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    Sept. 15, 2014Fall Issue



    Inner Beauty TipsFall Nail designs

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    Dream Navigation Interview

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    Interview : Dream NavigationExclusive interview with the owner of Kang Eastern Medicine, Dr. Kang

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    Inner BeautyGreat products and services to pamper your inner beauty

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    Fall FashionJPys recommendations on fall essential items

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    Sweets SpecialJPys favorite one-of-a-kind sweets

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    C O N T E N T SFALL 2014


    VOL. 33





  • DREAMNAVIGATION Interview with Dr. Kang Owner of Kang Eastern Medicine

    JPy supports women who follow their dreams in L.A., and we interview them in each of our issues. This month we will be interviewing the owner of Kang Eastern Medicine Dr. Kang. Her clinic in Pasadena specializes in helping women with their health problems. We had a chance to ask her about her encounter with Oriental medicine and her future goals.

    Beauty comes from within. Thats something you can earn only when you improve your balance from the inside of your body.





    What was the story behind you opening a clinic in America?I was born and raised in Tokyo. I was going to an all-girls school, but

    I always felt like I didnt really belong there. At that time, I sought my

    mother for advice and told her that I wanted to go to America. She

    responded saying, Why dont you try it? and let me do a study abroad

    program in California where our relatives lived. I decided to stay after the

    program and went on to university in the States. After graduating from

    university, I started working as a flight attendant. However, I suddenly

    became ill and no doctor could seem to tell me what was wrong with

    me. I had no clue what was the cause of my poor health condition and

    I felt so defeated because none of the treatments were effective. Thats

    when I came across Eastern medicine. I tried acupuncture and Chinese

    medicine and they completely improved my condition! Since I had such

    an amazing result through the acupuncture treatments, I wanted to

    learn more about it. So I enrolled myself in university that taught

    Oriental medicine, got an acupuncture license in Japan, returned to

    the U.S. to study at Yosan University which is known for their acu-

    puncture program. When you visit a hospital when you get sick, they

    usually prescribe you a ton of medicines. But those medicines have

    side effects, and sometimes they can cause you skin disease or to be an

    anorexic. However, acupuncture and Chinese medicines have no side

    effect. Not only it healed my illness, but I became more stable men-

    tally and physically. In Western medicine for example, when you have

    a stomachache, they prescribe you medicines to cure the pain. How-

    ever in Eastern medicine, we focus on the reason why you are having

    a stomachache and try to heal the whole body. I was inspired by that

    idea to improve the symptoms by adjusting the balance of the body,

    and wanted to cure people through Eastern medicines.

    Please tell us about your clinic Kang Easter Medicine.Kang Easter Medicine is a clinic specializing in solving womens

    health problems by using Eastern medicines such as acupuncture

    and Chinese medicines. We often receive inquiries about the anti-

    aging treatment and the infertility treatment. Since acupuncture

    enhances the function of internal organs and increases metabo-

    lism, its also effective for rejuvenation. Acupuncture is highly ef-

    fective for stress, which is one of the major causes of infertility. I

    focus on helping my patients to relax and also to re-balance their

    body to prevent illnesses. As an example, you might think you

    just have a stiff neck, but stiff neck can be a sign of something

    severe. You might feel very tired or have a hard time sleeping at

    night. But whatever it may be, I would like to work closely with

    my patients and look for the cause of the symptoms together.

    Whats rewarding about your job?I definitely feel happy when my patients thank me. My ultimate goal

    as a healer is to heal my patients and make sure they are healthy. So

    when my patients thank me after their conditions got improved, I

    feel like I want to appreciate them back. It is also rewarding when a

    patient suffering from insomnia tells me that she had a good night

    sleep and even snored, or when a patient says I felt like I was at a

    spa, because that means the treatments were so relaxing. It is also

    a pleasure when a patient who was going through infertility treat-

    ments drops by at the clinic with her brand-new baby.

    What are your current goals you have?Since acupuncture is still a bit of a mystery to many people, I

    want to continue creating a welcoming environment so that peo-

    Kang Eastern Medicine

    50 Bellefontaine St. Ste 203, Pasadena CA, 91105

    Kang Eastern Med Spa

    137 W. California Blvd., Pasadena CA, 91105


    ple would feel comfortable visiting the clinic. I opened the sec-

    ond clinic this year, but I would love to open more in the future.

    I want to bring awareness to the fact that Eastern medicine can

    help prevent diseases. When I first opened the clinic, there were

    nights when I could not sleep because I was constantly thinking

    about what I could have done better for my patients. I felt pres-

    sured like I had to heal all of my patients. However, I realized that

    no two humans bodies are the same. Ive learned to help them

    individually with my knowledge and experiences. Obviously, we

    cannot change the past no matter how hard we try. So I focus

    on whats going to happen tomorrow, not what had happened

    yesterday. I keep this in mind moving forward as a healer.

    Any messages for JPy readers?I think as a woman, we all want to stay young and beautiful. As

    we get older, beauty only shines through if you polish yourself

    inside. Some of my patients who come in for cosmetic acupunc-

    ture treatments only request to get their faces done. However,

    I think the meaning of true beauty is to balance the whole body

    not just the concept of making the appearance look younger.

    I think many of us are guilty of not taking care of ourselves

    enough when life gets hectic. But please do not take your health

    for granted. I encourage you to listen to your body. Fatigue and

    edema can be a sign that your body is trying to warn you some-

    thing. Women can create a younger appearance with make-ups

    and clothes, but their internal organs age just like they age

    every year. I would like to help women who suffer from those

    imbalances of their appearance and real aging of their internal

    organs. Ultimately, patients are the ones who cure their own

    bodies, not the hospital nor the doctor. You make an effort

    to cure yourself. --With this idea in mind, I will continue to

    spread Eastern medicines in the future.

    Dr. Myeongae Kang D.A.O.M., L.Ac.

    Originally from Tokyo. Dr. Kang came to America during

    her high school years. After graduating from Arizona State

    University, she started working as a flight attendant. Thats

    when she suddenly became ill and came across Eastern

    medicines, which healed her completely. Since she was so

    impressed with the power of Eastern