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  • Mike & Elexa

  • Go Team!

    At Hoover Dam

  • Hi! First things first: Thank you.

    Thank you for having the courage to make an adoption plan for your child. Your

    choice is really admirable.

    And thanks for giving us the chance to share a little of our lives with you. We

    hope this profile gives you a little insight into who we are as a family. And we

    hope that through these pages, youll get a glimpse into our lives and see our desire

    to provide a secure and loving home for your child. We are grateful to you for

    considering us as parents for your child.

    Mike and Elexa

  • Hitting the trails!

    Beach time

    Vacation adventures

  • We met 15 years ago through a mutual friend and hit it off immediately. We had a

    blast on our first date -- would you believe it was a motocross event? -- and knew

    right away that we had something special. We dated for just under two years,

    enjoying getting to know each other, and married in the fall of 1998. Weve been

    living life to the fullest together ever since.

    When we arent working hard together to grow our family bicycle business, we stay

    active in our free time:

    Camping with our daughter, Anya

    Spending time at our pool with friends and family

    Knocking out home improvement projects together

    Traveling as much as we can in between

    Were first in line for tickets to our nieces recitals and can be heard cheering the

    loudest at our nephews football games.

    We both firmly believe that laughter is the best medicine and get a kick out

    of ourselves on a regular basis. Our motto is theres nothing like a good laugh to

    lighten things up! We love life and cant wait to share it with the newest member

    of our family.

    About Us

    Cave hiking

  • Cycling in Spain

    What a great daddy

    Mike and his bike

  • My Husband, MikeMike is a one-of-a kind, and thats why I love him! Hes the most generous man I have

    ever met, and never thinks twice about helping out a neighbor or friend in need. The

    word no or it cant be done is not in his vocabulary! And, squeezing every bit of

    living out of life is his top priority. He challenges me every day to take leaps of faith

    and I joke frequently that we are a perfect pair because while hes hitting the gas,

    Im pumping the brakes!

    Hes a successful business owner of three local bicycle shops and loves encouraging

    other young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams. He loves to take Anya to the shop

    and since she loves all things bikes, its a dream day for her! Maybe shes got a future

    in the business -- her dad will be a great mentor!

    Mike loves to stay active: riding bicycles, hiking and tackling projects around the house

    - with Anya regularly in tow! He does not enjoy idly sitting around

    and is always looking for a fun time, from a Saturday night at

    the derby to challenging our nieces and nephews to a game of

    backyard wiffle ball. I love watching him squeeze all the zest

    out of life, putting his love and enthusiasm into everything hes

    involved with -- especially his family.

  • Mommy hugs

    Good times!Smiles

  • Elexa is my best friend -- I cant think of a better way to describe her! I was

    attracted to her the first time we met because of her warm and outgoing personality.

    Shes never met a stranger and is always up for some fun! Her adventurous side comes

    out when shes hitting the mountain bike trails with her girlfriends or planning an exotic

    vacation for our family. She loves to travel and enjoys sharing these adventures with

    our daughter, Anya. Her first priority each day is Anya and she is constantly looking

    for new ways to help her explore her world in a safe, fun way. She loves to take her

    on a hike with our dog Titus; talking and jabbering with her the whole way or to music classes; singing and

    dancing right along with Anya!

    To Elexa, every occasion merits a celebration and a chance to play hostess, whether its a holiday, a

    nephews birthday or a great day at the bike shop. Its not unusual for me to come home from work to an

    impromptu dinner party with a few friends! Our home is always full of family and friends enjoying the fun-

    loving and supportive atmosphere that she fosters and shares so freely.

    Very generous with her time, shes always looking for the chance to support the people she loves from

    walking a friends dog after the birth of her first child to cooking up half a dozen frozen meals to stock her

    Grannys fridge.

    She plays an integral role in the management and success of our family business and youll never hear her

    complain about getting her hands dirty when the task calls for it, like when Im working on one of my projects

    or Anyas literally digging in the dirt!

    My Wife, Elexa

    Hiking with Anya

  • Little princessPeek-a-boo

    Egg hunting

  • Our 17-month-old daughter, Anya, reminds us every day what a blessing she is in our

    lives. She has a great sense of humor and likes to make people laugh - sneaking up

    on Daddy to scare him when hes not looking and making funny faces at Mommy when

    shes cooking dinner. She loves to play with bubbles, color beautiful pictures for the

    refrigerator and sort things...yes, sort things! Legos, rocks, balls, whatever! She

    loves to put them all together, mix them up and sort them out again! Go figure!

    Shes a very laid-back toddler who enjoys new people and new experiences. We love

    to travel with her, and she just goes right along with the plan. Shes very flexible,

    and as accommodating of our family travel as we could hope for. Anya is an avid

    backpacker, singing and humming along from inside the kiddie backpack we carry her in while we do the hiking!

    Shes a little bit of a daredevil, too (yes, even at 17 months old)! As soon as she started walking, she was

    off to the races! Its headfirst down the slide for her and she gets mad if you try to spot her (which we do,

    of course...when shes not looking!). We joke sometimes that shes already so much cooler than us -- what will

    happen when she is a teenager?!?!

    She adores all 15 of her cousins (with a couple of favorites, of course!) and is especially curious about the

    new babies in the family. Were very excited to bring into the family a sibling for Anya. We know that she will be

    a wonderful big sister and will thoroughly enjoy having a brother or sister to share her life with.

    Our daughter, Anya

    Beach beauty

  • Family plays an important role in our day-to-day lives; were so fortunate to have lots of family living nearby! Theres not a

    weekend that goes by when we dont spend time with at least one or two family members. Frequently, we have everyone over to the

    house for a cookout and pool party! Our extended family has welcomed our adopted daughter, Anya, with open hearts and arms.

    Though Elexas parents divorced when she was very young, she maintains a close relationship today with both her mother, who

    lives about 30 minutes from our house, and her father and stepmother who have been married for more than 30 years and live in

    Memphis, Elexas hometown.

    Mikes mother and stepfather have been married for almost 40 years and live just 30 minutes away as well. Our parents raised

    us to be hardworking, honest and caring individuals who love life. And thats how we strive to live, reflected in the relationship

    that we have today with each other and with our families.

    Our Family

    With Mikes Family Vacation with Granny!Just the sisters

  • Were close with all of our siblingsand there are quite a few! Elexa has three sisters and two brothers and is especially

    close with her sisters since they live in the metro-Atlanta area. Dinners with Lauren and her husband, walks to the playground

    with Addie and Anyas cousins and tackling home improvement projects with Julie (and the assistance of her mad sewing skills)

    regularly fill Elexas schedule. One person in Elexas life that definitely deserves an honorable mention is her 89 year old Granny.

    She lives in a retirement community in the Blue Ridge Mountains about two hours from Atlanta. Elexa thoroughly enjoys not only

    spending time with her, but helping Granny cross things off her bucket list!

    Mikes got a similarly big family: three brothers and two sisters. We enjoy heading out to his familys farm for a visit with his

    parents, sister and her three children. Mikes family home is a wonderland for a child -- complete with mini-horses, goats and

    chickens. His brother, Steve, and his wife and three children live about 30 minutes from our home and we spend lots of time with

    them, especially at the lake during the summer!

    Both of us enjoy spending time with our families and make it a priority in our lives to stay involved in everyones lives,

    especially all our nieces and nephews. They all love Anya -- seeing them all play together (regardless of age differences) is so

    much fun itself!

    Fun with nieces& nephews

    Family Time!

  • Titus is the dog of the year! (At least thats what our friends

    say.) Hes our seven-year-old German Shepherd who loves to

    travel in the car and gets really excited to see where each outing

    will take him (usually, to the grocery storebooooring). Gently

    wrestling with Anya and playing catch with her are two of his favorite

    activities. He frequently goes to work with Mike and plays the role of resident shop

    dog. He loves to interact with all the customers that come into the store, especially

    with the kids -- playing hide and seek among the clothing racks. He gets really

    excited when we have a pool party because he loves to swim with the

    kids (even though we dont let him because hes just too hairy)!

    He has graduated from multiple dog training classes and is well-

    socialized and obedient. Hes a wonderful buddy for Anya - always

    patient and tolerant of her toddler antics (like when she treats him like

    a beanbag). We are confident that he would gladly help us welcome

    another child into our home with lots of wet kisses!

    Our Dog, Titus

  • We live in a great little area -- just outside of Atlanta - in a

    brick ranch that was built in 1974 on a private street with just

    four other homes. Our lot is spacious and open with plenty of

    room to run and play. Next door to our home is a 15-acre nature

    preserve that features a small outdoor amphitheater, pavilion

    and bonfire pit -- perfect for everything from daily explorations

    to family reunions. We also live just a couple of miles away from

    a National Forest Recreation Area complete with miles of trails

    for hiking and biking, a river for fishing and kayaking, and multiple

    play areas for children.

    Home and Community

    Home sweet home

    Summer fun!

  • Taking in the view

  • Our Promise to You We welcome the opportunity to nurture your child and provide the loving foundation your child

    needs for a happy, productive life. We look forward to learning from your child, seeing the

    world through a childs eyes -- with imagination and creativity. As parents, we seek to

    inspire our children to pursue their dreams and live a passionate life.

    We know that theres just so much you can learn about people through a couple of printed

    pages. But we hope that you feel youve gotten to know us better. Please know we

    appreciate the opportunity to share our family with you. And we hope youll consider doing

    the same with us.

    We appreciate your consideration of us as the adoptive parents of your child and will be

    honored if you place your trust in us. May you have peace of mind and heart as you make

    this decision.


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