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<p>Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS- Vietnamese IELTS community</p> <p>Cc dng noun phrases tng hp</p> <p>Li ni uTrong ngn ng academic ting Anh, cc thng tin c truyn t phn ln dng cm danh t trong bao gm mo t, tnh t v danh t chnh s ng cui cng. Ci ny ngc hn vi ting Vit bi thay v ni "t vng lin quan n chuyn ngnh" (danh t chnh l t vng v ng u tin) th ngi Anh li dng "topicrelated vocabulary" (danh t chnh l vocabulary ng sau cng).Mun c im vit cao (trn 6.5 chng hn) th bt buc phi nhn thc c tm quan trng ca noun phrases cng nh master cch s dng n bi khi bn s thuyt phc c gim kho kh nng t vng, ng php ng thi trnh li "dch word by word" m c th follow native speaker style. Ngun hc nhng iu ny l cc bi bo, readings trong Cam hoc bi mu ca c L Na (ngp trn noun phrases lun). Mt cu hi kh th v l khi no cu to danh t th c du gch ni, cn khi no th khng? Cu tr li: V d nh l a widely-used gadget, th c cm widely-used y l 1 tnh t lun, cn nu ni this gadget is widely used th ko cn gch v widely y l adv, used l ng t th b ng. luyn tp ci ny th mnh nn t thnh lp noun phrases, lp xong th dng chnh t lm keyword ln google search nu c t tc l ngi bn ng c dng --&gt; ta dng c, nu khng c th ngha l t hp ca chng ta sai. Bng di y tng hp 27 cm noun phrases thng gp, vi mi cm c 1 keyword c t mu mi ngi d dng h thng nh. Chc c nh hc tt! [Minh Hoa]1</p> <p>Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS- Vietnamese IELTS communityNo Form 1 "noun/adjfree noun" By admin 1/sugar-free candy: ko khng ng 2/ fat-free food: thc phm ko cha cht bo 3/ duty-free shop: ca hng bn min thu 4/ error-free sentence: cu vn ko c li By members nut-free chocolate/donuts smoking- free waiting room tax-free exchange stress- free:) CFC-free, hay thy trn ca t lnh :) error-free = flawless: ko c li, ko t vt tax-free: min thu. oil-free: ko c gc du. Smoke-related deaths Human Activities -related global warming job-related problem school-related stuff smoking- related diseases car-making industry: nn cng nghip sn xut t breath-taking fund-raising event Note bn s dng 1 danh t hoc 1 tnh t ghp vi free thnh 1 tnh t mi:</p> <p>2</p> <p>"nounrelated noun"</p> <p>3</p> <p>"noun-Ving noun"</p> <p>1/topic-related vocabulary: t vng chuyn ngnh, 2/obesity-related illness: bnh tt lin quan n bo ph, 3/ traffic-related pollution: nhim do giao thng, 4/oil-related conflict: xung t v du m 1/ Eye-catching resume: l lch (CV) bt mt 2/ Sky-rocketing price/building: nh or gi cao ngt ngng 3/ Life-threatening disease: bnh e da n tnh mng 4/ Women-leading pattern: xu hng ph n lnh o 5/ Book-reading tasks: nhim v c sch 6/ Decision-making ability: kh nng ra quyt2</p> <p>Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS- Vietnamese IELTS communitynh 7/ Rice/fish-producing country: nc sn xut go hoc c (Vit Nam chng hn)... 1/ non-governmental organization (NGO): t chc phi chnh ph 2/ non-profit organization: t chc hot ng phi li nhun 3/ non-stop flight: chuyn bay thng, ko dng li qu cnh 4/ non-verbal communication: loi hnh giao tip ko s dng ting ni 5/ non-fiction books: cc loi sch ko lin quan n vn chng.</p> <p>4</p> <p>"nonsomething noun"</p> <p>A nonstop flight does as its name suggests: flies from one airport to another without stopping. A direct flight, on the other hand, makes stops along the way. Often, passengers traveling on direct flights make a stop at a midpoint airport and remain seated on the plane while some passengers exit and others board. 1) newly published books: sch mi xut bn 2) newly found planets: hnh tinh mi tm ra 3) newly graduated doctors: BS mi ra trng 4) newly hatched chicks: g con mi n 5) newly born babies: em b mi sinh</p> <p>. Ah c ai bit "direct flight" v "non-stop flight" th khc nhau g ko nh?</p> <p>5</p> <p>"newlyV(ed) noun"</p> <p>1/Newly released album: album mi tung ra th trng 2/ Newly discovered species: loi mi tm thy 3/ Newly synthesized protein: Protein mi c tng hp 4/ Newly industrialized country (NIC): nc cng nghip mi 5/ Newly wed: cp i mi ci (cng l tn 1 show truyn hnh ca M) 6/ Newly revised manuscript: bn tho mi3</p> <p>Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS- Vietnamese IELTS communitychnh sa 7/ Newly launched car: xe mi xut xng. 6) newly extinct animals: ng vt mi tuyt chng 7) newly opened supermarkets: siu th mi m 8) newly pierced ears: tai mi xu khuyn 9) newly adopted dogs: ch mi nui 10. newly qualified doctor/ teacher... 11. Newly created job 12. newly independent republic 13.Newly built house and 14.newly born baby 1/Widely-used system/application: h thng/ng Widely-spread disease Lu l dng c s dng rng ri widely_enjoyed thay th trong nhiu 2/Widely-distributed resources: ti nguyn c cho popular trng hp phn b rng ri th widely 3/Widely- accessed internet services: trnh duyt c th thay c s dng ph bin (www or email) th bng 4/Widely- circulated newspaper: bo c commonly nhiu ngi c (The Times chng hn) nh: 5/Widely-eaten fruit: hoa qu c tiu thu ph bin 6/Widely- produced crop: lng thc c sn xut ph bin (rice in Asia)4</p> <p>6</p> <p>"widelyV(ed) noun"</p> <p>Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS- Vietnamese IELTS community7/Widely- prescribed drugs: thuc c k n trn lan open-minded, fair-minded, evil-minded, broadminded, narrow-minded, simple-minded, closeminded...</p> <p>7</p> <p>"adj-minded"</p> <p>8</p> <p>"noun-based noun"</p> <p>+ Open-minded: ci m trong suy ngh, sn sng tip thu ci mi. + Fair-minded: cng bng, v t, khng thin v + Evil-minded: c xu, c + Broad-minded: khong t + Narrow-minded: Bo th + Simple-minded: suy ngh nng cn + absent-minded : lost in thought and unaware of one's surroundings or actions narrow-minded nationalist - ng theo chu nghia dan toc hep hoi co' dirty-mind (ed) ko nhi? :)) 1/ sex-based abortion: ph thai da trn gii tnh law based society 2/ community-based activities: hot ng trn Income-Based Repayment cng ng (surveillance) Design-Based Research 3/ web-based learning: hc tp qua mng Problem-Based Learning 4/ knowledge-based approach: phng php Practice-Based Learning5</p> <p>Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS- Vietnamese IELTS communityc ra da trn hiu bit chung 5/ evidence based-decision making: k nng a ra quyt nh da trn chng c xc thc (ci ny l dng "con lai" va c c V-ed va c Ving) Ngoi ra cn 1 s t na m mnh cha kp tm v d: power-based, rights-based, interest-based, theory-based... 1/ flu-like symptom: triu chng ging cm 2/ clown-like makeup: trang im nh h 3/ earth-like planet: hnh tinh ging tri t 4/ pyramid-like structure: cu trc kiu kim t thp 5/ teenage-like manner: cch c x nh teen 6/ moon-like beauty: v p ta trng rm... Study-Based Learning CBO - Community based organization. Prototype-based programming Demand-Based Manufacturing Need-based financial aid dng ny rt ph bin trong cc ti liu khoa hc khi cn nh ngha v mt s vt no gn ging vi nhng g bit. Nh th noun 1 s l 1 danh t rt c th, cn noun 2 l mt danh t chung chung hn</p> <p>9</p> <p>"noun 1-likenoun 2"</p> <p>6</p> <p>Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS- Vietnamese IELTS community1/ most-cited paper: bi bo c trch dn nhiu nht 2/ most-wanted boy: hot boy c hm m nht 3/ most-viewed video: clip c xem nhiu nht 4/ most-subscribed person: ngi ni ting c quan tm nht 5/ most-addicted drug: thuc gy nghin nht 6/ most-requested song: bi ht c yu cu nhiu nht 7/ most-liked page: page c yu thch nht 8/ most-haunted place: ni c lui n nhiu nht 9/ most-visited website: website c gh thm nhiu nht... 11 over1/ over-consumed: tiu xi qu mc noun/verb/adj 2/ over-estimated: ngoi d tnh 3/ over population: dn s qu ng 4/ over-reaction: phn ng thi qu 5/ over-qualified: vt chun Ngoi ra cn 1 t na m cc bn hc kinh t ti chnh s rnh l "over-the-counter": th trng/c phiu cha nim yt mi ngh ra thm 2 t na l overuse: s dng qu nhu v over-time: lm ngoi gi 10 "most + Ved + noun" Most-loved Football club: Miley is becoming the most-subscribed person by many teenagers as well as journalists =.='</p> <p>1) Overwrite(v) ghi ln 2) Overexploitation(n) khai thc qu 3) overrated (adj) nh gi qu mc 4) overthink (v): ngh hay phn tch qu nhiu 5) overkill (n) tn ph qu mc 6) overindulge (v) qu b tha, qu am m, nung chu 7) overoptimistic (adj) lc quan thi qu</p> <p>7</p> <p>Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS- Vietnamese IELTS community8) overpriced (adj) qu mc 9) oversized (adj) qu c 10) Overdose (n) qu liu 11) Overzealous (adj) hng say, nhit thnh qu mc Overcooked, overspeed 1/self-esteem (n): t trng self-educated, self-taught 2/ self-control (n): t ch (adj) 3/ self-confident (adj): t tin self-awareness 4/ self-motion(n): t thn vn ng self-reliant: t lp 5/ self-made (adj): t lp, t lm ra self-defense: t v 6/ self-hypnosis (n): t thi min self-interest: t th :) 7/ self-study (v): t hc self-suggestion: tu. ky? 8/ self-interest (n): t li, quyn li bn thn. self-centered seft-discipline: s k lut t gic :D self - cut 1/ Multi-purpose cleaner: ty ra a nng Multi-level marketing: bn 2/ Multi-functional tool: thit b nhiu cng hng a cp dng multitasking 3/ Multi-channel marketing: qung b da trn multinational company : nhiu hnh thc cng ty a quc gia 4/ Multi-media communication: truyn thng a Hay l multifaceted l tnh phng tin t, ch ngi a nhn cch 5/ Multi-language display: hin th bng nhiu na y, danh t l th ting multifacet 6/ Multi-centre holidays: tham quan nhiu im n trong k ngh8</p> <p>12 "selfnoun/verb"</p> <p>13 "multi-noun"</p> <p>Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS- Vietnamese IELTS community7/ Multi-dimension space: khng gian a chiu 8/ Multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis: lao a khng thuc... "multi-syllable words": t a m tit 1/ a six-year-old child: a tr 6 tui 2/a 45- minute essay: bi lun 45 pht 3/a 10-fold reduction in the volume of: s gim 10 ln trong tng lng 4/a 2-hour processing: qu trnh 2 gi x l 5/ninety-four of the people: 94 trong tng s ngi Note l cch s 3 nn dng trong writing task 1 khi so snh s tng gim ca biu , cch s 4 cng l mt la chn hay cho process khi miu t mt qu trnh no 1/hand-made souvenir: lu nim t lm, 2/ home-made cake: bnh nh lm ra 3/ man-made civilization: nn vn minh do con ngi to nn, 4/ nature-made disaster: thm ha do thin nhin gy nn, 5/ self-made millionaire: t ph t lp nghip... 1/ Full-time employment: cng vic trn thi gian 2/ Part-time job: cng vic bn thi gian 3/ Short-time period: mt giai on ngn 4/ Over-time payment: tr cng lm thm gi 5/ real-time information: thng tin trc tip9</p> <p>14 noun phrases lin quan n cc con s</p> <p>hyphenated adj</p> <p>15 "noun-made noun"</p> <p>self-made fate</p> <p>16 cc t hum nay s lin quan n "time" nh:</p> <p>Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS- Vietnamese IELTS community6/ time-consuming process: qu trnh tiu tn nhiu thi gian S 5 real-time l dng formal ca "live" (trc tip) , s 6 cng l cch ni khc ca "it takes time..." C 2 cch s 5 v 6 u kh academic v nn dng trong writing nha c nh ah qun cn cm na cng hay l "have a paucity of time": tnh trng thiu thi gian... (n IELTS l 1 v d) ^^[MH] 1/ an easy-to-read guide: hng dn d c 2/ easy-to-understand tips: mnh d hiu 3/ ready-to-use reagents: ha cht pha sn, c th dng c ngay 4/ ready-to-eat meals: sut n sn c (kiu nh i picnic) 5/ ready-to-hand solutions: vn c kh nng gii quyt trong tm tay ( ready-to-hand = easyto-reach) 6/ ready-to-assemble furniture: vt dng m cn phi lp ghp v d dng lm c 7/ ready-to-cook food: ci ny ging kiu thc n s ch sn bn trong siu th. M hnh nh my ci stt mnh post cng thuc dng "ready-to-learn" nh ^^ 1/ user-friendly application: ng dng ph hp vi ngi dng, 2/ eco-friendly products: sn phm thn thin vi mi trng,10</p> <p>17 "easy/readyto-Verb"</p> <p>ready-to-drink l ung bn sn, chng hn readyto-drink coffee l kiu cafe pha sn ng chai hoc ready-to-serve milk: sa hp ung lin:D easy-to-remember tips easy-to-follow academic bn, mnh hay gp trong ti liu chuyn ngnh m:D</p> <p>nu bn no gp writing v fast-food c th dng cch ny paraphrase t ca bi thnh "ready-toeat" hay ready-touse food ^^</p> <p>18 "nounfriendly noun"</p> <p>Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS- Vietnamese IELTS community3/ health-friendly drink: ung tt cho sc khe 4/ environment-friendly design: thit k v mi trng, 5/ child/kid-friendly educational system: h thng gio dc dnh cho tr em, 6/ community-friendly society: x hi v cng ng, 7/ budget-friendly meals: ba n hp ti tin, 8/ employee-friendly workplace: mi trng khin ngi lao ng cm thy thoi mi khi lm vic.. 19 "ever-Ving 1/ ever-increasing costs: gi c tng khng noun" mang ngng ngha always, 2/ever-lasting hope: hy vng mn mi continuous, 3/ ever-changing mood: tm s lun thay i 4/ ever-present danger: nguy him lun cn k 5/ ever-growing society: x hi pht trin khng ngng 6/ ever-willing counsellor: t vn vin lun thn thin... 20 noun-care 1/ Nail-care products: sn phm chm sc mng 2/day-care/ child-care centre: trung tm chm sc tr em , 3/orphan-care organization: t chc cu tr tr m ci, 4/health-care system: h thng y t,11</p> <p>Ever lasting frjend</p> <p>Intensive-care medicine / Critical-care medicine. khoa ICU (Intensive care unit) dich la iu tr tch cc ah</p> <p>Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS- Vietnamese IELTS community5/pet-care services: dch v trng gi th cng, 6/elder-care jobs: ngh chm sc ngi cao tui 7/ primary-care physicians: y s tuyn khm bnh tuyn c s 21 Cc t hum 1/ Undergo (academic word sublist 10) :undergo nay c tip a dramatic change: tri qua s thay i su sc, u ng l 2/Underlying (academic word sublist 6) under, :underlying causes: nguyn nhn su xa, ngoi ngha 3/undergraduate education: gio dc i hc, ph thng 4/ undercover agent: ip vin ngm, theo kiu 5/underestimate: nh gi thp, never underwear underestimate yourself ^^, th cn rt 6/ under-qualified candidate: ng vin cha nhu cch xi tiu chun, academic na 7/ underline: gch chn vn bn khi son tho nh trn word, 8/ underground: tu in ngm (metro) 22 "long1/ long-term investment: u t di hn, noun/verb" 2/ long-lived rumor: tin n t i ny qua i khc, 3/ long-lasting side affect: tc dng ph ko di, 4/ long-standing friendship: tnh hu ngh c t lu i, 5/ long-time stablity: n nh lu di, 6/long-distance runner: vn ng vin chy ng di, 7/ tales of long-ago: chuyn i xa, 8/long-decayed material: vt liu chm phn r12</p> <p>underdog: k ym th undermine, underpin underground water: nc ngm, nc ging Underdeveloped countries underdevelopment underpriviledged: thit thi, km may mn.</p> <p>theo m ngh gio dc i hc thng dng tertiary education :D cn ko th dng undergradu ate course t formal ca decay l deteriorate , (c ln mnh post t n ri nh)</p> <p>Long-time stability.:-))</p> <p>Hi cc s t luyn thi IELTS- Vietnamese IELTS community23 high/lownoun (phng x or ti nilong)... 1/ high-risk investment: u t mo him, ri ro cao 2/ high-quality product: sn phm cht lng cao (c th thay high bng low/good/bad) 3/ high concentration reagents: dung dch nng cao 4/ high-income group: nhm c thu nhp cao 5/ High definition screen: mn hnh nt cao 6/ high-dose antibiotic: khng sinh liu cao 7/ high life expectancy: tui th cao... 1/ First-class carriage: khoang hng nht 2/ first-choice candidate: ng c vin hng u 3/ first-rank university: i hc tp u 4/ first-order logic: sp xp theo th t t nh n ln 5/ first-quality service: dch v cht lng tt nht 6/ first aid manual: hng dn s cu ban u 7/ first language acquisition: vic hc ting m (ca tr em) ( also called native language) 1/ far-distance measurement: o c khong cch xa 2/ far-reaching implications: nh hng su rng ( t khc l widespread), 3/far-away places: ni xa xi, 4/far-east countries : cc nc vng vin ng ( bao gm vng Vin ng ca Nga, cc nc13</p> <p>24 first-noun</p> <p>25</p> <p>far group</p> <p>"far-reaching network of violence and hatred" extracted from "Barack Obama's Inaugural Address "</p> <p>Hi...</p>