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<ul><li><p>1/2/14 Luxury insight</p><p> 1/6</p><p>SubmitSearch</p><p>Upload</p><p>Go Pro</p><p>Login</p><p>Signup</p><p>Explore </p><p>by Pujil Khanna</p><p>by Marc Morelli</p><p>by michalgilly</p><p>Like this presentation? Why not share!</p><p>Share</p><p>Email</p><p> Luxurypresentation</p><p>9758 views</p><p> Fung Luxury Market</p><p>in China 2013 1541 views</p><p> China Luxury Apparel</p><p>and Accessori... 474 views</p><p> Email Like Save Embed</p><p>1</p><p> /18</p><p>Share</p></li><li><p>1/2/14 Luxury insight</p><p> 2/6</p><p>by David2591</p><p>by Sudio Sudarsan</p><p>by IEMI European Ins...</p><p>by guest7ce159</p><p>by Klaus Heine</p><p>by prkonceptanalytics</p><p>by Murali Ramesh</p><p>by vy1230</p><p> Luxury Goods International Retailin... 477 views</p><p> LUXURY BRAND MANAGEMENT 58790 views</p><p> Luxury destination 2389 views</p><p> India Luxury Retail Market A Long T... 9988 views</p><p> The Concept of Luxury Brands - Pres... 6050 views</p><p> Global luxury goods market: 2012 Ed... 425 views</p><p> Luxury retails-evolving-landscape v3 1006 views</p><p> Luxury Goods Industry Analysis 2013 4641 views</p></li><li><p>1/2/14 Luxury insight</p><p> 3/6</p><p>2 months ago</p><p>Luxury insightPresentation Transcript</p><p>1. Luxury insightSmall research of overall marketRomanian market reviewNew</p><p>business opportunities</p><p>2. What LUXURY is? DESIGN QUALITY CRAFTMANSHIP SERVICETo</p><p>build reputation it takes decades</p><p>3. Luxury Market Summary Most important brand owners and distributor in</p><p>the luxury market: LVHM (double digit growth in 2012) (Louis Vuitton, Moet,</p><p>Hennessey) PPR (double digit growth in 2012) (Gucci, YSL) Richemont</p><p>(double digit growth in 2012) (Dunhill, Cartier, Chloe) Hermes (double digit</p><p>growth in 2012) Fast growing emergent markets (ASIA China) UBS report</p><p>in 2010 says: 50% of world luxury revenue comes from Asia 50% of Europe</p><p>luxury revenue are Asian tourists</p><p>4. Luxury Market Summary China is the 2nd largest consuming group of</p><p>luxury goods after USA while Europe is struggling with an organic growth of 1</p><p>digit last year Biggest growth by gender is made by mens luxur. Top 5</p><p>Brands of men luxury: E. Zegna, Hugo Boss, Dunhill, Armani, Burberry Many</p><p>by Marinet Ltd</p><p> Understanding china's growing love ... 2857 views</p><p>+ Follow</p><p>Luxury insightby ionutgrossu on Feb 27, 2013</p><p>808views</p><p>More</p><p>No comments yet</p><p> Subscribe to commentsPost Comment</p><p>1 Like</p><p>MAHAGIRL</p><p>Luxurypresentation</p><p>9758 views</p><p>Like</p><p>Fung Luxury Market in China 2013</p><p>1541 views</p><p>Like</p><p>China Luxury Apparel and</p><p>Accessories Market Report, 2012-</p><p>2015:New Industry Anal</p><p>474 views</p><p>Like</p><p>Luxury Goods International</p><p>Retailing Market August 2013</p><p>477 views</p><p>Like</p><p>LUXURY BRAND MANAGEMENT</p><p>58790 views</p><p>Like</p><p>Luxury destination</p><p>2389 views</p><p>Like</p><p>India Luxury Retail Market A Long</p><p>Term-Bet_Value Partners</p><p>9988 views</p><p>Related More</p></li><li><p>1/2/14 Luxury insight</p><p> 4/6</p><p>luxury companies are going online delivers in 27 European</p><p>countries Escada to open e-shop in 2013 PPR opened Stella McCarthy E-</p><p>store last year Ittiere opened E-commerce business line for 35 countries </p><p>Zalando open Emeza, luxury discounted E-store</p><p>5. Local Luxury Market Local luxury market are divided by: Products </p><p>Watches &amp; Jewelry Fashion Cosmetics and Fragrances Investments </p><p>Real Estates Art Way of life Cars, Airplanes, Tourism Home decorations,</p><p>Alcohol, Cigars</p><p>6. Local Luxury Market Most of the luxury brands are present in the market</p><p>Hermes, Chanel and Prada are not yet locally based Local luxury market</p><p>decreased in the area of luxury cars, watches and accessories over the crisis</p><p>period Fashion, accessories and cosmetics reported 20% decrease in 2008 at</p><p>the beginning of crisis Meanwhile brands like Max Mara, La Perla, Pal Zileri,</p><p>Canali reported constant growth of 20-30% in 2008 In 2009 7 branded fashion</p><p>stores were closed In 2009, 9000 people were clients of luxury products, while</p><p>in 2008 were 11,000 (CPP Management)</p><p>7. Local Luxury Market 2010 luxury market of fashion and accessories goods</p><p>was nearly 50 million Euro (including counterfeit products) Louis Vuitton</p><p>Romania reports 4.5 million Euro sales in 2010 Arts sales decrease to 8 million</p><p>Euro after 2008 of 31 million Euro sales. For 2013 it is said to be up to 25-30</p><p>million Euro. 2011 reports a general growth of luxury products up to 500</p><p>million Euro 50-60% of total sales represent cars luxury industry 30% of the</p><p>market is represented by fashion luxury</p><p>8. Local Luxury Market First half of 2012 reported a decrease of 30% of sold</p><p>luxury goods comparing 2011 same period Gucci, Moschino, Dunhill,</p><p>Valentino, Emporio Armeni, Hugo Boss, Burberry decrease in sales based of</p><p>cost cut optimization of global strategy Luxury cars industry grew with 39%</p><p>in the first half of 2012. Real estate industry double the revenue comparing</p><p>same period of last year Roberto Cavalli, Porsche Design and Montegrappa</p><p>opens first monobrand store in Bucharest Frey Wille reported more then 1</p><p>million Euro revenue for a newly brands in the market</p><p>9. Romanian customer profile of luxurygoods Billionaire or Millionaire </p><p>Having more then 40 million Euro wealth Buying most exclusivist brands like:</p><p>Hermes, L. Vuitton, Moet &amp; Chandon, Rolex, Gucci, Prada Top Managers and</p><p>business owners Aspirants of luxury lifestyle Expensive cars and watches</p><p> Expensive travelers Luxury consuming goods Woman are more attracted</p><p>by fashion while man by cars</p><p>10. Romanian customer profile of luxurygoods Online luxury customers are</p><p>seeking: Fashion &amp; shoes 60% Cosmetics &amp; fragrances 46% Food &amp;</p><p>Alcohol 26% 31% of urban inhabitants will buy a luxury product next year </p><p>47% of them are 32-47 y.o. Active professionals and married Daily usage of</p><p>internet with high education Analytical and pragmatic</p><p>11. Romanian customer profile of luxurygoods 37% of them are between 18 to</p><p>31 years old Technological addicted Self focused and self inventive </p><p>Appreciate variety Unmarried with middle high education 16% of them are</p><p>Like</p><p>The Concept of Luxury Brands -</p><p>Presentation</p><p>6050 views</p><p>Like</p><p>Global luxury goods market: 2012</p><p>Edition- Koncept Analytics</p><p>425 views</p><p>Like</p><p>Luxury retails-evolving-landscape</p><p>v3</p><p>1006 views</p><p>Like</p><p>Luxury Goods Industry Analysis</p><p>2013</p><p>4641 views</p><p>Like</p><p>Understanding china's growing love</p><p>for luxury</p><p>2857 views</p><p>Like</p><p>Rich pickings: The outlook for</p><p>luxury goods in Asia</p><p>895 views</p><p>Like</p><p>Cm luxury brand</p><p>2225 views</p><p>Like</p><p>Luxury retails-evolving-landscape</p><p>318 views</p><p>Like</p><p>Global Handbags Market Report:</p><p>2013 Edition- Koncept Analytics</p><p>2698 views</p><p>Like</p><p>Prada Business Model Evolution and</p><p>Future</p><p>8565 views</p><p>Like</p><p>39566716 ppt-class</p><p>808 views</p><p>Like</p><p>Luxury retailing</p><p>4133 views</p><p>Like</p></li><li><p>1/2/14 Luxury insight</p><p> 5/6</p><p>between 48 to 64 years old and married</p><p>12. Local luxury reports</p><p>13. Local luxury reports</p><p>14. Conclusions &amp; Opportunities Luxury market in Romania after a period of</p><p>decrease started to gain more value. Specialists reported growth for 2013 in</p><p>most of the luxury segments New fashion brands established monobrand</p><p>store and other are to come in 2013 and 2014 as luxury fashion will increase</p><p>this year Cars luxury is to growth in exclusivist segment and to stabilize on</p><p>the other with perspective to grow Online luxury is the new trend in business</p><p>Romanian luxury customers will be more interested in high services in order to</p><p>gain loyalty 2013 to pass half a billion Euro market value in Romania</p><p>15. Business Concept Online Luxury Store that will sell fashion, jewelry,</p><p>consuming goods, IT &amp; Gadgets luxury brands</p><p>16. Competition For the online segment there are couple of websites which</p><p>sells luxury goods but there is not a dominant player</p><p>17. Risks Even the luxury market stabilized a little and in some areas a growth</p><p>took place there are a few risks due to the instable economical situation The</p><p>Romanian millionaires power of purchase decreased with 30% over the last</p><p>year Big counterfeit market and no clear strategy to avoid the phenomenon</p><p>over the local authorities Many international brands opened online stores</p><p>with delivery to Romanian market</p><p>18. Thank you! 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