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<p>Avinash</p> <p>NARAYAN ANANT PARAB</p> <p>Career Objective:- To achieve a sound position in the corporate world and work enthusiastically to achieve the goals of the organization.</p> <p>Work Experience:- 0.9 Months of experience.Organization:- Northern Trust.Designation:- Analyst ( Global OTC Derivatives).Professional experience:- IOO(Investment operations outsourcing) handling Middle Office operations, Trade capture, Conformation, settlements, processing swifts. sending instructions to custodians. Roles &amp; Responsibility:- Trade capture : Capturing (booking) trade Auto-flown &amp; manual on behalf of clients and custodian, sending trade booking instructions to custodians. Products Include ( Interest Rate Swap, Zero Coupon swap, Over Night Index Swap, Credit Default Swap, Equity Index, FX Options, Commodity Index Swap, CDX Swap-option). Commet application is used to check auto flown trades &amp; Summit classic, summit FT &amp; Fund Master is used to book trades manually. Trade Termination &amp; maturity: Terminating Trades Full/Partial Termination according to Trade Instructions. Maturing Trades as &amp; when trades get matured, &amp; Trade Novation. Reconciliation : Reconciling Trades with the reports.</p> <p> Resets: Resetting/ applying Fx rates, Weekly for equity index product. Resets instructions are received from Morgan Stanley. Reports: Extracting Reports and sending to clients. Reports include ( Daily activity report, Holdings Report, Trade maturity Report, Trade report, Positions Report, Cash Report)</p> <p> Bond Forward : Extracting Trade details from X-Net Application and creating file with details to code assets and send booking instructions to Chicago team.</p> <p> Swifts: Preparing Swifts for Receipts and Payments &amp; Instructing Custodian. Volume Tracker: Capturing &amp; maintaining Trade Volume on day to day basis. Handling Queries: Handling trades related queries. </p> <p>Academics:-2013-2015 </p> <p>2010-2013</p> <p>Education Qualification:</p> <p>CourseInstitute/College/School, LocationUniversity/BoardPercentageYear of Passing</p> <p>Masters in Business Administration</p> <p>(MBA)Sinhgad Institute of Management, Pune, Maharastra.Pune University.64.60%</p> <p>2013-15</p> <p>Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)People Tree college of Business Administration,</p> <p>BelgaumRani Channamma University Belgaum Karnataka. 72.14%</p> <p>(Distinction)2010-13</p> <p>Class 12</p> <p>GCC PU Commerce College Belgaum State Board75%2008-09</p> <p>Class 10MVHES </p> <p>Belgaum</p> <p>Karnataka State Board</p> <p>65.12%2005-06</p> <p>Certification:</p> <p> National Institute of Securities Market (NISM): NISM-Series-VIII: "Equity Derivatives Certification Examination". (Percentage 69%).</p> <p> NSE's Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM): "Banking Sector Module", (Percentage 58%).</p> <p>Academic Project / Internship</p> <p>Technical Skills:</p> <p> MS Office, Tally ERP.</p> <p>Interests / Additional InformationVolunteer Experience: Earn while you learn (Practical Knowledge)</p> <p> Belgaum Golf Association in Association with Innovation Event Managers (IEM).</p> <p> Arihant Motors Vehicle Launch (Swish 125).Participation In Management Festivals:</p> <p> JAIN College of BBA Belgaum- Event Caliber 2011.</p> <p> GOGTE College of BBA Belgaum Event Acumen 2012.</p> <p> SYMBISOS Centre of Management studies Event Sympulse 2012.</p> <p>Part of the Organizing Team of Sarthaan11 &amp; Sarthaan12 National Level Management Festival.</p> <p>Designation Event Organizer for Corporate Launch 2011 &amp; Event head for team work games 2012.</p> <p>Part of the Organizing Team of SINHGAD KARANDAK FLAPSHIP EVENT- PUNE 2013-15.</p> <p>Co-Curricular Activities: I was a part of Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation"- Medical Camp, Kolhapur, Feb, 2014.</p> <p>Personal Information</p> <p>i. Date of Birth: 06th March 1990</p> <p>ii. Nationality: Indian</p> <p>iii. Marital Status : Single</p> <p>iv. Languages Known: English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi. </p> <p> Sports: Cricket, Football.</p> <p> Keen interests: Reading, Networking, Traveling, Listening To Music, Playing Guitar.</p> <p> Business Skills: Trend Analysis, Handling Queries &amp; Client confidentiality, Risk management, Presentation skills, Problem Solving and Decision making, Providing 100% Accuracy for client requirements, ensuring consistency. </p> <p>Education: MBA FINANCE</p> <p>India</p> <p>+91-9738782806</p> <p></p> <p>Maharashtra, India.</p> <p>Karnataka, India.</p> <p> Masters in Business Administration (MBA) | Finance Sinhgad Institute of Management</p> <p> Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) | Finance People Tree College of Business Administration</p> <p> Research Project: "FUTURES &amp; OPTIONS IN CURRENCY MARKET"</p> <p> Reliance Money: | Belgaum, Karnataka.</p>