Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

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a scheduled international passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.


  • 5/22/2018 Malaysia Airlines Flight 17


    Malaysia Airlines Flight 17(MH17/MAS17)[a]was a scheduled international passenger

    flight from Amsterdamto Kuala Lumpurthat crashed on 17 July !1"#[7]$he plane is

    %elie&ed to ha&e %een shot down with a'usurfacetoair missile#[*]$he 'oeing 777!!+,airliner went down near -ra%o&ein .onets %last0 raine0 a%out "! m

    (2 mi) from the raine3,ussia %order0[4]illing all *5 passengers and 12 crew on


    $he crash occurred in the conflict 6one of the ongoing .on%ass insurgency0in an area controlled %y the .on%ass eople8s 9ilitia#

    $he two sides in raine8s ongoing ci&il conflict(the rainian go&ernment and the pro

    ,ussian separatists) accused each other of shooting down the plane with a missile# [15][1"]A

    rainian :nterior 9inistryofficial0 Anton ;erashcheno0 said a 'u missile hit theaircraft at an altitude of 1!0!!! m (550!!! ft)# [1!]nited

  • 5/22/2018 Malaysia Airlines Flight 17


    light 17 was operated with a 'oeing 777-?+,0[%]serial num%er *"110 registration

    499,.#[!]$he *"th 'oeing 777produced0 it first flew on 17 July 14470 eCactly 17

    years %efore the incident0 and was deli&ered new to 9alaysia Airlines on 4 July 1447#[1]+mploying two ,olls,oyce $rent *4engines and configured to carry * passengers

    (52 %usiness and "7 economy)0 the aircraft had logged more than "50!!! hours of flight

    time0 including ?042! cycles0 %efore the crash#[1][]

    A&iation eCperts say the 'oeing 7770 which entered commercial ser&ice on 7 June 14420has one of the %est safety records in commercial aircraft# As of June !1"0 there were

    a%out 10!! aircraft in ser&ice0 with some 5"! more on order#[5]nly four other 777s

    ha&e suffered a hull lossD 'ritish Airwayslight 5*in January !!*E a cocpit fire in apared +gyptAir777!! at Bairo :nternational Airportin !11E and Asiana Airlines

    light 1"in July !150 in which three people died# 9alaysia Airlines 777 light 57!

    (registration 499,) went missing on * 9arch !1" and was still %eing searched for atthe time of light 178s crash#

    Passengers and crew

    eople on %oard %y nationality["][2]





    "ual nationality

    (boarded with

    other assort!

    Australia[?][c][d] 7 1[e]

    'elgium " 1[f]

    Banada[g][5!] 1 !

    ;ermany " !

    :ndonesia 1 !

    :reland[h] ! 1

    :srael [i][51] ! 1

    :taly[@][5] ! 1

    9alaysia[][l] "5 !

    =etherlands[m] 145 !

    =ew Fealand 1 1[n]

    hilippines 5 !

    ,omania[o][55] ! 1

  • 5/22/2018 Malaysia Airlines Flight 17


    eople on %oard %y nationality["][2]





    "ual nationality

    (boarded with

    other assort!

    Hietnam[t][5"] ! 5

    #otal $%&

    All *5 passengers and 12 9alaysian crew died#[52][5?][57]A%out twothirds of thepassengers were from the=etherlands#Authorities initially said there were 42 people on

    %oard0 ha&ing not accounted for three infants#[5*][54]'y 14 July0 the airline had officially

    determined the nationalities of all 4* passengers and crew#["]

    Among the passengers were delegates en route to the!th :nternational A:.< Bonferencein 9el%ourne0 including Joep Lange0 a former president of the :nternational A:.["?]Later0 in April the :nternational Bi&ilA&iation rgani6ationwarned go&ernments that there was >the possi%le eCistence of

    serious riss to the safety of international ci&il flights> o&er raine# $he eCercise eCtreme caution

    due to the continuing potential for insta%ility#>["7]["*]Aeroflot0Lufthansa0

  • 5/22/2018 Malaysia Airlines Flight 17


    the aircraft with an airtoair missile fired %y a 9i;4@et in ,ussia0 while a spoesman

    for the ,ussian defence ministryre@ected those accusations as a%surd#[2*][24][?!]

    n 1 July rainian officials ad&ised pilots not to fly %elow ?0!!! feet (704!! m) o&ereastern raine#[?1]n 1" July rainian officials increased that limit to 50!!! feet

    (40*!! m) o&er eastern raine#[?1]

    n 12 July0 following his &isit to Kie&0 olish 9inister of oreign Affairs ,adosaw

    $hese are mo%ile rocets

    whose sale is go&erned %y international rules and they are for%idden from %eing supplied

    to nonstate groups0 %ecause that creates the possi%ility of the proliferation of these indsof weapons0 which creates a danger to ci&il a&iation around the world0> he said#[?]n 17

    July ,ussia closed more than a do6en airways at &arious altitudes#[?5]n the same day an

    unnamed Associated ress @ournalist saw a 'u launcher in

  • 5/22/2018 Malaysia Airlines Flight 17


    Amsterdam Airport

  • 5/22/2018 Malaysia Airlines Flight 17


    According to the :nternational Air $ransport Associationand the +uropean Bocpit

    Association0 the aircraft was in unrestricted airspace when it lost contact#[?*][?4][7!]

    9alaysia Airlines released a statement saying >it recei&ed notification from rainianA$B that it had lost contact with flight 9-17 at 1"12 (;9$)[u]at 5! m (14 mi) from

    [the] $A9AK waypoint ("721M"N= 5415M?N+[71]

    )0 approCimately 2! m (51 mi) fromthe ,ussia3raine %order> ($A9AK Iaypoint is on the ,ussia3raine %order [7]) and

    that >According to information pro&ided %y Kie& Air $raffic Bontrol0 the location of theplaneOs emergency locator %eacon is "* degrees 7 minutes and 5 seconds =orthE and 5*

    degrees 51 minutes and 55 seconds +ast#>[75]

    $he plane crashed near the &illage of -ra%o&e@ust north of $ore60 a city in easternraine8s.onets %last0 as it was approaching the ,ussian %order#[4]$he moment at

    which a fire%all rose due to the impact was supposedly captured on a &ideo clip#[7"]

    lightradar"reported that a rogress> mine0 away from residential

    areas# According to one of the militias0 at approCimately 17D5! local time an An? flewo&er the city# :t was hit %y a rocet0 there was an eCplosion and the plane went to the

    ground0 lea&ing a %lac smoe# .e%ris fell from the sy># [74]:$A,$A

  • 5/22/2018 Malaysia Airlines Flight 17


    $he :nfrared pre&entati&e measures> against possi%le fraud#[4]$here are also accounts of corpses and

    their possessions %eing remo&ed and e&idence at the crash site %eing destroyed[45][4"]andsuitcases %eing looted#[42]