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Integrity is increasingly an important topic in education as we prepare students for a career and as educators who demonstrate professionalism each day.


  • Integrity and My Career

    Protecting Your Online Reputation

  • We Are Connected

  • Blink of an EyeGeorge Couros (4/14/16) (

    Events in my life all happened in the blink of an eye, and although these moments make up our life, I just wish sometimes they wouldnt happen so fast.

  • Educators & Integrity

    Public Trust

    Private vs. Public Life

    Public Leadership

    Parental Trust

    An Example of Professionalism, Citizenship,

  • Social Media Influence Careers

    While candidates apply to Bleacher Report by submitting their resumes and cover letters, the system requests links to their Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram accounts, too. I end up ignoring the resume entirely. (Bleacher Report CEO and co-founder, Mattan Griffel)

  • 19th Century Exceptions of Educators (

    Be home between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

    Do not travel beyond city limits without board permission

    Do not date or marry during the school contract

    Not to be seen in bars, pool halls, or barber shop

  • Fish Bowl Living

  • Public LeadershipBusiness & Education Beliefs:

    The Customer (Student) Can Learn

    Expect High Standards of Themselves and Others

  • Leading Up4 Suggestions by George Couros (

    Do Whats Best For Kids

    Ask More Questions with Fewer Statements

    Pick Battles Wisely

    We Are Developing Tomorrows Leaders

  • Reputation is Based on

    . Ones Personal Unique Identity.Character Qualities.Consistent Practice

  • Doug Bernstein, VP of Programming and Analytics,Bleacher Report:

    The person is more important than the paper.

  • I Picked You!

    Making Every Student Know That They Can Learn and Feel Important

  • Life Long Networked Learning

  • Life Goals

  • Offense / Defense

  • Defense - Protect Yourself

  • Offense - Boost Your Reputation

  • Who Is Vulnerable?

  • Issues:1. Online record is permanent2. Do my posts communicate trust and integrity?3. How do employers, parents, scholarship committees view an online record?

    4. If Im NOT on social media - Am I viewed as NOT connected?

  • What Am I Saying?

  • Privacy Issues

  • TMI -Over Sharing

  • Guilt by Association

  • Unsuitable Content

  • Complaints / Negativity

  • Google Yourself

  • Develop A Positive Voice

  • If you know more, you worry more!

  • Protect Passwords

  • Reputation Management

    Companies For Hire To Help A Business Manage Their Reputation

  • @JoshOchsTrends in Social Media

  • Online Marketing TrendsChats, Texting, Voice Messaging

  • The best tools that modern marketers can use are social networks. (@JoshOchs)

  • Phishing Scams

  • Un-friend the unfriendly

  • Develop A Reputation of Respect

  • Influence in A Culture of Anonymity

  • thinkbeforeyouclick

  • Online Scholarship / Job Application

  • Resume - Less Influential

    Online Presence Demonstrates the Truth Promoting Portfolio Presentations Communicating a Clear Consistent


  • Video Conference

    SpoofSimilar to Communicating in

    Real Life-to students-to parents

    -to colleagues

  • Michael Hyatt - Platform University

  • Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Brand, Platform

  • Develop Your BrandHow Do You Want To Be Known?

    It's not your title that matters. It's the value you provide. (Dave Gordon (

    Being Positive is a Choice (Lewis Howes

  • Top 10 Best Unsaid Posts / Comments

    What / who you hate

    Embarrassing Picts

    Your Birth Year

    Strong Political Opinions

    Other peoples big news

    Curse words

    Your calendar

    Comparing self to others

    TMI - too much info

    Compromising pictures

  • Social Media Tip:Affirm The Positive

    Effective leaders develop new leaders. Ineffective leaders patrol and check for


  • Be Consistent All The Time Overtime

    Social Media Tip

    Whatever is said in pubic (social media) or in private is consistent with your mission statement and vision for

    the future.

  • Build Your Brand / Lead with Your Brand

    Social Media Tip

  • Navigating A Diverse World, Focused on

    Your Mission / BrandTripp & Tyler (

    Tripp and Tyler -

  • Platform - Share Your MessageConsistent with Mission / Vision



  • Common Sense Media

  • Youre not in a small town