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<ul><li><p>Institut fr Auditierung </p><p>und Zertifizierung GmbH </p><p>certifies that the company </p><p>infaz - Institut fr Auditierung und Zertifizierung GmbH Nixhtter Weg 85 D-41468 Neuss </p><p>Certificate register no.: </p><p>This certificate ist valid until: </p><p>009/06/2015-7-0 </p><p>07.05.2018 </p><p>Managing Director </p><p>Neuss, 9th July 2015 </p><p>has introduced an Information Security Management System and is effectively </p><p>applying the same for the following field of application: </p><p>Implementation of Information Security for </p><p>computerized workplaces and related IT infrastructure </p><p>and IT services for Business units: </p><p>KS Kolbenschmidt, KS Bearings, Pierburg Pump Technology and </p><p>MS Motorservice Brazil. </p><p>By means of the audit, report no. A 002-4/2015, proof was furnished that the </p><p>requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 are met. </p><p>Statement of Applicability (SoA): 6-1-3_DOC_KSBR_SOA_v-2-0_en </p><p>(This certificate is only valid with the main certificate no.: 009/06/2015) </p><p>KSPG Automotive Brazil Ltda. Rod. Arnaldo Jlio Mauerberg, 4000 - Distrito Industrial n1, </p><p>Cx. Postal 91 13460-000 Nova Odessa SP Brasil </p></li></ul>