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LCN 2012 product catalogue


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    Competence in Beauty

  • Welcome

    You hold the world of LCN products in your hands. More than 3000 products from a professional manufacturer for the professional user.Millions of customers know and appreciate the high quality and reliability of LCN products. More than 25 years of ongoing research and innovation have contributed to this achievement.

    Benefit from LCN with a wide product assortment numerous special products a high level of application safety a large number of service offers the extensive business options for your salon perfect customer consultation the comprehensive training options

    Bettina HillemacherBeauty expert


    Michael KalowManaging director


    Order Information

    In order to avoid unnecessary waiting time, please quote when ordering: your personal customer number

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    order number of the product colour code

    We are looking forward to your order! Your Wilde Team

    to the world of LCN

  • nailsLCN light curing gel systems for beginners: Basic Line 7

    LCN light curing gel systems: 3-phase system Classic 82-phase system Solution2 132-phase system LCN Phasique Biotec 14Light curing 1-phase Resin systems 15Bonding agents 18Permanent French 19Clear sealing gels 20Colour Gels 21Recolution 32Light curing nail polish X-Tame 35

    Self Curing Resin Systems & Accessories 38Brushes 42Files 46Accessories 52Instruments 61Nail Glue 63Professional Nail Tips 64Nail Art 65Nail Jewellery 88Starter Set 89Nail Polishes 93Nail Polish displays 98

    Hand Care 105Nail Care, Base Polishes and Accessories 110Displays Hand Care 118Displays Hand Care and Base Polishes 120PBST Professional Beauty Skin Treatment Paraffin Treatment 123

    Instruments and Accessories 127WILDE-PEDIQUE silver plus 133Foot Care 135Displays Foot Care 143

    Hand, Nail and Body Care 148Foot Care 155Accessories 157Displays SPA 158

    Hand & Nail Care 163Displays ognx 164

    Professional nail care 167Hand and Nail Care 171Foot Care 172Displays my care 173

    Hand and Nail Care 175Display man hand 175

    Skin Care 177Displays Skin Care 179Epilation systems 180Sugaring 184

    Make-up 198Displays Make-up 198

    Lashes & Eyebrows 201

    Units and Modules 205Colours 211Accessories 214Starter Sets 219

    Light Curing Units 223File Units & Bits 225Beauty: Micro-dermabrasion 232

    Disinfection and Hygiene 235

    Furniture 239

    Merchandising 247


    my care



    skin care







    The world of LCN

    Design modifications are excepted and will not be announced. The packaging design as well as displays may deviate from the illustrations in this catalogue.

    amazing lashes

    permanent make-up


  • professional nails

  • Problem Nails

    First modelling (tip or form)

    Bonding Bio Bond and Base CoatExtension Sculpture Formatur (max. 1/3 of the nail bed)Modelling BondiqueSealing Ultra Shine

    Refill Bonding Bio Bond and Base Coat

    Modelling Bondique or Bondique soft

    Sealing Ultra Shine

    Weak, oily, flexible nails

    First modelling (tip or form)

    Bonding Base Coat, ConnexExtension Sculpture Formatur or TipModelling Bondique (all variants possible)Sealing Ultra Shine

    Refill Bonding Base Coat, Connex

    Modelling Bondique or Bondique soft

    Sealing Ultra Shine

    Dry, brittle nails

    First modelling (tip or form)

    Bonding Bio Bond and BonderExtension Sculpture Formatur or TipModelling Sculpture (all variants possible)Sealing Sealant


    Bonding Bio Bond

    Modelling One Component Resin F

    Sealing Sealant or Ultra Shine

    Normal, strong nails

    First modelling (tip or form)

    Bonding BonderExtension Sculpture Formatur or TipModelling Sculpture (all variants possible)Sealing Sealant


    Bonding Bonder or LCN Bio Bond

    Modelling One Component Resin F

    Sealing Sealant

    Recommended LCN products according to nail categories

    LCN resins are compatible with each other and allow for maximum flexibility duringindividual application in the salon. If you wish to select LCN resins according to nail type, you will find here proven product recommendations. A nail analysis is the prerequisite for choosing the respective products. A detailed nail assessment techniquecan be acquired in the LCN Advanced Nails Seminar.










    ECT & COLO


    Product Consistency Colour Properties, ApplicationBase Coat c Contains acidBase Bond + c Contains acid

    Bio Bond c Contains solvent, enriched with urea and stabilizing L-Cystein, nourishing and strengthening the nail, light curing

    Bonder - c Standard bonding agent, Solvent-free, light curingConnex c Air drying bonding agent, without anti-mycotic factorConnex silver plus c Contains alcohol / water, anti-mycotic, air-dry for 60s before applying the gel Phasique Biotech 1 c Solvent-free, elastic, light curingSolution2 Base & Closing Gel c Strong bonding, solvent-free, also finishing productBondique p Bonds to nail / tip, elastic, good flow properties, limited modelling propertiesBondique Soft p Bonds to nail / tip, elastic, very good flow properties, cannot be modelledBondique F p elastic, good flow properties, modelling propertiesBondique Black Diamond c modelling properties, elastic, strong bonding due to diamond dustDermique c Elastic, good flow properties, limited modelling propertiesFibrique Express Repair c reinforced with fibres, no modelling properties, bonds to nail / tipOptimo 1 p Elastic, good flow properties, cannot be modelled, RefillOptimo 2 p Elastic, good flow properties, can be modelledOne Component Resin c, o, p, pa Elastic, very good flow properties, cannot be modelled, RefillOne Component Resin F c, o, p, pa, cc, nr Elastic, good flow properties, can be modelledOne Component Resin FF c Elastic, does not flow, very good modelling properties, RefillPhasique Biotech 2 c Elastic, good flow properties, can be modelledSculpture c, o, p, pa Hard, extremely good modelling properties, flows slightlySculpture F c, p Hard, extremely good modelling properties, does not flowSolution2-Building Gel c, p Ability to adapt, resembling natural nail, strong bonding, good flow propertiesSolution2-Building Gel F + c, p Ability to adapt, resembling natural nail, strong bonding, minimal flowWILDE-PEDIQUE silver plus c, o, p, pa, nb, cp Highly elastic special gel for the toe nail reconstructionSculpture Formatur snow-white colour snow-white colourSculpture Formatur Naturelle natural white colour natural white colour

    Sculpture Formatur White Diamond pearly diamond Firm, improved break resistance due to the Diamond dust added, optimizes theshaping of the free nail edge

    Sculpture Formatur F snow-white colour snow-white colourSculpture Formatur Naturelle F natural white colour natural white colour

    Sculpture Formatur Design available in 4 different colours

    Glaze Gel Clear + c Finishing gel, high gloss, scratch-resistant surfaceGlaze Gel Black Diamond c high gloss, refined with diamond dust particles, does not run into sidesSealant c, o, p, pa Standard sealant, high gloss, scratch-resistant surfaceUltra Shine blueish Easy white Effect, UV-protection especially for Colour Gels, Nail ArtSolution

    2 Base & Closing Gel c Solvent-free, outstanding bonding-effect, high-gloss

    Polish Seal c Especially for quick-drying of Nail polishHigh Gloss c Dispersion film freeWILDE-PEDISEAL + c Elastic sealer for toe nail reconstruction with UV protectionWILDE-PEDISEAL White Diamond with glitter particles Elastic sealer for toe nail re-construction with UV-protectionFM-Pearl White snow-white colour

    French products of a gel to paste-like consistency

    FM-Pearl White F snow-white colourFM-Pearl White Brush on snow-white colourFM-Naturelle natural white colourFM-Naturelle F natural white colourFM-Soft White pastel white colour

    Glaze Gel French Top + available in 2 different colours

    Camouflage Gels

    For a list of colours refer to the colour


    Extensive assortment of effect, colour and glitter gels in different consistencies for any kind of Nail Art.The respective colours are to be seen in the colour chart.

    Colour Gel +Colour Gel F Colour Gels 3D Design +Colour Gels Metallic +Colour Gels Miracle Glitter Colour Gels Glitter Colour Gels Light Glitter Colour Gels Perfect Finish Glaze Gel Noble Shine / Elegant Line


    High Gloss Colour

    Glass Gel available in 11 different colours

    Recolution + For a list of colours refer to the colour


    Soak-off colour gel system, durable like a gel but easier to remove

    X-Tame Solvent free colour system for natural nails, light curing but not a gel system

    General recommendationsGood training, experience and high quality LCN products as well as

    observance of the recommendations for use guarantee successful work

    as a nail technician. We recommend attending basic and

    advanced training seminars at the LCN BeautySchool for beginners and

    experienced users.

    List of products and their application for LCN light-curing nail resins

    Consistency Colour flows very easily c = clear

    flows easily o = opak

    medium flow properties p = pink

    limited flow properties pa = pastel

    solid nb = natural beige

    + Tends to be more solid cp = cool pink

    - Tends to be more fluid cc = crystal clear

    nr = natural rose

  • nails


    LCN light curing gel system for professionals and LCNfirst time users: Basic Line A combination of the LCN products can be found in LCNs basic assortment that provides you with anall-round system for all standard modelling treatments.

    Bonding: LCN Bio BondLCN Bio Bond is a primer-free bonder which gently bonds to the nail surface through an organicingredient and adheres extremely well to the natural nail. It combines nail-building with a perfectbonding base. The added urea and a modern stabilizing L-cysteine (amino acid) are nourishing andensure a permanently good nail base and durable nails. LCN Bio Bond can be used as a bondingagent under any light-curing LCN gel system.


    Contents10 ml

    Modelling-Building: One Component Resin FThis classic one component gel has 100% all round properties for easy modelling. Available in 6colours (clear, pink, opak, pastel, crystal clear, natural rose). Please refer to page 15.


    Contents20 ml40 ml100 ml

    One Component Resin - universal 1-Phase-gelClassic one component gel with good allround properties. This LCN Bestseller is available in a varietyof viscosities and colours. F stands for a higher viscosity.Available in the following colours: crystal clear - transparant look; pink - light ros look (-1); opak - milkyporcelain look (-2); clear - natural clear look (-3); pastel - milky pink look (-4) and natural rose - a shadeof rosewood (-5)


    Contents20 ml40 ml

    Finish-Sealing: Glaze Gel ClearHigh gloss Gel-Finish that does not run into the nail wall. It is easy to apply and compatible with all LCNlight curing resins. (Available in additional colours as a decorative finishing gel).


    Contents10 ml20 ml

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    LCN Light Curing Gel Systems: 3-Phase SystemClassic Unique 3-phase material the classic gel system, highly versatile, with no room for compromise.Highly resistant to breakage, this system has been universally approved for quality for more than 25years, offering a high degree of product and customer safety. Ideal for extensions with either tips ornail forms and refills

    3-Phase System Classic Starter SetThe 3 Phase System Classic Starter Set. Contents: BonderNEW, 5 ml; Sculpture, 5 ml; Sealant, 5ml; Gel Brush, pointed.


    3-Phase System Product Set, 60 mlContents: 1 x each BonderNEW, 15 ml; Sculpture, 30 ml and Sealant, 15 ml; Gel Brush, size 5,pointed.


    BonderViscosant light-curing, primer free and elastic bonder. Bonder contains special macromoleculeswhich are used for adhesion purposes. A soft bonding agent suitable for all LCN light curingsystems.


    Contents15 ml

  • nails


    Building-Modelling: SculptureModelling paste with a high break resistance and optimal modelling properties. Available in various consistencies and colours; Sculpture: hasa high viscosity and a low flow rate, available in clear, pink, opak and pastel.Sculpture F: has no flow rate, available in clear and pink.


    ContentsSculpture, 25 mlSculpture, 50 mlSculpture, 100 mlSculpture F, 25 mlSculpture Pink, 25 mlSculpture Pink, 50 mlSculpture Pink, 100 mlSculpture Pink F, 25 mlSculpture Opak, 25 mlSculpture Opak, 50 mlSculpture Pastel, 25 mlSculpture Pastel, 50 ml

  • nails


    Sculpture FormaturA modelling paste for use with nail forms. It has a high break resistance and allows for perfect shaping of the nail. Available in a white FrenchLook (Sculpture Formatur), with added Diamond dust (Sculpture Formatur White Diamond), natural nail colour, (Sculpture Formatur, Naturelle)as well as in white with a more firm consistency (Sculpture Formatur F).


    ContentsSculpture Formatur, 25 mlSculpture Formatur, 50 mlSculpture Formatur Naturelle, 25 mlSculpture Formatur Naturelle, 50 mlSculpture Formatur White Diamond, 15 mlSculpture Formatur F, 25 mlSculpture Formatur F, 50 mlSculpture Formatur Naturelle F, 25 mlSculpture Formatur Naturelle F, 50 ml

  • nails


    Formatur modelling system using nail formsThis set provides a simple introduction into the use of a this successfulmodelling system using nail forms.Contents:BonderNEW, 5 ml; Sealant, 5 ml; Sculpture, 15 ml; Sculpture Formatur,15 ml; Sculpture Formatur Naturelle, 15 ml; Gel Brush, pointed; FormsFormatur 5 pcs.; Forms reinforced 15 pcs.; Instructions for use.


    Sculpture Formatur DesignColoured high viscosity modelling paste for extensions with forms,available in four colours. This modelling paste is especially break-resistant.The colour variations enable like the standard gel a perfect shaping ofthe free nail edge without running.Available in the following colours: (-1) noble sparks, (-2) lilac, (-3) neonpink and (-4) mint.


    Contents15 ml

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    SealantExtremely high gloss sealing polish for the perf...