Not Isotopes but "Hydrotropes"

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<ul><li><p>Not Isotopes but "Hydrotropes" </p><p>CH3 </p><p>H3C </p><p> II s II </p><p> ONa </p><p>NAXONATE Sodium Xylenesulfonate </p><p>Hydrotropes are chemicals which in aqueous solutions have the property of "salting in" or increasing the solubility of a wide variety of slightly soluble organic chemicals. Naxonate (sodium xylenesulfonate) has outstanding hydrotropic properties. </p><p>Naxonate G A white powder containing a minimum of 9 5 % sodium xylenesulfonate consisting primarily of sodium sulfonate derivatives of the 1,3 isomer with small amounts of the 1,2 isomer. Naxonate G readily dissolves in water to give a clear, straw-colored, slightly acidic so lut ion containing a negligible amount (less than 0.1%) of water insolubles. </p><p>Naxonate 4L A 40% aqueous, clear, straw-colored solution of Naxonate G with a specific gravity of 1.158-1.172 and a pH of 7.5-8.5 at 25 C. </p><p>Suggested Uses Naxonate is useful for extracting pentosans and lignin from wood pulp for the production of cellulose with a minimum of degradation, i t is also useful in the processing of bagasse, straw, ramie anil other natural fibers. </p><p>Naxonate also is suitable for many other diversified uses, for example, as a penetrating agent in rewetting and processing hides in the tanning industry; to assist in the removal of hard-water scale in aqueous systems and as a component of textile spotting compounds. </p><p> Effective November 1, 1947, Wyandotte Chemicals Corporation established a new price schedule which for large l.c.l. shipments represents a price reduction of over 30% for Naxonate 4L and over 10% for Naxonate G. This lower cost may open up many uses for Naxonate heretofore considered uneconomical. Naxonate </p><p>4L and Naxonate G are available in commercial quantities. The benzene, toluene and p-cy-mene homologues of sodium xylenesulfonate likewise exhibit hydrotropic properties and are being offered in experimental quantities for your evaluation. For samples and additional data, write to the Development Department. </p><p>WYANDOTTE, MICHIGAN OFFICES IN PRINCIPAL CITIES </p><p>Soda Ash Caustic Soda Bicarbonate of Soda Calcium Carbonate Calcium Chloride Chlorine Hydrogen Dry Ice Glycols Ethylene Dichloride Propylene Dichloride Chloroethers Aromatic Sulfonic Acid Derivatives Other Organic and Inorganic Chemicals </p><p>\WjWuanJo1te ^-^ te. u. s. AT. ww </p><p>V O L U M E 2 5, N O . 5 0 . D E C E M B E R 1 5 , 1 9 4 7 3761 </p><p>WYANDOTTI CHEMICALS CORPORATION </p><p>file:///WjWuanJo1te</p><p>Not Isotopes but "Hydrotropes"</p></li></ul>