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Oil&Gas Eurasia November 2010 issue



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    Getting Yamal OnstreamForeign ash, Technology, Sought to Boost Gas Output

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    The latest cutting-edge tech solutions


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    TNK-BP Optimizes HR Policy


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  • I really enjoyed the 2010 SPE Russian Oil&Gas Exploration and Production Technical Conference and Exhibition this year. And not just because of the role that Oil&Gas Eurasia played in helping to make it a success.

    The OGE print editorial team of editors/writers Bojan Soc, Elena Zhuk and designer/photographer Pyotr Degtyarev put out a great Show Daily newspaper three days in a row from our stand. And our web editor Dave Kondris updated www.oilandgas-eurasia.com daily while also keeping our Twitter followers in the know.

    Oil&Gas Eurasia also published the Official Show Catalogue. So if you got one, and liked what we did, let us know. Write me at p.szymczak@eurasiapress.com and copy Anna Bovda at sales@eurasiapress.com. She managed the project and would love to hear from you too. If she gets enough letters, I might give her a raise.

    But what I think I enjoyed most about the event was the breath of fresh air the SPE style of conference organi-zation represents on the Russian event landscape.

    At SPE Events You Really Can Learn Something

    I dont think my foreign readers really understand. If youre accustomed to attending SPE events in other parts of the world, you expect to hear presentations of papers that represent real, honest, peer-to-peer exchanges of professionally useful information. Per SPE rules, sponsors cant use money to influence things. While at most Russian conferences, he who pays does the talking.

    And those of us who do the listening are often out the door after lunch. I cant tell you the number of sales pre-sentations masked as technology papers Ive sat through (or rather ran out on) at many Russian conferences. Some of these sales pitches I almost know by heart and when I see the presenters name on a conference agenda, I know to avoid that session.

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    Record Numbers Attend SPE Russian Oil&Gas to Learn the Latest in Technologies SPE

    Pat Davis Szymczak

  • 2#11 November 2010EDITORS LETTER |


    SPE events through are a totally different experience. And thats why they are so successful. Each paper presented must survive a series of reviews by committees composed of fellow petroleum engineers. And the papers with the most useful information for petroleum engineers are chosen regardless of which company pays money to have their logo alongside the program.

    And that is why this, the third biennial SPE Russian Oil&Gas Technical Conference and Exhibition saw yet another record turnout all three days! Delegates signed-up because they knew they would learn something and that they would be able to exchange experience and opinions with their petroleum science and engineering colleagues.

    Shale and Tight Gas and Oil Projects Make Sense! For Ukraine?

    One session I particularly enjoyed was a presentation over lunch (a format SPE calls a Topical Lunch) by Tatyana Kryuchkova, deputy general director and chief geologist at Moscow-based NRK-Technology. She spoke about NRKs success in drilling and completing a tight-oil well at the Palnikovskoye field in West Siberia, and a tight-gas well at the Dnepro-Donskoye field in Ukraine. With mostly petro-

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    The OGE editorial team getting the news out daily during SPEs premier technology conference in Russia.

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    leum engineers in attendance, she described how the wells were drilled horizontally, fracked and the results.

    The projects represented the first use in this part of the world of Halliburtons TDelta Stim completion and stimulation technology. And the result was a five-fold increase in production when compared with production from a vertically factured exploration well drilled from the same pad. Kryuchkova concluded that this demonstrated that it is economically viable to produce hydrocarbons from tight reservoirs in Russia and in Ukraine.

    (If youre interest in the details, look up SPE Paper #117097 on the SPE website, www.spe.org. If youre not an SPE member, you may have to join, but it is worth it. )

    While Kryuchkovas presentation stuck to petroleum engineering, she also offered her personal opinion as to how the development of unconventional reserves in Ukraine especially is not only possible, but is a potential game changer geopolitically.

    In Russia there can be some commercial interest in (shale and tight gas and oil), she said. But Ukraine has such huge reserves (of unconventional resources including shale, serious development of these resources) could com-pletely change current thinking, she said.

    In other words, Ukraine could well in the future be a serious energy producer, considering its reserves of coal bed methane, tight-gas and tight-oil and shale. Before the Soviet Union struck gas in West Siberia in the mid-20th century, Ukraine in fact was the U.S.S.R.s primary source of natural gas. Today, as we well know, Ukraine is a mere transit state for Russian gas to Europe, and a consumer of Russian gas.

    Of course there are more naysayers than proponents of Slavic shale. After all, as a geologist and petroleum engi-neer Kryuchkova was talking about what is technically possible. And unfortunately, what is technically possible all too often requires the political will of non-scientists to be realized.

    After I wrote a brief story for www.oilandgaseurasia.com based on Kryuchkovas presentation, I decided to work on my social media skills by posting the article on several LinkedIn groups in which I participate. One of those post-ings resulted in an insightful exchange between two other participants (besides myself.)

    One responder, an American geologist and petro-physics consultant living in Moscow, replied that he had been trying to market a shale play near Nadym for six months and could not find a company that would take an interest. Another consultant chimed in from Geneva, Switzerland, that there is probably too much easy gas still left in West Siberia to interest companies in uncon-ventional plays.

    As for Ukraine. Remember Dave Kondris? Oil&Gas Eurasias intrepid web editor who tweeted his way through SPE Russian Oil&Gas?

    Well, the following week he surfaced in Kiev at Ukraines biggest oil and gas exhibition. OGEs Man in Kiev talked to Halliburton project analyst Elena Stassiuk who said interest is growing in European shale and Ukraine could play a greater role in the future in European gas policy if these projects were realized.

    See what I mean about that SPE Show? One little lun-cheon presentation and theres enough food for thought to get a real buzz going. I wonder what would have happened if wed hung around for dinner and drinks?

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    EDITORS LETTER | Record Numbers Attend SPE Russian Oil&Gas to Learn the Latest in Technologies SPE




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    he Yamal Challenge


    Yamal is a new and virtually unexplored oil and gas province. The peninsula has about 22 trillion cubic meters of gas resources, and the gas reserves in explored fields amount to 16 trillion cubic meters (35 percent of all of Russias proven reserves); condensate reserves make up 230 million tons and oil reserves amount to 292 million tons. Eleven gas and 15 gas condensate fields have be