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  1. 1. Textual analysisIm Yours by Jason Mraz
  2. 2. Style and image: Jason Mrazs image is representing stereotypicalcountry/soul singers. Cowboy hat Causal shirts Guitar Jeans and shorts
  3. 3. Target audience The primary target audience for Jason Mraz in general is youngadults and teenagers, as the music is fairly upbeat and fun, yetrelaxing which is favoured by young adults. Young adults are able to relate to the lyrics - which typically is aboutlove, crushes and first heartbreaks, and the lyrics tend to not be toodeep - not heavily focussing on heartbreaks and dramatic lyrics suchas cant live without you or Ill die without you etc. which makes itmore appealing and relatable to teenagers. In contrast, the older audiences would prefer to listen to artists suchas Adele as she speaks the mind of most women in their 30s whohave experienced a painful breakup. Im yours is no exception totargeting young adults and teenagers, as the tempo of the music issmooth and not too fast or too slow.
  4. 4. Target audience The style of the music is definitely most appealing toteenagers as it sounds very summery which is oftenknown to be the month to create fun memories byteenagers. Furthermore, the style of the music ishappy, which is often liked by young adults andteenagers as it is stress-free and is generally how thiscertain group audience feel. Jason Mrazs image also appeals to teenagers and youngadults - females in particular. His talent for writing hisown songs is often seen as admirable by many and isoften adored by females as many wish to have an otherhalf like him who would write songs dedicated to them.
  5. 5. Begins with a bird eye view shot of an airplaneindicating that the characters of this video are flyingaway somewhere else or beginning a journey tosomewhere.
  6. 6. The next scene is a mid-shot of the main character -Jason Mraz packing up his bags could possiblysuggest he is leaving, and getting onto the planethat was first scene at the beginning in a birds eyeview shot.
  7. 7. Keys are shown - could symbolize his departure (getting on the planeand getting onto the plane), as they are thrown on the desk implyinghe is chucking away his past & memories - the house and everythinginside. Alternatively, keys symbolize freedom and Jason chuckingthem away could suggest he is chucking away his freedom, andgoing off onto the plane to follow after something. This creates anenigma of questions, as the audience would wonder why is hechucking away his keys? Where is he going? Why is he going? Whatis he doing? etc.
  8. 8. Other shots such as a shot of him hopping onto the back of a car could possiblysuggest he is somewhere else, as in the previous shot he stuck his hand out tostop the taxi/car before hopping onto it. This could connote that he is away fromhome, and has just begun his journey. "I wont hesitate, no more no more, I cannotwait, Im sure" matches the lyrics with the visuals as the lyric implies he is notgoing to return back to his past indicating his is starting a new fresh start to hislife hence the reason why he got onto the plane. The audience are still curious towhy he wants to begin a new start, which gets the audience hooked onto thevideo.
  9. 9. "Open up your eyes and see like me, open up your plans and damnyoure free..." matches with the visual displayed. This connotes to theaudience that Jason is trying to convey to people that they should upand see more of this world to see a different side to life. This answersto the question why Jason was leaving in the first place (from the firstbullet point) - he is trying to get away from his miserable past - as thelighting used there was dark and gloomy, illustrating his emotionsand feelings at that moment before going away.
  10. 10. "Were just one big family..." as a group of friends having fun are shown The lyrics could suggest his past - how he used to be self-conscious as he sings"Ive been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror..." but asthe song and video goes on, hes learned to not be so self-consious andparanoid about himself and explore the world - living life to the fullest. Alternativly his new approach to life could be because he had met a new girl -"well, you dawned on me and you bet I felt it..." approaching life with adifferent start - as the lighting here is much more brighter and naturalsuggesting the happy times, in contrast to the gloomy lighting right at thebeginning where Jason was packing his bags.
  11. 11. "Im yours" was sang as a shot of a girl from behindjumps off the rocks - this could symbolize Jason wastalking to this girl, and implying that he is utterly inlove with her.
  12. 12. Live performance shown in the music video - not a verytypical codes and convention of Soul/Pop music genres, as itis the punk/rock that usually has live performance basedmusic videos. Jason playing the guitar in this shot maintainshis image as the boy with the hat and guitar, which willattract and appeal to his audience - young adults andteenagers.
  13. 13. Video ends with dark lighting which could suggesthe has returned back to his old life - as the happiermoments were when he went on holiday.However, this could also connote to the audiencethat Jason was recalling back to his happiermemories as he sits on the beach.