Losing sleep over a shortage of Paraxylene?

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<ul><li><p>Losing sleep over a shortage of Paraxylene? </p><p>H2 Circulation </p><p>Hi Make-Up </p><p>Fresh Feed 1 </p><p>Recycle Isomerizate </p><p>Xylene Product </p><p>Gas Maker Light Aromatics </p><p>Appropriate Xylene Separation as Supplied by User </p><p>Heavy Aromatics </p><p>consider OCTAFINING by ENGELHARD-ATLANTIC </p><p>Octafining is the leading commercially proven C8 aromatic isomerization process using platinum catalyst. Beginning in the fifties, use of Octafining has grown to producing nearly 1 billion pounds per year para and orthoxylene products; addition of presently building capacity will bring these process products to two billion pounds per year. Eighteen commercial Octafiners are operating or building for fifteen companies, three companies have or are building 2nd units. </p><p>The advantages of Octafining </p><p>1 It is a highly selective process. Ultimate yields of para and orthoxylenes on the order of 90 weight percent can be </p><p>obtained. 9 High ethyl benzene feedstocks are processed </p><p>efficiently. A substantial quantity of the ethylbenzene is converted to xylenes. </p><p>3 The light and heavy aromatic by-products are excellent blending components for motor gasoline. </p><p>A The process has attractive operating features a ' minimum of mechanical equipment and long catalyst life. </p><p>If your interest is in maximizing production of paraxylene or orthoxylene or metaxylene contact Engelhard Industries D/v. </p><p>zMCELMAgM* </p><p>CHEMICALS S CATALYSTS </p><p>429 Delancy St., Newark, New Jersey 07105 A D I V I S I O N O F E N G E L H A R D M I N E R A L S &amp; C H E M I C A L S C O R P O R A T I O N M </p><p>Associated Company: KALI-CHEMIE ENGELHARD KATALYSATOREN, G. m. b. H., Hannover, Germany. </p><p>22 C&amp;EN </p><p>Isomerizer </p><p>531F </p><p>Losing sleep over a short age of Paraxylene?</p></li></ul>