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MICHAEL PASTIEN Executive Writing Marketing PR Communications The NATURAL A Big Picture Visionary Matrix Legal-Savvy Multimedia PR Marketing Realist YOUR GoTo ACE 4 PERFECT CAPITAL SOLUTIONS All-Purpose Wily Savoir Faire Team Leader Energetically Awake by 5am Bilingual in both French and English Certified GC Enhanced Security Clearance MichaelPastien@gmail.com (613)799-9110 http://ca.LinkedIn.com/in/michaelpastien Im a Pioneering Get Things Done Rich Ideas Gold Mine Genius Executive Technical Writing Structural Editing Social Media PR Matrix MultiChannel Grassroots Activism Capitally Ethical TellItLikeItIs Legal-Savvy Spin Doctoring Restaurants Entertainment Events Graphic Design Retail Magic 7yrs Radio Deejay & TechSavvy MultiMedia Programming My Rich Experience Synopsis of the past 5 years includes: MultiBizDev Social Media PR Infra Marketing Entrepreneur (1980-Present) Antiques/Jewelry/Fashion Sales Etc (Freelance Retail Specialist 1980-Present) Chateau Laurier Exec Events Steward (Canadian Club of Ottawa 2011- Present) Ottawa Bay Ward Councillor Candidate (Civic Election 2014) Secretariat & Operations Chair for John Baird MPs Riding Assoc (2011-2013) Vice Chair Equity & Diversity Advisory Committee (City of Ottawa 2011-12) I thrive @ Maximizing my MasterSkills Toolbox! Multidimensional PR Leverage Solutions Ace Technical SEO Copywriting Superior Proofreading/Structural Editing Concise (Email) Headlines Pop Marketing Melting Bureaucratic Red Tape Superior Political Strategy Tech Savvy Futurist Forecasting Tasty SoundBite Press Releases Sweetly Satisfying Timely Deadlines Im a Social Media Strategist who Leverages a Rich VIP Network including 1,000s of Government MP, MPP Executive Staffing friends on Facebook, Twitter + LinkedIn ** PS: I keep Professional Contracts & Personal Involvements 100% Discrete ** Ottawa-born in 1955, bilingually raised & French educated until grade 9, Woodroffe HS Graduate; Voyageuring by bus solo across Canada in 1978 to richly mine the valuable employment experience Edmontons booming community offered. By 2007, having satisfied my Arts & Entertainment aspirations; I handsomely sold the bulk of my vast Antiques Canadiana inventory, for a welcome return to our Nations Capital, where I growingly branch out diverse burgeoning Startup Ventures! Select Pertinent Career Experience Simply Smart Marketing! 2009 Present MultiBizDev Social Media Infra PR Leadership Pioneer LIKABLY smart POP MARKETING Grassroots ACTIVISM Feisty Sales Slogans, Company Biz Names, Logos & Winning Playbook Game Plans Pragmatic ASTUTE Connoisseur of VIRTUOSO World Art DSGN Style Entertainment Sophisticatedly Simple Custom CV / Website Matrix Technical Writing Display Systems Ace Structural Editing: Orderly Big Picture Priority Categorization; Varied Bulleting, Short Jab Vital Fact Statements; Strategic Capitalization of 1st Initials & Full Keywords, Italics, Asterisks, Hyphening, Abbreviating, Underlining, Boldfacing, Font Sizing, Precise Eloquent Grammar & Punctuation, Select Paragraph Framing, Identifying Ace SEO Company Culture Keyword Content Branding, Salient Categorical Colour Coding InterWordplay; Social Media Hashtags; Web Content Tagging, Hyperlinks City of Ottawa Sept Oct 2014 Bay Ward Councillor Electoral Candidate 100% Manager of my Self-Assigned Infra Campaign Duties: Independently Creating a Platform; Tactfully Tracking my Competition; Crafting Perfect Social Media Marketing Slogans on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn; Taping genial CBC Radio CTV Smartphone Ads; Promptly Answering Surveys, Emails, Phone Calls, Interviews; Setting Appointments; CRM; Time Management; Appearing at Rogers TV All-Candidates / Community League Debates + Events; Honing a Sharp Election Pitch for Door-To-Door Canvassing at 1000s of Homes; Highly Expertly Discussing Voter Issues & Answering all Questions; Conducting a Forensic Election Campaign Post-Mortem. KEY Campaign ACCOMPLISHMENTS: BEST Platform of all Bay Ward Councillor Candidates [Easily surpassing the re-elected incumbent] BEST overall Answers to the OTTAWA CITIZEN Indepth SURVEY Antiques/Jewelry/Fashion Sales Management 1980 Present Freelance Retail Marketing Specialist My Perfect Sense of Style naturally inspires in customers a Fresh Shopping Experience! I leverage their buying needs & available cash/credit flow by asking the right questions, observing their eye movement and body language. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Innovating a Rich Industry Reputation Management CRM Sales System TruGreen LawnCare 14 Top Gold & Diamond Jewelry / Luxury Watches Seasonal Sales Ace Sears Canada, Xmas 13 Liquidating my Huge Antiques Estate handsomely to a Top eBay Dealer Tracewillin Canadiana 07 Entrepreneurially Scoring Hundred$ as Ticket Broker @ Select Concerts & Sports Events 1975-2007 - Michael Pastien Executive Writing & Communications Overview Page 2 of 4 - Conservative Party of Canada - Ottawa, ON - 2011 to 2013 Secretariat & Operations Chair - OWN EDA Discreetly representing the Ottawa West Nepean EDA on its Board of Directors and handling a myriad of PR duties in liaison with our Member of Parliament; Hon. John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs. KEY DUTIES: Diligently Auditing Operational Governance Ethics Policy Transparency Efficiency Crafting Legally Concise Salient Secretarial Minutes of all Committee Meetings Setting Pragmatic Meeting Agendas for Presidential approval; Booking/Confirming Events Facilities Operations Chair of our 2012 AGM; Nominations Chair for our 2012-14 Boards of Directors 1st Point of Contact for all Website inquiries with apt prompt response by email or phone Fringe Theatre Adventures, FM88, Latitude 53 1980 2003 Edmonton Entertainment Events Creator, Manager, Actor & Music Frontman Conceiving, writing, editing program contents; securing bookings with establishments Recruiting + smoothly running a very talented production team Setting up concise, short & snappy portfolios with engaging publicity photos Conducting media campaigns, performing interviews and delivering tasty sound bites Devising highly captivating posters + cost-effective winning strategic marketing Creating costumes, masks, props, make-up special effects Satisfiably starring in notably popular film, TV, stage, and music productions CJSR FM88 University of Alberta 1986 1993 Edmonton Deejay & MultiShow Programmer; Secretary + Bingo Operations CEO Catering an Atypically Sonic Rock-Based Improv Ethno-Flavored Retro Classical Jazz Country Folk Soul Blues Techno Acoustic New Music Menu Emcee for Jazz City introducing international performers; as well as for other events News Reporting, Deejay Training, Commercial VoiceOvers, Jingle Vocalist Secretary of the Board of Directors, devising cross-promo fundraising with other associations thru our on-air ads, magazine, bingos, casinos, raffles, t-shirts, posters, flyers, + producing big events & concerts! KEY ACCOMPLISHMENT: Left a lasting legacy of profitably overhauling FM88's floundering Bingo Operations in my final 2 years; plus instrumentally injecting a FUNd-raising mindset into its yearly 10 Day on-air Fund Drive. Student volunteers had beforehand "fashionably" perceived fundraising endeavors as a necessary evil. Garneau Guardian Community Monthly Magazine 1982 1984 Edmonton Graphic Artist, Layout Design, Photographer, Business Writer + Ad Sales Instantly increasing ad sales by 500% and maintaining this success over a 2 year tenure; while also sketching images of historic buildings & cartoons, designing ads, plus even settling tardy client accounts. - Michael Pastien Executive Writing & Communications Overview Page 3 of 4 - ACE of Many TRADES I possess 30+ years diversity rich hands-on experience at all levels of Government, Major Political Institutions, Bank of Canada, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel, Global IP, Johnson Controls, Iron Mountain, Ottawa Civic Hospital, Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club, LCBO, Loblaws, Security, Broadcast/Digital Media, Malabar, Arts & Entertainment, Gaming, Retail, Restaurants, Hotels + much more... I effectively love freelancing while priming my Transferable Skills Toolbox @ InFra/Visual Design, Warehouse/Stockroom Downsizing/Restructuring, Estate Liquidation, Retail/Grocery Display Setup, General Labour, Interlocking, Roofing, SidingPLUS Orthopedic Surgeon Assistant! Chief Capital Projects Ace EXTRA MILE LEADERSHIP I burgeoningly Seed a refreshing Diversity of Infra Project Management Contracts via Simplified Multidimensional Complex Management Solutions MultimediaCultural PR & NeoRetroClassic Design Consultant for the Doing Business with the Government of Canada PWGSC/OSME Guide Powering a Vital Drive to Revamp Ontario's Political Leadership May 2013- June 2014 Masterminded a perfect plan enabling Ontario PC Party leader Tim Hudak to save face and resign his role as necessary ASAP before the Liberal Party calls an election that can virtually wipe out its opposition for the next 4 years":"} However...Tim-idity & vanity stubbornly prevails as the clock ticks! New LRT Route: ScotiaBank Place to Ottawa Intl Airport Dec. 6th 2011 Mayor Jim Watson, all Ottawa City Councillors + 40 Chief City Stakeholders, received details of my visionary "ScotiaBank Place to Ottawa Intl Airport" LRT Route + Accompanying Bike & Jogging Path! This new south-based route would replace the existing plans which have been in the works for several years that would have the LRT traveling northerly; along the Ottawa River Parkway, or Richmond Rd. Canadian Club of Ottawa Chief Events Security Liaison Proposal February 2012 Devised a pragmatic multitiered long-term preemptive security logistics action plan for the CCO Executive Committee; which any top Security CEO would admire as being thoroughly & psychologically well thought out, for effectively dealing with a volatile changing world. Crime Prevention Ottawa 2010 Funding Reinstatement Campaign January 2010 Grassroots email campaign to the mayor, all city councillors & the media; which helped reverse the Budget Committees plan of eliminating Crime Prevention Ottawa's funding by popular demand! I QUIT SMOKING!...For A GREENER WORLD August 2009- Present I Created a CLASSIC I Quit Smoking!...For A Greener World T-Shirt in Your Size, to Celebrate the Moment You Quit Smoking like I so successfully did over 18 years ago! I Excel @ New Skills in a Busy Atmosphere - Michael Pastien Executive Writing & Communications Overview Page 4 of 4 -