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  • 1. Junior Term PaperMrs. BernetJanuary-February 2013

2. The Junior Term Paper Library Schedule Day 3: Full block- Research and work day Day 4: Full block- Research and work day Day 5: Optional full block- research and work dayNeed help? See me! 3. Outline: Class IICiting Sources MLA citation style NoodleTools: Works Cited and Note Cards Citing reprinted sources Video Hands on activity: Groups of 2 4. MLA Citation Style Modern Language Association Citation Styleshttp://www.mla.org/style APAMLA style for documentation isChicagowidely used in the humanities,especially in writing on language Blue Bookand literature. Generally simplerand more concise than otherstyles, MLA style features briefparenthetical citations in thetext keyed to an alphabetical listof works cited that appears atthe end of the work. (mla.org) 5. NoodleToolsNote Cards Works Cited Share note cards with Make sure you are usingyour teacher. MLA Advanced Include annotation/ Consult the MLA manual,personal notes for each MLA website, ornote card Purdues the OWL for Remember to createcitation questionscitation first, in order to Be sure to share yourlink note card to works cited with Mrs.resourceBernet! 6. Video: Citing Reprinted Criticism 7. Reprinted CitationsHow toStep 1: Identify original source (i.e. first publication) Citation 1Step 2: Determine type of reprinted source (ex.medium of second printing = journal, database,book, or anthology) Citation 2Step 3. Where did you find it? Citation 3 8. Example CitationBauer, Helen Pike. "The Short and Graceful Life."Cross Currents 48.3 (1998): 404-06. Rpt. inContemporary Literary Criticism. Ed. Janet Witalec.Vol. 166. Detroit: Gale, 2003. N. pag. LiteratureResource Center. Web. 3 Feb. 2013.Original Source?. 9. Step 1: Identify Original Source Note: Title, Author, and Original Publication Source(ex. book, journal, anthology, magazine, etc) 10. Step 2: Select reprinted mediumIs original source a journalor magazine? A book or anthology? Look it up online! 11. Step 3: Where did you find this article? Literature Resource Center,JSTOR, Salem Press Literature, Twaynes,, etc 12. Hands On Activity In groups of two, evaluate theessay assigned to you Work together to create aproperly formatted citation