Latihan Soal UN Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX

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Latihan Soal UN Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX


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Text 1Read the notice and answer questions 1.

1. The shoppers or the visitors are not allowed to do the following except .A. smoke in the storeB. take photos in the storeC. bring pets into the storeD. take good care of their belongingText 2Read the text and answer questions 2 and 3

ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING THEFT AND SECURITY IN OFFICE To : ALL STAFF From : Edgar Howard Date : March 12, 2010Subject : Thefts in Office There has been a recent increase in the number of thefts in the office. Although we have in place extensive security measures to prevent unauthorized access to our premises, we must all take preventative measures to ensure the safekeeping of company property and personal belongings. Please observe the following guidelines: 1. Do not leave any valuables unattended at your work station. 2. Before leaving each day, store away any belongings that might be of interest to a would-be thief. 3. Keep your filing cabinets and drawers locked in the evenings. 4. Immediately report to your manager any person whom you feel does not have authorization to be in the office. 5. Do not provide anyone else your passwords or security access codes. If we all work together and observe these measures, we can reduce the incidence of theft in the office. Thank you.

2. What is the purpose of the text ?A. To remind all staff to be careful of theft in the officeB. To announce that there will be theft in the officeC. To describe the thief who has come to the officeF. To ask all staff not to become thieves3. When do thefts happen?A. since the office was establishedB. a long time agoC. only a short time agoD. a few months agoText 3Read the text and answer questions 4 and 5

Dear Jim,Please accept my sincere condolences for the sudden loss of your dear brother Ray last week. Ray was an exceptional friend and colleague who will be deeply missed by all who knew him.Sincere condolences,Brad Fender

4. Brad Fender sent the message because he wants to show his to Jim for the loss of Ray.A. sympathy B. pleasureC. happinessD. joy5. Ray was an exceptional friend and colleague .The underlined word has the same meaning as .A. extraordinaryB. goodC. not so specialD. extremely badText 4

Dear John.You become the runner up of the yearly drawing competition.Congratulation on your success. I do hope you will be the best next year.Dont give up ! you will get it.Your aunt

6. Who become the runner up of the drawing competition?A. Annes daughter B. Annes nephewC. Annes cousin.D. Annes nieceText 5The text is for question number 7

Congratulations. You've passedThe waiting is now over, the results are here at last. And everyone's delighted to hear that you have passed ! Well done.Jim

7. Jim wants to congratulate him/ her because he/ she has .A. become a winner of a competitionB. passed his/ her examsC. done well in the contestD. received a medalText 6Read the text and answer questions 8 to 11

PediaCare Long Acting Cough, Liquid, Grape4 oz (120 ml)

Package Details:Relieves Coughs up to 8 hoursNon-Drowsy, Alcohol Free, Sugar FreeDextromethorphan HBr, oral solution, cough suppressant.PediaCare@ Long-Acting Cough effectively relieves your child's cough symptoms for up to 8 hours without drowsiness. It's alcohol-free, and its sweet grape flavor tastes great.Each teaspoonful contains: sodium 19 mgPediaCare. Recommended by Pediatricians. Trusted by Moms@.Indications:Temporarily relieves cough associated with the common cold.Directions:If needed, repeat dose every 6-8 hours. Do not exceed 4 doses in 24 hours.Children 6 to under 12 years:: 2 teaspoonfulsChildren 2 to under 6 years: 1 teaspoonfulsChildren under 2 years: consult a doctorStore in carton until the contents are used. Store at 68 to 77 F. Do not use if the printed Pfizer band around the cap is broken or missing.Warning:Stop use and consult a doctor if cough persists for more than one week, tends to recur or is accompanied by fever, rash, or persistent headache.Keep out of reach of children . In case of overdose, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

8. This text is a label of ... produced by Pedia Care.A. antibacterial lotion B. fever medicineC. cough syrupD. antibiotic9. "Pedia Care Long Acting Cough, Liquid, Grape."The underlined word has the same meaning as ....A. fluid B. frozenC. gasD. hard10. The Pedia Care Long Acting Cough does not contain .A. sweet grape flavour B. sugarC. dextromethorphan HbrD. liquid11. Which sentence is not correct about PediaCare Long Acting Cough according to the text?A. It can relieve a child's cough symptoms. B. It can cause drowsiness.C. The dosage can be repeated if needed.D. It should be stored in carton until the contents are used.Text 7 Read the text and answer questions 12 to 14

From : jeffgibson@gmail.comTo : mgavin@yahoo.comSent : April 10, 2007RE : Parking Garage problemDear Martin:Please regard this as a letter of apology for the recent problems that I caused you by moving your belongings in the parking garage without your permission.Believe me I had no intention of causing you any problems. Over the long weekend I decided to rearrange my space in the garage. I installed new shelving on the front wall opposite my parking space. While I was at it I thought I would also tidy up the entire garage. Then I noticed that your boxes of books were stored dangerously close to the electric heating element. So, I took the liberty of moving those boxes to the other side of the garage. I didn't consider at the time that this would block the entry and exit of your vehicle.After you brought this to my attention Monday evening I immediately moved your boxes back to where they were stored originally. As you suggested, by stacking them carefully I was able to place them so that there was sufficient safe clearance from the heating element. I trust you will find everything in order now.I'm really sorry that I didn't check with you first before moving your belongings. I can now see how it would have upset you to return after the holiday weekend and find your belongings moved for no apparent reason. All I can say is that it won't happen again.Sincerely,Jeff Gibson

(Adapted from .......)12. What did Jeff apologize to Martin for?A. causing problems to MartinB. moving his own belonging in the parking garageC. rearranging his space in the garageD. installing some new shelving on the front wall 13. How could Gibson cause a problem to Martin by moving Martin's boxes to the other side of the garage?A. They were close to the electric heating element.B. They made sufficient safe clearance from the heating element.C. They blocked the entry and exit on the passenger side of Martin's vehicle.D. They were not stored very well14. As you suggested, by stacking them carefully I was able to place them...(par 3)What does the word 'them' refer to?A. the garageB. the problemC. the boxes of booksD. Gibson's belongingsText 8Read the text and answer questions 15 and 16


A cactus (plural: cacti) is any member of the plant family Cactaceae, native to the Americas. They are often used as ornamental plants, but some are also crop plants. Cacti are grown for protection of property from wild animals, as well as many other uses.Cacti are part of the plant order Caryophyllales, which also include members like beets, gypsophila, spinach, amaranth, tumbleweeds, carnations, rhubarb, buckwheat, plumbago, bougainvillea, chickweed and knot grass.Cacti are unusual and distinctive plants, which are adapted to extremely arid and hot environments, showing a wide range of anatomical and physiological features which conserve water. Their stems have adapted to become photosynthetic and succulent, while the leaves have become the spines for which cacti are well known.Cacti come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The tallest is Pachycereus pringlei, with a maximum recorded height of 19.2 m, and the smallest is Blossfeldia liliputiana, only about 1cm in diameter at maturity.Cactus flowers are large, and like the spines and branches arise from aureoles. Many cactus species are night blooming, as they are pollinated by nocturnal insects or small animals, principally moths and bats. Cacti range in size from small and globular to tall and columnar.15. What does the first paragraph tell us about?A. the members of cactiB. the habitat of cacti C. the use of cactiD. types of cacti16. The text is written to .A. tell how to plant cactiB. entertain the readersC. describe cacti in generalD. persuade the readers to plant cactiText 9Read the text to answer questions 17 to 20An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when one celestial object moves into the shadow of another. The term is most often used to describe either a solar eclipse, when the Moon's shadow crosses the Earth's surface, or a lunar eclipse, when the Moon moves into the shadow of the Earth.Eclipses may occur when the Earth and the Moon are aligned with the Sun, and the shadow of one body cast by the Sun falls on the other. So at New Moon (or rather Dark Moon), when the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun, the Moon may pass in front of the Sun as seen from a narrow region on the surface of the Earth and cause a solar eclipse. At Full Moon, when the Moon is in opposition to the Sun, the Moon may pass through the shadow of the Earth, and a lunar eclipse is visible from the night half of the Earth.An eclipse does not happen at every New or Full Moon, because the plane of the orbit of the Moon around the Earth is tilted with respect to the plane of the orbit of the Earth around the Sun, so as seen from the Earth, when the Moon is nearest to the Sun (New Moon) or at largest distance (Full Moon), the three bodies usually are not exactly on the same line.17. When does a lunar eclipse happen?A. in the morningB. in the afternoon C. in the eveningD. in the midd