p>Charlie, to be honest I thought youwere crazy before you told me this.</p><p>We see Dennis, Mac and Frank staring at Charlie and Dee withlooks of a confused nature.</p><p>DENNIS(to Dee)</p><p>Whats Charlie claiming he saw thistime?</p><p>DEEA unicorn.</p><p>DENNISReally Charlie?</p><p>CHARLIEHey, I saw it! it was big andpurple.</p><p>(CONTINUED)</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang become...a Gang</p><p> 4/13</p><p>CONTINUED: 3.</p><p>MACPurple? Charlie, unicorns arentpurple they are crystal white.</p><p>CHARLIEYeah, How do you know?</p><p>MACBecause unlike you Ive actuallyseen one. In fact I have rode one.</p><p>CHARLE(fascinated)</p><p>Wait. Could it talk and if so whatsort of accent did it have becauseIve always imagined that it wouldsound exactly like Billy Ray Cyrus?</p><p>DENNIS</p><p>(breaks up conversation)Billy Ray-- what? Okay this isinsane talk.</p><p>(turns to the game)Mac, back to the game, ignore theseidiots.</p><p>Dennis and Mac turn back to the screen and continue playingon the game.</p><p>DEEWow, really Dennis? I mean I expectit from Mac but not you.</p><p>DENNISAdults play games too Dee.</p><p>DEEYeah theyre called virgins.</p><p>Dennis turns to stare intensely into Dees eyes making herfeel very uncomfortable.</p><p>DENNIS(annoyed)</p><p>Dee, you of all people should knowIm not a virgin.</p><p>DEEWhat?</p><p>Dennis turns off the console.</p><p>(CONTINUED)</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang become...a Gang</p><p> 5/13</p><p>CONTINUED: 4.</p><p>MAC(confused)</p><p>Dude, we were so close to finishingthat!</p><p>DENNIS</p><p>(enthusiastic)Oh that doesnt matter anymore Macbecause we are going to be our owngame.</p><p>MAC(excited)</p><p>Were making our own game?!</p><p>DENNISWhat? no, were starting our owngang.</p><p>FRANKYes! Ive always wanted to be in agang.</p><p>DENNISYeah, not you Frank.</p><p>END TEASER</p><p>ACT 1</p><p>INT. PADDYS PUB - LATER</p><p>Dee and Charlie stand staring at a PURPLE RODEO BULL MACHINEwhich is taking up most of the room at the center of thebar.</p><p>DEE(shouts)</p><p>Frank!</p><p>Frank comes scurrying out of the bathroom.</p><p>FRANKWhat? I was in the middle ofcleaning my pipe.</p><p>CHARLIEYour Pipe?</p><p>(CONTINUED)</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang become...a Gang</p><p> 6/13</p><p>CONTINUED: 5.</p><p>FRANKOh I meant "the" yes "the pipe."</p><p>Dee knows what Frank was doing and shes disgusted.</p><p>CHARLIE</p><p>(oblivious)Oh, well thats "Charlie work", Iwould of given you a hand.</p><p>FRANKThanks for the offer Charlie but itisnt that big.</p><p>(starts to laugh)</p><p>CHARLIEWhat? How small is this pipe?</p><p>Frank hops onto the rodeo horse acting like an excited kid</p><p>in a playground.</p><p>DEEFrank, come on! First the gamethingy and now this?</p><p>FRANK(enthusiastic)</p><p>Dee, think about it. This is a goldmine. The customers will drink,ride this, throw up and then buyeven more drink!</p><p>CHARLIEOh thats what this is, this is theunicorn.</p><p>DEECharlie, its a rubber bull.</p><p>CHARLIEYes I know but...</p><p>(shouts)Ha, Im not crazy!</p><p>INT. CLOTHES SHOP - DAY</p><p>We see Dennis and Mac walking through a large clothes store.</p><p>DENNISIf we want to be a gang togetherweve got to dress like a gang.</p><p>(CONTINUED)</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang become...a Gang</p><p> 7/13</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang become...a Gang</p><p> 8/13</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang become...a Gang</p><p> 9/13</p><p>CONTINUED: 8.</p><p>DENNISThis is completely funny butinappropriate.</p><p>(unplugs the machine)</p><p>Charlie is thrown behind the bar, smashing into the glassesand bottles.</p><p>BLACK SCREEN</p><p>ACT 2</p><p>SUPER: THURSDAY 10:00AM</p><p>INT. HOSPITAL - MORNING</p><p>We see an unconscious looking Charlie lying in a hospitalbed.</p><p>The gang are standing around looking genuinely concerned.</p><p>MACShit, is he going to be okay.</p><p>DENNIS(now unconcerned)</p><p>Hell be fine, its Charlie, herummages through diseased trash ona daily basis, and hes</p><p>(beat)always at least stable.</p><p>FRANKWell, Ive got to get back to thebar.</p><p>(more)</p><p>They all look at Frank outraged by his lack of concern forCharlie.</p><p>FRANK(CONTD)</p><p>Its what he would of wanted.</p><p>DEEYoure talking like hes dead orsomething.</p><p>A doctor enters with a clipboard in hand.</p><p>(CONTINUED)</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang become...a Gang</p><p> 10/13</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang become...a Gang</p><p> 11/13</p><p>CONTINUED: 10.</p><p>DENNISThis is our gang identity. Werethe Phili Mexicans.</p><p>DEEBut youre not Mexican?</p><p>MACI told you these werent gooduniforms.</p><p>DENNISWell, you didnt want the leatherjackets.</p><p>FRANKThis priceless.</p><p>Dee and Frank burst out laughing as they high fiveeachother.</p><p>CHARLIE(to Dennis and Mac)</p><p>Do I get my own poncho?</p><p>Dennis pulls out a colourful poncho from beneath Charliesbed.</p><p>Charlies eyes light up with pure joy.</p><p>FRANK(laughing)</p><p>Now youre the three queer-keteers!</p><p>MACYeah well well show you how gay weare, when we...</p><p>(looks to Dennis)</p><p>DENNISRob a bank!</p><p>INT. PADDYS PUB - LATER</p><p>We see Dennis, Charlie and Mac dressed in a stereotypicalwhite and black burglars uniforms.</p><p>MACDennis, dont you think theseuniforms are a bit...</p><p>(beat)obvious.</p><p>(CONTINUED)</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang become...a Gang</p><p> 12/13</p><p>CONTINUED: 11.</p><p>CHARLIEYeah, it looks like were in fancydress.</p><p>DENNISExactly, so when we enter the bank</p><p>theyll assume were just peopledressed up as burglars but infactwere burglars dressed up asburglars.</p><p>MACOh, so were double bluffing them.</p><p>DENNISExactly!</p><p>Dee and Frank enter dressed in proper high tech "missionimpossible" style uniforms.</p><p>DENNIS(to Dee and Frank)Come on Dee, what is this?</p><p>DEEWell Dennis, anything you can do Iwill do better.</p><p>DENNISSo youre going to rob a bankaswell? why?</p><p>DEEHm,</p><p>(looks at Frank for an answer)because...</p><p>FRANKBasically were bored.</p><p>MACSo, let me get this straight,youre going to rob a bank becauseyoure bored?</p><p>FRANKYoure only doing it to prove yourgangs not gay.</p><p>MACIncorrect, because we aredefinitely not</p><p>(beat)</p><p>(MORE)</p><p>(CONTINUED)</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang become...a Gang</p><p> 13/13</p><p>CONTINUED: 12.</p><p>MAC (contd)a gay gang.</p><p>CHARLIE(shouts)</p><p>Stop arguing, remember who this is</p><p>about!(more)</p><p>They all look at Charlie as if to say "who?"</p><p>CHARLIE(CONTD)</p><p>Me!</p></li></ul>