Magnetic and axial-vector transitions of the baryon antidecuplet

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Magnetic and axial-vector transitions of the baryon antidecuplet. Hyun-Chul Kim. NuRI & Department of Physics, Pusan National University. Collaborators: Ghil-Seok Yang, Klaus Goeke. Outline. Motivation. Magnetic transitions. Axial-vector transitions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Collaborators: Ghil-Seok Yang, Klaus Goeke </p></li><li><p> Motivation Magnetic transitions Axial-vector transitions General Formalism in the SU(3)f QSM model - independent approach Results Transition magnetic moment for baryons Decay width of with axial-vector coupling constants Summary</p></li><li><p> Magnetic transitions V.Kuznetsov [GRAAL Collaboration], arXiv:hep-ex/0409032[Update : hep-ex / 0606065]</p></li><li><p> The SELEX data: V.V. Molchanov et al. [SELEX Collaboration], Phys. Lett. B. 590(2004) 161</p></li><li><p> Axial-vector transitions Very recent CLAS experiments to search for : Null results!</p></li><li><p>General Formalism in the SU(3)f QSMSU(3)f symmetricSU(3)f symmetric breaking</p></li><li><p>General Formalism in the SU(3)f QSM Wave function correction</p></li><li><p>General Formalism in the SU(3)f QSM</p></li><li><p> The transition magnetic momentsexperimental data for the octet magnetic moments as an input , minimizing the mean square deviation for the octet magnetic moments</p></li><li><p>2006 PDG G-S.Yang, H-Ch,Kim, M.Praszalowicz and K.Goeke, Phys.Rev D 70, 114002(2004)2006 PDG</p></li><li><p> The transition axial-vector coupling constants the experimental data for the hyperon semileptonic decay as an input .</p></li><li><p> The transition magnetic momentsGRAALSELEX</p></li><li><p> : </p></li><li><p>Consistent with the GRAAL dataMAID reproduced the GRAAL data with the present work H-ChK, M. Polyakov, M. Praszalowicz, G-S.Yang, and K.Goeke, Phys. Rev. D 71, 094023(2005)</p></li><li><p> The axial-vector coupling constant for</p></li><li><p> Q+ decay width:: Diakonov, Petrov, Polyakov</p></li><li><p> The decay width of in SU(3) flavor symmetry </p></li><li><p> The decay width of in SU(3) flavor symmetry breaking </p></li><li><p>In this talk, we presented recent investigations on the magnetic and axial-vector transitions from the baryon antidecuplet, in particular, Q+ to the baryon octet, based on the SU(3) chiral quark-soliton model in a model-independent approach (more general than the work by Diakonov et al.) We used the octet magnetic moments and hyperon semileptonic decay constants as input to fix dynamical parameters.The results of the magnetic transitions are shown to describe the recent GRAAL data as well as the SELEX.The axial-vector constant for QNK was predicted and the decay width of the Q+ was studied: The decay width of Q+ seems to be constraint by the singlet axial vector constant. With =0.3-0.37, the decay width of the Q+ turns out to be smaller than 1 MeV. </p></li><li><p>Happy Birthday to Prof. Min! We all appreciate your efforts on Nuclear Physics Community in Korea!</p></li></ul>