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<ul><li><p> </p><p>Language Studies International Auckland Showbook 2009 </p><p>Learn and live the Language </p><p>Kira-samaNew Stamp</p></li><li><p>CCCCONTENTSONTENTSONTENTSONTENTS INTRODUCING AUCKLAND </p><p>LSI AUCKLAND </p><p>INSIDE LSI AUCKLAND </p><p>WHERE IS LSI AUCKLAND? </p><p>WHAT MAKES LSI AUCKLAND SUCCESSFUL? </p><p>WHY DO STUDENTS CHOOSE LSI? </p><p>LSI NEW ZEALAND STUDENT TESTIMONIALS </p><p>MOST POPULAR COURSES AT LSI AUCKLAND </p><p>ORIENTATION DAY </p><p>DAILY COURSE TIMETABLE FOR LSI AUCKLAND </p><p>HOW DO WE TEACH? </p><p>ACCOMMODATION IN NEW ZEALAND </p><p>SOCIAL PROGRAMME </p><p>ARRIVAL AND AIRPORT TRANSFER </p><p>OTHER AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION </p><p>PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION </p><p>BOOKING PROCEDURE </p></li><li><p>Auckland is New Zealands largest city with a population of 1.5 million people. It is situated in the northern part of the North Island of New Zealand, surrounded by water the Pacific Ocean is on the East Coast, and the Tasman Sea is on the West Coast. It straddles 2 harbours and has many beachside suburbs. </p><p>Auckland is the most heavily populated part of New Zealand with sprawling suburbs in the outlying areas covering large areas of land (low density housing). The centre of the city is on the Waitemata Harbour and includes both the business district and residential accommodation (high density housing). Activities available in Auckland are many and varied ( and include all water sports particularly in summer. Auckland is called the City of Sails because the harbours are central to city life and yachting is a very popular pastime. Auckland has a multinational population, with a large number of tourists passing through each week. With so much do in Auckland, there is never a dull moment! </p><p> TTTTHE HE HE HE CCCCLIMATELIMATELIMATELIMATE: The climate is mild, with many areas which do not experience frosts in winter. The annual rainfall is 1200 mm. The warmest months are December to March with an average summer temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. The average number of sunshine days is 245 per year. </p><p> IIIINTRODUCING NTRODUCING NTRODUCING NTRODUCING AAAAUCKLANDUCKLANDUCKLANDUCKLAND </p></li><li><p>LSILSILSILSI AAAAUCKLANDUCKLANDUCKLANDUCKLAND </p><p>LSI Auckland is located in the Central City overlooking Myers Park. There are many shops, cafes, restaurants, and banks within 5 minutes walk of the school. The school is situated on the first 3 floors of an office building, with large, bright classrooms, and plenty of facilities for students. There is also an exciting social activities programme which encourages students to speak English whilst learning about NZ and meeting friends from all over the world. </p><p> The environment within the school is warm and friendly making it an excellent place to study! Within 10 15 minutes walk from the school you will find: Visitors Information Centres, movie theatres, the Library, post-offices, cafes, shops, banks, parks, hotels, taxis, doctors, photo-developing, Youth hostels, back-packers, Art Galleries, Concert Halls, travel agencies, dentists, rental cars, pubs, sports facilities, museums, Auckland University and the Viaduct area. </p></li><li><p>WWWWHERE IS HERE IS HERE IS HERE IS LSILSILSILSI AAAAUCKLANDUCKLANDUCKLANDUCKLAND???? </p><p>LSI Auckland is situated at the end of Scotia Place, overlooking Myers Park. Scotia Place is off Queen St (see the arrows for the entrance of the street). Walk to the end of Scotia Place to find LSI House. </p><p> SSSSCHOOL CHOOL CHOOL CHOOL FFFFACILITIES ACILITIES ACILITIES ACILITIES :::: </p><p> 2 Students Rooms, with coffee/tea/hot chocolate machine, fridge and microwave for student use </p><p> 10 x Internet computers for students to use after school with broadband internet accessible with cards purchased from the office + free wireless is also available. </p><p> 14 x self-study computers for students to use An exciting social activities programme Director of Studies is available to talk to regarding your English </p><p>course as well as further study options in NZ. </p></li><li><p>WWWWHAT HAT HAT HAT MMMMAKES AKES AKES AKES LSILSILSILSI AAAAUCKLAND UCKLAND UCKLAND UCKLAND SSSSUCCESSFULUCCESSFULUCCESSFULUCCESSFUL???? </p><p> QQQQUALITYUALITYUALITYUALITY </p><p> LSI schools are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are up-to-date, relevant to your needs, and meet your expectations. RRRRANGE ANGE ANGE ANGE &amp;&amp;&amp;&amp; FFFFLEXIBILITYLEXIBILITYLEXIBILITYLEXIBILITY </p><p>The wide range of courses we offer means whatever your needs, you will find a course that suits you. A wide variety of starting dates and course durations also gives you many choices. As all our centres follow the same syllabus, it is easy to study in more than one centre. QQQQUALIFIED UALIFIED UALIFIED UALIFIED TTTTEACHING EACHING EACHING EACHING SSSSTAFFTAFFTAFFTAFF </p><p>All teachers at LSI are well qualified, experienced, and caring. They constantly monitor your progress, and check that the course material is appropriate. The teachers are friendly, helpful, and always willing to listen. </p><p> CCCCAREFUL AREFUL AREFUL AREFUL AAAASSESSMENT SSESSMENT SSESSMENT SSESSMENT </p><p>Whether you choose to study in a class or as an individual, there will be careful assessment of your needs on the first day of your course. We test your listening, grammar and speaking ability, before placing you in the appropriate level. IIIINTERACTIVE NTERACTIVE NTERACTIVE NTERACTIVE CCCCLASSROOM LASSROOM LASSROOM LASSROOM TTTTECHNIQUESECHNIQUESECHNIQUESECHNIQUES </p><p>Our goal in all classes is to provide ample opportunity to practise the target language. To make the learning process as engaging and enjoyable as possible, we use a variety of communicative teaching techniques, including the use of video, cassettes, CDs, role play, pair </p><p>work, project work, and group work, all of which give you the opportunity to hear and use the language in realistic situations. </p><p> WWWWHY HY HY HY DDDDO O O O SSSSTUDENTS TUDENTS TUDENTS TUDENTS CCCCHOOSE HOOSE HOOSE HOOSE LSILSILSILSI AAAAUCKLANDUCKLANDUCKLANDUCKLAND???? </p><p> WWWWELL ELL ELL ELL EEEESTABLISHED STABLISHED STABLISHED STABLISHED :::: We have over 40 years of experience. </p><p> VVVVALUE ALUE ALUE ALUE FFFFOR OR OR OR MMMMONEY ONEY ONEY ONEY :::: The goal of LSI is simply to provide each student with a quality education. We do this by tailoring our programs to their needs. </p><p> LLLLIKE IKE IKE IKE AAAA FFFFAMILYAMILYAMILYAMILY :::: Students feel at home in LSI. We are large enough to cope and small enough to care. </p></li><li><p>HHHHOST OST OST OST FFFFAMILY AMILY AMILY AMILY &amp;&amp;&amp;&amp; RRRRESIDENTIAL ESIDENTIAL ESIDENTIAL ESIDENTIAL AAAACCOMMODATIONCCOMMODATIONCCOMMODATIONCCOMMODATION All of our accommodation is police checked and very carefully selected to ensure it is of the highest quality. Our families are renowned for their kindness and hospitality. </p><p>EEEEXCITING XCITING XCITING XCITING SSSSOOOOCIAL CIAL CIAL CIAL AAAACTIVITIESCTIVITIESCTIVITIESCTIVITIES Both LSI NZ schools organise a wide range of social activities for students to enjoy during their free time. Whether it is a relaxing trip in the weekend, a barbeque, or a visit to the theatre or a museum, you will find our social programmes enjoyable, rewarding, and the perfect opportunity to make new friends and use the language outside the classroom. </p><p>IIIINTERNATIONAL NTERNATIONAL NTERNATIONAL NTERNATIONAL &amp;&amp;&amp;&amp; MMMMULTICULTURAL ULTICULTURAL ULTICULTURAL ULTICULTURAL EEEENVIRONMNETNVIRONMNETNVIRONMNETNVIRONMNET Not only will you learn about New Zealand, but you will also have the opportunity to meet students and professionals from all around the world. You will feel like a part of the international community. We host students from over 25 different countries. </p><p>LSI AucklandAustria0.6%</p><p>Turkey4.4%</p><p>Vanuatu0.2%</p><p>Zaire0.3%</p><p>Tahiti2.7%</p><p>Taiw an2.5%</p><p>Thailand2.4%</p><p>Belgium1.3%</p><p>Argentina1.4%</p><p>Spain1.3%</p><p>Sw eden0.6%</p><p>Sw itzerland1.8%</p><p>Saudi Arabia8.3%</p><p>Russia2.8%</p><p>New Caledonia2.9% Mexico</p><p>1.0%</p><p>Peru0.3%</p><p>Israel1.5%</p><p>Hong Kong1.2%Hungary</p><p>0.9%Italy2.9%</p><p>Germany5.1%</p><p>France2.7%</p><p>Czech Republic1.5%</p><p>Colombia3.9%</p><p>China3.1%</p><p>Chile3.0%</p><p>Brazil13.7%</p><p>Japan11.6%</p><p>Korea14.2%</p><p>EEEEXCELLENT XCELLENT XCELLENT XCELLENT LLLLOCATIONSOCATIONSOCATIONSOCATIONS Both LSI NZ schools are conveniently located near the city centre, within walking distance of major attractions, shopping, dining, entertainment, and transportation. Whatever your needs, the staff will be happy to help you locate the nearest location to fit those needs. </p><p>CCCCERTIFICATE ERTIFICATE ERTIFICATE ERTIFICATE Upon completion of your course, you will receive a Certificate signed by the Principal. </p><p> MMMMULTI ULTI ULTI ULTI CCCCULTURAL ULTURAL ULTURAL ULTURAL :::: In 2008 we welcomed students from 25 different countries across Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. </p><p> LLLLANGUAGE ANGUAGE ANGUAGE ANGUAGE PPPPROGRESS ROGRESS ROGRESS ROGRESS :::: Four weeks at LSI is the same as two years part-time in your own country. </p><p> AAAAUTHENTIC UTHENTIC UTHENTIC UTHENTIC LLLLANGUAGE ANGUAGE ANGUAGE ANGUAGE :::: All of our teachers are native English speakers who help build your confidence. </p><p> EEEENGLISH NGLISH NGLISH NGLISH PPPPOLICY OLICY OLICY OLICY :::: We have an English only policy in the school,so it is an excellent place to improve your English! </p></li><li><p>LSILSILSILSI NNNNEW EW EW EW ZZZZEALAND EALAND EALAND EALAND SSSSTUDENT TUDENT TUDENT TUDENT TTTTESTIMONIALSESTIMONIALSESTIMONIALSESTIMONIALS I really enjoyed LSI. LSI is a very good school with lots of nationalities. I was really satisfied with that. My homestay was also very good. Jeong Hwa Lee, Korea. I believe that my choice of Auckland and LSI was the best one. From my arrival up to now everything has been perfect. The homestay family was a gift given to me. The quality of the course at LSI is very good, the staff is very friendly. I am very pleased to have chosen LSI New Zealand. Nelson Pacheco, Brasil. I really enjoyed my time in LSI. I think LSI is the best school - teachers were so amazing, students were so fantastic. I think youve got really good structure of your classes. And I was really happy to stay with my homestay I will never forget LSI. Mitsuki Miyazoto, Japan. Ive had the opportunity to meet a lot of people from different countries, with different cultures we have learnt a lot from each other. This has been the most important part in my LSI life, and of course I have improved my English because I have been speaking with all these people. So Im very grateful to LSI for giving me that opportunity. Francisco Javier Serrano, Spain. I would like to thank LSIs staff for being helpful, and I want to say that I enjoyed being one of LSIs students, and I would love to study in LSI next year. Mohammed Abdulaziz Al Hassan, Saudi Arabia. Im very satisfied with the English course the course content is personalized, taking into account students strengths &amp; weaknesses. Good teaching material. The daily contact with the family gave me an insight in NZ culture and lifestyle and helped me to improve my English. Brigitte Duerr, Switzerland. </p></li><li><p>MMMMOST OST OST OST PPPPOPULAR OPULAR OPULAR OPULAR CCCCOURSES OURSES OURSES OURSES AAAAT T T T LSILSILSILSI AAAAUCKLANDUCKLANDUCKLANDUCKLAND </p><p> COURSE TYPES </p><p> COURSE LEVELS </p><p>General </p><p>Languag</p><p>e Courses Standard 20 (Plus) </p><p>Intensive 30 (Plus) </p><p>Afternoon Course </p><p>Executive </p><p>/ Business </p><p>Courses </p><p>One-to-One </p><p>Mini Group-English for Business (Plus) </p><p>MEB- Modular English for Business </p><p>Cam</p><p>bridge </p><p>Examination </p><p>Courses </p><p>PET (Preliminary Test) </p><p>FCE (First Certificate) </p><p>CAE (Advanced) </p><p>CPE (Proficiency) </p><p>BEC (Business) </p><p>Language </p><p>Exam-</p><p>ination </p><p>Courses IELTS </p><p>TOEFL iBT </p><p>TOEIC </p><p>Other </p><p>Courses </p><p>ISY-International School Year 30 </p><p>Teachers Home </p><p> Beginner Elementary Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced </p><p> IIIINTENSIVE NTENSIVE NTENSIVE NTENSIVE 30303030 :::: LSI invites students to select as many weeks as they need from 1 to 48 weeks. As a result, this 30 lesson per week program is perfect for students who want the same afternoon options as the ISY 30 but need less than 24 weeks study. </p><p> SSSSTANDARD TANDARD TANDARD TANDARD 20202020 :::: </p><p>This 20 lesson per week program follows the same morning schedule as the ISY 30 and Intensive 30. As a part-time course, this is perfect for students who need integrated skill without afternoon classes. The four skills areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are covered, as are grammatical structures, vocabulary, and pronunciation. </p><p> MMMMULTI ULTI ULTI ULTI CCCCENTRE ENTRE ENTRE ENTRE CCCCOURSES OURSES OURSES OURSES :::: </p><p>Students are welcome to share their time between LSI Auckland &amp; LSI Christchurch. </p><p>EEEEXECUTIVE XECUTIVE XECUTIVE XECUTIVE CCCCOURSESOURSESOURSESOURSES </p><p>OOOONE NE NE NE TTTTO O O O OOOONENENENE </p><p>This is ideal for students who have very specific needs that they would like LSI to concentrate on. Program Options: Business English and Exam Preparation </p><p>MMMMINI INI INI INI GGGGROUPROUPROUPROUP </p><p>With a maximum of five intermediate to advanced level students, we focus on the business English needs of each individual student. Executives choose LSI because we tailor this program to their needs. We practise negotiations, presentations &amp; meetings. </p><p>MMMMODULAR ODULAR ODULAR ODULAR EEEENGLISH FOR NGLISH FOR NGLISH FOR NGLISH FOR BBBBUSINESSUSINESSUSINESSUSINESS </p><p>10 lessons per week - Intermediate to Advanced Levels. This afternoon elective course follows a cycle of 12 weeks, each one dealing with a specific area of business (e.g. leadership, marketing, negotiating, team-building). Each of these business areas will be practised with special focus on speaking and listening skills. </p><p>IIIINTERNATIONAL NTERNATIONAL NTERNATIONAL NTERNATIONAL SSSSCHOOL CHOOL CHOOL CHOOL YYYYEAR EAR EAR EAR (L(L(L(LSY)SY)SY)SY) </p><p>LSI understands that students need quality programs which offer flexible course options and value for money. The discounted ISY programme is ONLY available for 24, 30, 36 and 48 week programs. No holidays or changes are permitted with this course. </p></li><li><p> AAAAFTERNOON FTERNOON FTERNOON FTERNOON OOOOPTIONS PTIONS PTIONS PTIONS :::: Include General English, Business </p><p>English and Exam preparation </p><p> E...</p></li></ul>