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<ul><li><p>Mohamed Atef Mohamed Ahmed Mobile: (+2) 0122 648 7475 | Email: </p><p> Address: 3 B ElSwesre, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt Career Objective: </p><p>I am a Java Developer who willing to continue my career in a competitive environment. </p><p>I am targeting a business opportunity in a reputable organization that utilizes my academic background, and develop </p><p>my technical skills in each of the Mobile development and Web development. </p><p>Education: </p><p>Oct 2015 to July 2016 </p><p>9-Month Diploma, Information Technology Institute (ITI) Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) Track: Web and Mobile Application Development ITI Projects </p><p> Graduation Project IRemember (Mobile Application) using android </p><p> Chatting Application Using Java , XML, MySql database, RMI </p><p> Ecommerce Website Using JSP, Servlets, JQuery, javascript, AJAX </p><p> MDW (mobile developer weekend application) Using IOS application using objective c, sqlite database </p><p>Sept 2011 to May 2015 </p><p>Bachelor of Computer Science, Faculty of computers and Informatics Suez Canal University Department: Computer Science. Cumulative Grade: Good Graduation project: Access Authentication Using Fingerprint. Grade: Excellen. </p><p>June 2011 General Certificate of Education, El-Nasr Military Secondary School for Boys, (93.1%) </p><p>Training &amp; Experience: </p><p>Aug 2016 to Present </p><p>Software Developer, International Turnkey Systems Egypt (ITS) </p><p>Responsibilities: -Ethix-Net Revamp Release Stabilization - Fixing difficult issues in a short way within a short time. -Leading summer training trainees - develop Desktop tool for Automation test system </p><p>Technologies: -Business Layer: EJB.3. -Back End (Data Access Layer): JPA.2. - Presentation Layer : JSF and PrimeFaces -Data Base: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Oracle 10g. -Web service Layer: SOAP, and Jersey Restful. -Server: Oracle WebLogic application server 12.1.2 </p><p></p></li><li><p>Courses &amp; Workshops </p><p>Aug 2014 To June 2015 </p><p>Java SE &amp; Java EE course, IT Share, Mansoura </p><p> Skills </p><p>Web Development Mobile Development Frameworks </p><p>Web Front-end </p><p> HTML </p><p> CSS </p><p> JavaScript </p><p> JQuery Ajax </p><p>Web Back-end </p><p> Servlets </p><p> JSP EJB Jersey Web Services SOAP Web services JPA JSF &amp; PrimeFaces </p><p> Android </p><p> Objective C </p><p> Swift </p><p> Tizen PhoneGap </p><p> Spring </p><p> Spring MVC </p><p> Hibernate </p><p> Bootstrap </p><p> JQuery Mobile </p><p> Angular JS IBM Bluemix Cloud </p><p>(certificated) </p><p>Programming Language Java, C, C++ Databases MySQL. Tools Android Studio, Netbeans, X-Code, Eclipse, SQL Server, Adobe </p><p>Photoshop, and Tizen IDE Operating Systems Windows, Linux, and Mac. Languages Arabic (Native Language), English (Good). </p><p> Extra-Curricular Activities </p><p>Dec 2014 To Aug 2015 </p><p>Participated in IT committee for developing a Mobile Application for Life Makers Charity using PhoneGap framework. </p><p> June 2013 To 2014 </p><p> Participated in Life makers Charity as Educational Supervisor for teaching Curriculums to children. </p><p>Personal Information </p><p>Military status Exempted </p><p>References </p><p>References will be submitted upon request. </p></li></ul>