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  • ARRIENDEEn el Terminal Logstico de Colombia - Bogot



    At the Logistic Terminal of Colombia - Bogota

  • Un lugar estratgico hecho a su medida donde podr arrendar: bodegas, ocinas, locales comerciales y bodecales

    The Terminal Total Area: 187,469 m2 Wharehouses: 87.100 mts2 Offices and Shops: 9. 300 mt2

    Location In the Siberia Tenjo way 1,6 Km from la Va Cota Funza / 2 min 2,2 Km from Bogot Calle 80 / 3 min 12,2 Km from Bogot Calle 13 / 15 min 16,8 Km from Cha / 22 min 20,2 Km from Aeropuerto El Dorado / 30 min

    CLIS 80

    Flores Minispray

    An strategic place made to mesure where you can lease: wharehouses, offices and shops

  • Features - Location Logistic Terminal of Colombia-Bogot

    Considering the importance of Bogota as the Capital City, business center and growing development of the economic activity, since 2011 Profesionales de Bolsa started to look for an optimal land to develop the Logistic Terminal of Colombia Bogota in order to make it an integral part of the most complete and specialized logistic platform in the country which will converge with the main logistics nodes (Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena and Bogot). Taking into account the above, different lands close to Bogota located in the main entrances of the city. After a Due Diligence that took approximately one year, where precipitation rate, soil, mobility, access roads and population density studies where performed it was concluded the Logistic Terminal of Colombia Bogota must be located in the Cota lane, at the Cota town laced in Cundinamarca.

  • General Features of the Terminal: q Modular space with value-added, perfect for storage and logistical and industrial


    q Water treatment plant for both human consumption and for waste disposal treatments.

    q Power plant for common areas, outdoor lightening and security.

    q Depressed loading docks with hydraulic dock levelers for each warehouse.

    q Cobblestone pavement bays in front of mezzanines.

    q All warehouses have mezzanine and passable deck.

    q Camera system for vigilance monitoring internal and external and perimeter metal fences for the entire complex.

    q General fire system and drinking water network.

    q Visitor Parking and double access bay.

    q Green areas and tree planting plan.

    q Outdoor lighting poles and street lighting luminaries.

    q Large scales for weighting until 80Tons capacity.

  • Layout Details

    78.326,00 WAREHOUSES (55)11.753,50 MEZZANINES

    3.312,00 SHOP-WAREHOUSES5.657,32 COMMERCE


    100.896,21 M2


  • Layout Area Features


    Warehouse Area h=14,50

    Warehouse Area h=5,60

    Mezzanine Area Mezzanine Area Expansion


    Advantages of LTC

    Bodega Estandar

    Bodega TLC

    Scales They are used to have a storage product control, as each truck that enters and leaves the complex should be weighted, this will help the operation customer realize the weight to be transported in the truck since the way out to the destiny. Also, the scale is a control mechanism that allows to protect the state of the pavement and check the vehicles weight according to the current laws of our country, the entry of vehicles over 3,5 tones for the weighting area is mandatory.

    For each 100 M2 of storage on a standard warehouse, the customer will be able to store the same amount in only 60 M2. He gets a 40% benefit in room.


    Strength on the oors

    1 Ton

    8 Tons Leveler Pla:orms

    Advantages of LTC

    LTC Bogot floors resist 8Ton/M2, this guarantees the logistic operator that its operation will not be interrupted by fissures, cracks or unevenness on the entire storage surface because if something similar happened, the forklifts had problems in mobility causing some kind of accident. The mezzanines of each logistic complex where made to store the complements such as batteries as well as the operators services. In the second level it can be placed offices or a picking storage area. If its required to store in pallets, the Mezzanine could occupy two heights of standard storage.

    Its hydraulic tilting mechanism, its hinged lip, the ramp platform keeps the distance and height between the loading dock and the trucks floor to settle securely to the ground. For any professional and logistics operator the security is mandatory, this is why, all ramps of the LTC Project count with this service that helps the operation to be done faster and secure.

  • Warehouses features

    q Appropriate for the storage and support of logistics and industrial operations, since 1000M2 (Storage Area) 409,4 M2 (Additional Area).

    q Modular wineries q Natural lightening inside the warehouses and 250W LED Lamps. q The warehouse open space of 14,50 MTS with possibility of 7

    positions of shelving positions storage.

    q Wide spaces without internal columns with steel filled soul.

    q Loading docks depressed with hydraulic dock levelers for each hold 19.85 meters length dock.

    q Depressed dock with an angle between 2% and % with floor height download to 135cm.

  • Warehouses features

    q Mezzanines with steel/concrete and capacity of weight of (1Ton/M2).

    q Side walls are masonry until 3Mt and trapezoidal foil until the cover.

    q Covers in metal foil and mixed polyester casing reinforced with fiberglass.

    q Availability of drinking water by pipe of 1 .

    q Three phase power with 25 KVA per 1,000 M2 of basic module of the warehouse and tote board at the entrance.

    q Fire cabinets outside and availability of access to the integral system fire network by each warehouse.

    q Pipeline for communications connection with any communications company.

  • Warehouses features

    q Platform Download: Three and five depressed docks per warehouse.

    q Each warehouse has 3 docks, 4 visitors parking lots. q Available for expansion Modules. q The complex counts with 150 parking lots for trucks and containers. q 300 visitors parking lots available on the entire complex. q It has a board of medium voltage electrical distribution and electric

    charge of 35-75 KVA, depending on the needs of the warehouse.

    q Administrative building with a cafeteria and meeting room. q There is a water storage tank of 1,000 m3 below the administrative

    building that feeds the fire and diesel pumps with capacity of 12 liters per second.

    q Reinforced concrete with mesh floors in the warehouse (6Tons per M2) and mechanically polished concrete finish paved with special conditions for resistant and flat floors. Quartz neutral hardener.

  • Commercial Area

    Commercial Premises Food court Oces

    Commercial Area

  • Mayor informacin comunquese con servicio al cliente servicioalcliente@profesionalesdebolsa.com

    (57 + 1) 646 3330 ext. 1246 - 1114 (301) 394 4015

    BogotCalle 93B N 12-18 Piso 2, 4 y 5

    MedellnCalle 2 N 20-48

    PereiraAv. Circunvalar N 8B- 51 Of. 302

    BarranquillaCarrera 53 N 82- 86 Local 602

    CaliCalle 25 N 6N-67 Piso 4