Montgomery County, Virginia Economic Development Department

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1. Presenter CharlieJewell ProjectManager MontgomeryCounty,Virginia EconomicDevelopmentDepartment 2. WhattoExpect: OverviewoftheEconomicDevelopmentDepart. AboutMontgomeryCounty,Virginia GeneralFactsandStats GreatPlacetoLive GreatPlacetoLaunchandGrowaBusiness 3. EconomicDevelopment Department 4. TheMontgomeryCountyEconomicDevelopmentDepartmentis alocalgovernmentagencydedicatedtoimprovingthequality oflifeinMontgomeryCountybyencouragingpositiveeconomic growththat: Createsmeaningfulcareeropportunities Expandsthecommercialtaxbase Protectourenviablequalityoflife Strategiesaimedatsupportingthestartupandgrowthof companiesinMontgomeryCountyaswellastheattractionof newbusinessestothecommunity. WhatistheEconomic DevelopmentDepartment? 5. MontgomeryCounty,Virginia 6. Location 7. MontgomeryCounty,Virginia 8. BasicFactsandStats Population:95,656 Overthepastdecade,thepopulation hasgrown13%,+10,599 Employment:44,492 Employmentisup9.2percentsince 2010,+3,737netnewjobs CostofLivingIndex:96 ThecostoflivinginMontgomeryCounty is4percentbelowtheU.S.average MajorIndustry Sectors: EducationServices Manufacturing Healthcare IT&Software Development LifeSciencesand Biotech 9. GreatPlacetoLive 10. GreatPlaceforFamilies #1 BestPlaceintheU.S.toRaiseKids QualityEducationSystem K12 MontgomeryCountyPublicSchools BlacksburgHighSchoolranksintheTop5percent ofpublichighschoolsinthenation(Newsweek) LowCrime #7MostSecureSmallPlacetoLiveinU.S FamilyFriendlyEvents InternationalStreetFairFestival,parades,etc. Bloomberg Business and Farmers Insurance Group 11. HighlyEducated Region Percent Boston 54.7 WashingtonDC 50.7 Blacksburg 50.29 SiliconValley 48 SanFrancisco 45.7 NewYork 44.5 RaleighDurham 44.48 Austin 39.88 Atlanta 36.1 PercentofPopulation withBachelorsorHigher No. 14 Smartest City in the U.S. (2013) No. 14 Most Educated Small Town (2009)Source:AmericanEconomic ResearchInstitute(2013) 12. VirginiaTechHokieFootball Lane Stadium named the "Toughest Place in College Football for Opponents to Play " (2005). No. 2 College Football Town in America 13. TheGreatOutdoors The Poverty Creek Trail System (Jefferson National Forest) - 4th "Best Mountain Bike Trail" and a "Best Running Trail" (2010). Cascade Falls - 4th "Best Swimming Hole (2010). Huckleberry Trail - 9th "Best Rail to Trail for Running" (2008). McAfee Knob (pictured) named "Favorite Sections of the Appalachian Trail." (2010). New River Junction (tubing) New River Trail State Park (biking) New River (canoeing/kayaking) Appalachian Trail (hiking) Outdoor Bucket List (2011) Blacksburg a Top Ten Dream Town for Outdoor Enthusiasts. (2011)) 14. GreatPlacetoLaunch BusinessandGrowa Business 15. UnitedStates#1Best CountrytoLaunchaBusiness 2012GlobalEntrepreneurshipandDevelopment IndexReport CollaborationbetweenGeorgeMasonUniversity, U.S.andUniversityofPecs andImperialCollege BusinessSchool,London Indexranked79nationsbasedontheir entrepreneurialcharacteristics,including: qualityoftheeducationsystem;likelihoodofcorruption; amountofresearchanddevelopment;andgovernment incentivesrelatedtostartingabusiness Country Ranking UnitedStates 1 Sweden 2 Australia 3 Iceland 4 Denmark 5 Canada 6 Switzerland 7 Belgium 8 Norway 9 Netherlands 10 Taiwan 10 U.S.BusinessClimate 16. #3 BestStateforInnovationand Entrepreneurship(2013) VirginiaBusinessClimate Best State for Business #1 in 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006 #2 in 2012, 2011 and 2010 17. TopTechLaunchingPad BlacksburgnamedoneofsixrisingtechnologyhubsintheU.S. BestPlacetoLiveandLaunchintheU.S. BlacksburgrankedtheNo.43BestPlacetoLiveandLaunchduetoitsmix ofbusinessadvantagesandlifestyleappeal BusinessClimate 18. MajorResearchUniversity VirginiaTech Tops$454 Research Expenditures #10globally Patent Power ranks in fiscal year 2012 IEESpectrum(2010) EntrepreneurClub Active Student 19. MajorResearchPark 230-arce research park home to over 160 research, technology and support companies #1 Research Park in North America Association of University Research Parks, 2010 We dont just offer commercial real estate. We devote a great deal of time and energy toward helping companies here grow and be successful. If they succeed, we succeed. - Joe Meredith, President, Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center 20. EntrepreneurSupport Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council Regional technology council with over 200 members. Advocate the growth and success of technology companies in the region. Tech & Toast Series Pitch & Polish Clinics VT KnowledgeWorks: Business acceleration services to help companies plan, launch and grow. 21. EntrepreneurSupport NuSparkIdeationSpace 22. StrongEntrepreneurialCulture 23. NewEmergingStartups Fourlocalstartupshaveraised$4.1 milliondollarsthisyearalone $675,000 VFit 3D Body Scanning Technology $1.4 Million Mobile Fitness App $2 Million Social marketing platform $107,000 Lawn care optimization platform 24. Questions?


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