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<ul><li><p>JOHANNE PETTERSEN KEEPS US AHEAD </p><p>BY LOOKING AHEAD. </p><p> ^ ^ J U tnat makes Olinamore dependable source for chlor/alkali. </p><p>Johanne is Olin's product distribution coordinator. She sees to it that our sophisticated new chlor/ alkali computer program does its job: smooth the path of 1.3 million tons of chlorine and caustic soda from our five plants and 12 shipping points to you. </p><p>Only a computer could balance the complex forces of the chlor/ alkali market. Chlorine can't be stored, so it must be made to order. But caustic, itscoproduct, marches to the beat of a different demand. Chlor/alkali production must be scheduled for best use of raw materials and energy. Plant capacities must be matched with available tank cars. And on and on, into the sunset. </p><p>So, if only to preserve our sanity, we conjured up a computer program that gives us a farsighted look at the effects of near-term needs. From continual evaluation of in</p><p>formation from many sources, it tells us how much product to make, and where. And the program lets us simulate anything from unpleasant surprises to outright disasters -so we'll know how to handle them should they arise. </p><p>All this looking ahead that Johanne and others do for us augurs well for dependable chlor/alkali for you. Isn't that the kind of supplier who can do the most for your planning? </p><p>Olin Chemicals, Department 2Q-132CA, 120 Long Ridge Road, Stamford, CT 06904. </p><p>C l l i n CHEMICALS April 13. 1981 C&amp;EN 33 </p><p>JOHANNE PETTERSEN KEEPS US AHEAD BY LOOKING AHEAD</p></li></ul>