Lesson 95: Textiles 20-25 minutes useful vocabulary related to TEXTILES. 2. Review of Sentence Patterns ... More synthetic ... Topic: Reported Speech (5-6

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    TOEIC Intermediate/Advanced Reviewer Basics (Vocabulary and Grammar)

    Today, you will:

    1. Learn useful vocabulary related to TEXTILES.

    2. Review of Sentence Patterns - Complex


    Main Topic 17: Industries

    Lesson 95: Textiles (20-25 minutes)


    Exercise 1: Whats the meaning? (5-6 minutes)

    Choose the meaning of the underlined words from the choices that follow. Then practice using

    the words in your own sentences.

    1. My favorite clothing brand employs dyeing () to come up with brightly colored designs.

    a. sewing

    b. coloring

    c. bleaching

    d. embroidering

    2. Sheep are the basic source of flannel () cloths.

    a. sporty nylon cloths

    b. warm woolen fabric

    c. thick velvet material

    d. strong ropelike threads

    3. I like knitting () baby booties for my niece.

    a. untying strings

    b. twisting yarn together

    c. interlacing wire

    d. embroidering cloths

    4. Cloth stain () can be removed through repeated washing.

    a. artistic designs

    b. intended colors

    c. unwanted marks

    d. attached rhinestones

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    TOEIC Intermediate/Advanced Reviewer Basics (Vocabulary and Grammar)

    5. More synthetic () cloths are being manufactured as these are easier to produce.

    a. natural

    b. artificial

    c. organic

    d. genuine

    Exercise 2: Whats the word? (5-7 minutes)

    Read the following dialog with your tutor and try to use context clues to fill in the blanks with

    the most appropriate word. You can find the missing word from the pool of words at the


    Ms. Nina, the Operations Manager is orienting Ms. Monique, the newly employed Quality Control


    Ms. Nina: Ms. Monique, I would like to officially welcome you to Zebel Alis Textile Corporation.

    Ms. Monique: Thank you so much, maam.

    Ms. Nina: Youre most welcome. As a Chemical Engineer, your expertise is needed in analyzing

    (1) _______.We need to learn how to make artificial cloth because it is hard to get materials for

    natural cloths.

    Ms. Monique: I understand, Maam. I believe one of the best examples is fabrics made out of

    (2) ________. It is very hard to get because it is made from the plant Cannabis Sativa. As you

    know, the government controls this plant because it used to make marijuana.

    Ms. Nina: Youre absolutely right. However, the demand for hemp fiber is still high because it is

    strong and durable. We have to find a way to produce a similar fiber. One more thing, I want

    you to review how our machines (3) _________the threads into place. We need to make sure

    our fabrics are strong. Kindly make a report on this. Please include your recommendations as


    Ms. Monique: Maam, if Im not mistaken, most of your designs are done through (4) _____

    rather than embroidery. I heard there were complaints that the design fade easily. Perhaps I can

    also check the paint youre using.

    Ms. Nina: Kindly do so. By the way, you can wear (5) ___ jeans when working in the factory. It

    will help you move around easily. However, please wear your uniform during meetings.

    Ms. Monique: Ill take note of that, maam.


    a. weave() b. hemp() c. printing ()

    d. denim() e. polymer() f. formal ()

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    TOEIC Intermediate/Advanced Reviewer Basics (Vocabulary and Grammar)


    Topic: Reported Speech(5-6 minutes)

    () In reporting what we have heard from another person, we usually do not quote the speakers exact words as with direct speech. We normally use reported speech or indirect speech.

    Ex. I am sewing T-Shirts. He said that he was sewing T-Shirts.

    T T The basic rules for backshift when transforming direct speech into reported speech are:

    Direct Speech Reported Speech

    Simple Present ex. Paints Simple Past ex. Painted

    Present Progressive ex. am printing Past Progressive ex. was printing

    Simple Past ex. printed; Present Perfect ex. has/have colored; Past Perfect ex. had colored

    Past Perfect Simple ex. had colored

    Past Progressive ex. was sewing;

    Present Perfect Progressive ex. have been stitching; Past Perfect Progressive ex. had been stitching

    Past Perfect Progressive ex. had been stitching

    Future I (going to) was / were going to

    Remember: An introductory clause is added at the beginning of the sentence highlighting who the

    speaker is. Examples:

    Kind of Sentence Direct Speech Reported Speech


    The female customer said, I like the

    quality of this fabric.

    The customer said that she liked the

    quality of that fabric.

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    TOEIC Intermediate/Advanced Reviewer Basics (Vocabulary and Grammar)


    The operations manager told his

    staff, Listen!

    The operations manager told his staff

    to listen.

    Yes-No Question


    The female customer asked the

    laundry shop attendant, Can you

    remove the stain?

    The customer asked the laundry

    shop attendant if she could remove

    the stain.



    The male client asked me, How

    long will it take before I get my


    The client asked me how long it

    would take before he got his orders.

    Comprehension Check: Kindly convert this direct speech to a reported speech: The manager

    mentioned, I need the staff to be more aware of our standard operating procedures.

    Exercise 1: Incomplete Sentences (5-6 minutes)

    Choose the word or phrase that would best complete the following sentences.

    1. The manager of the textile factory mentioned that the price of raw materials ____.

    a. increasing

    b. are increased

    c. had increased

    d. have increased

    2. My colleague _______ that nylon is good for manufacturing umbrellas.

    a. say

    b. said

    c. is said

    d. have said

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    TOEIC Intermediate/Advanced Reviewer Basics (Vocabulary and Grammar)

    3. He told me _______ importing cloths from India.

    a. start

    b. started

    c. to start

    d. starting

    4. Our customers said they ________ cloths made of pure cotton.

    a. prefers

    b. preferred

    c. are preferring

    d. have been preferring

    5. The shop manager used to ask me how long it ______ take me to deliver the cloths to


    a. had

    b. have

    c. would

    d. will be