MONTGOMERY COUNTY ACTION COUNCIL BOARD files. County Action Council Board Of Directors Agenda * March 16, ... Marci Roberts, Charlotte Scott-Schmidt, ... Montgomery County Action Council

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  • Montgomery County Action Council Board Of Directors Agenda * March 16, 2017


    5:30 PM Thursday, March 16, 2017 Caney Golf Club

    1567 CR 2000, Caney, KS 67333

    Social Time/Networking

    Dinner/Entertainment - Tyro Community Christian School Elementary Choir

    Special Presentation Jim Correll, Fab Lab ICC Fab Force Certificate

    Keynote Presentation - Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt

    Business Meeting

    I. Call to Order Sam Blackard

    A. Welcome Membership

    II. Consent Agenda

    A. Approval of Minutes for November 17, 2016, Meeting

    B. Financial Statements for Year Ending December 31, 2016

    III. Action Items

    A. Special Election of Caney Board Member

    B. Approval of 2018 Budget

    IV. Brief Interim Directors Report Tom Simpson

    A. 2017 Project Success Stories

    V. Business Meeting Adjournment

    Community Updates/Member Information Sharing (3 mins. each)

  • MCAC Board of Directors Minutes Page 1 November 17, 2016


    6:00 PM Thursday, November 17, 2016 Lakeside Cedar Lodge, 5772 CR 4800, Cherryvale, KS

    I. Call to OrderSam Blackard called the meeting to order at 6:03 PM with the following membersof the Board of Directors present: Sam Blackard, Chad Bradford, Geoff Collins,Mike Ewy, Scott Fox, David Harsin, Tony Hawkins, Gary Hogsett, Mary Jo Meier,Mike OMalley, Danny Scott, Kyle Stephens, Todd Taylor, Kenneth Winston andRyan York.

    Absent were: Fred Brown, John Ditmore, Geo Eisele, Adam Gill, Chuck Goad,Frank LaForge, Larry McManus, Chris Moore, Scott Morris, Brad Oakes, DickieRolls, John Schmid, Bob Shepard, Jeff Stewart, Ryan Thompson, Chris Williamsand John Wright.

    Ex-Officio Members present were: Fred Gress, Janet Plumley, TabathaSnodgrass, and Micky Webb.

    Ex-Officio members absent were: Daniel Barwick, Lisa Brookover, MarilynCalhoun, Nancy Clubine, Bobby Dierks, Kendal Francis, Stacia Meek, LindaMoley, Joel Pile, Marci Roberts, Charlotte Scott-Schmidt, Lisa Wilson and AngieWright.

    Honorary Board Member Paul Viets was absent.

    Staff members present were: Tom Simpson and Paula Benson.

    Guests in attendance were: Jim and Shirley Hogben and Linda Ritter (CherryvaleChamber of Commerce); Trisha Purdon (City of Coffeyville); Aaron Heckman(Commercial Bank-Coffeyville); Larry Semmel (Community State Bank); NormaScott (Community National Bank-Caney); Gary Morrison and Julie Voelker(Community National Bank-Independence); Lori Kelley (Equity Bank); TammieHawkins (Great Plains Credit Union); Teri Fox (Labette Health); Chris Mitchell,Courtnee Messner and Ryan Mitchell (Lavine Enterprises); Dr. Anita Clark (guestof MCAC); Mark and Chris Jones and Andrea York (Montgomery County); AshleyJohnson and Shannon Moses (Queen Neelah and her mother); Jason Moore(Spears Mfg.); and Ned Stichman.

    II. Consent AgendaDanny Scott made a motion to approve the consent agenda. The motion wasseconded by Mike OMalley and approved unanimously.

  • MCAC Board of Directors Minutes Page 2 November 17, 2016

    III. Action Items A. Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Policy B. Background Check Policy Tom Simpson stated all executive committee members, staff, contractors and consultants with access to confidential information on a regular basis will be required to signed the non-disclosure/confidentiality policy immediately while other individuals who need access to confidential information will be required to sign the non-disclosure/confidentially policy prior to the release of said information. Only individuals extended an offer of employment will be required to submit to the background check. Simpson asked for questions or comments regarding the non-disclosure/confidentiality policy and background check policy previously submitted to the board. There were no questions or comments. Geoff Collins made a motion to approve the acceptance of the policy. The motion was seconded by Mike Ewy and approved unanimously.

    IV. Discussion Items A. County-Wide Economic Development Strategic Plan Simpson set out the proposed timeline for the strategic plan with a kick-off date of January 4, 2017, and terminating in a public release of the plan by June 15, 2017. MCAC will be responsible for compilation of information generated by interested businesses, community organizations and private individuals who serve on the various committees. B. Workforce and Substance Abuse Simpson said MCACs role would be to start the conversation within the county to address the issues and proposed a one-day conference with keynote speaker(s), expert panel(s) with audience participation and a luncheon speaker. Attendance to the summit would be open to anyone interested in attending.

    V. Interim Executive Directors Report A. Executive Director Search Simpson advised that the executive committee has interviewed four candidates in the last two weeks and has scheduled second-round interviews for two of the candidates. B. 2017 Budget Simpson set out revised projections for the 2017 budget, which was submitted to the county and cities earlier this year. The budget includes funds for some special projects planned for 2017 as well as establishment of an incentive fund with $10,000.

  • MCAC Board of Directors Minutes Page 3 November 17, 2016

    C. 2017 Work PlanSimpson said the work plan would be constructed using a Monte Carlo methodwith the final result posted and distributed to members. The point of the plan isthat members should use the work plan as a tool to hold MCAC accountable.Comments are due December 12, 2016, to Paula Benson.

    D. Wrap-up of Legislative Golf TournamentSimpson said 53 golfers and three legislators participated in the rain-delayedtournament on October 7. Several teams had to pull out due to the time change.There were 38 financial sponsors. Total revenue was $12,075 and totalexpenses were $9,731 for a net income of $2,344. With only three legislatorsparticipating, Simpson said it might be time to re-evaluate the purpose of thetournament or find other ways to get legislators involved.

    E. 2017 Membership Drive Kick-OffSimpson said staff is approaching this years drive with a goal to staunchmembership decline while providing an honest presentation of what MCAC does.

    F. 2017 MCAC CalendarSimpson gave a brief overview of the 2017 MCAC calendar for meetings andevents.

    G. Update on Projects and InitiativesSimpson provided the following project updates:

    An industrial painting operation is near to making a decision A distribution operating is near to making a decision Montgomery County is on the final list for an aviation-related

    company An existing industry is preparing to add space and employees

    H. 2015 Audit & FindingsCopies of the 2015 audit and findings were emailed to all registered attendees onNovember 15 with additional copies available at the meeting. Simpson asked forquestions or comments regarding the audit and findings. There were noquestions or comments.

    VI. AdjournmentThe meeting was adjourned at 6:33 PM by Sam Blackard after a motion by MikeOMalley which was seconded by Geoff Collins and unanimously approved.

    Community updates were presented during dinner by Shirley Hogben(Cherryvale), Gary Hogsett (Independence), Fred Gress (Caney), and TrishaPurdon (Coffeyville).

  • MCAC Board of Directors Minutes Page 4 November 17, 2016

    APPROVED MARCH 16, 2017 ____________________________________ MIKE OMALLEY, SECRETARY

  • Jan - Dec '16Income

    1400 Government Income 137,000.001500 Membership 28,570.001600 Interest Income 653.481700 Other Revenue 19,827.31

    Total Income 186,050.79Expense

    5000 General & Administrative 18,943.765500 Personnel 116,297.076000 Membership Expenses 1,717.926500 Board Expense 3,471.307000 Marketing & Recruitment 2,721.697500 Special Projects 10,530.96

    Total Expense 153,682.70

    Net Income 32,368.09

    Income1300 Sale of Assets 1,532.191900 Incubator Income 1,700.00

    Total Income 3,232.19Expense

    9000 Incubator Expenses 8,124.38Total Expense 8,124.38

    Net Income (4,892.19)

    Montgomery County Action CouncilCustom Summary ReportJanuary through December 2016

    FEG II


  • MCAC FY17 Budget

    FY18 Proposed


    2016 Actual 2017 Budget 2017 Actual 2018 Proposed


    Montgomery Co 90,000 160,000 160,000

    Caney 3,000 3,000 3,125

    Cherryvale 3,000 3,000 3,125

    Coffeyville 25,000 17,000 25,000

    Independence 17,000 17,000 25,000

    Membership 28,570 30,000 31,500

    Interest Income

    from Loans 736 750 750

    from Cash Accts 653 650 650

    Other Revenue

    Barbecue 1,430 1,500 1,500

    Golf Tournament 12,025 12,000 12,000

    Bd Mtg Revenue 1,965 2,000 2,000

    MIH Grant 237 - -

    Other Revenue 4,171 250 250

    Total Income 187,787 247,150 264,900



    Office Supplies 3,477 4,000 4,000

    Telephone 5,422 4,000 4,000

    Postage 862 1,000 1,000

    Equipment Repair - 7,000 1,000

    Insurance 1,239 1,250 1,500

    Pro Services 4,388 17,000 17,000

    Capital Exp - 5,000 5,000

    Dues 3,541 3,500 3,500

    Bank Charges 16 50 50

    Other - 500 500


    Salaries 80,649 104,500 128,850

    Payroll Taxes 7,195 8,360 10,308

    Personal Ins 13,037 17,765 21,904

    Contract Labor 12,990 29,000 20,000

    Mileage 1,386 1,500 1,500

    Meals & Mtgs 1,040 6,000 6,000

    Other - - -

  • MCAC FY17 Budget

    FY18 Proposed

    Member Expenses

    Barbecue 1,562 1,800 1,800

    Conferences 156 250 250

    Other - 500 500

    Board Expenses

    Meetings 3,471 2,000 2,000

    Marketing & Recruiting

    Lodging & Enter 128 5,000 5,000

    Ad & Marketing 2,090 7,500 7,500

    Shows & Travel - 3,500 3,500

    Project Exp - 1,000 1,000

    Other 504 500 500

    Special Projects

    Golf Tournament 10,277 12,000 12,000

    MIH Grant 237 - -

    Other 1,000 1,000 1,000

    Total Expense 154,667 245,475 261,162

    Income 186,787 247,150 264,900

    Expense 154,684 245,475 261,162

    Incentive Reserve 32,103 1,675 3,738


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