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<ul><li>1.THE NYCINNOVATION STACK OPEN TECH NYC 2013Andy Parsons @andyparsons1</li></ul> <p>2. OPEN TECH NYC 2013This talkNYC has become aVIBRANT, SUSTAINABLEFOSS W H AT Secosystem for technology DRIVING NYCNEXTinnovation and OpenMY JOURNEY NYCSource. DRIVINGFOSSUnderstanding the forcesat work will help us makesure it STAYS THAT WAY.2 3. Me. startup junkie. masochist. MENTOR @ seedcamp, techpeaks, smartcamp deliver stuff that works in startup time old timer on the nyc scene. love choosing tools, making them better 3 4. not Me. foss expert IDEALIST4 5. E OPE UR CNS S OOUR S E DCEC L OMYquick historyof theinternet 5 6. 2003: Wake up Call datacenter catastrophe discovering postgres! rethinking .net costs retooling Compares 2 open source models Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallowOPEN TECH NYC 20136 7. OPEN TECH NYC 2013complexity and trustPROJECTLINES OF CODE COMPLEXITY BACKBONE.JS &lt; 1000 LOWREDIS 100,000 MEDIUMMONGODB 500,000 HIGHPOSTGRES &gt; 1,000,000 HIGH! * STATS FROM OHLOH ( 8. OPEN TECH NYC 2013Perhaps in the end the open-source culture will triumph not becausecooperation is morally right or software "hoarding" is morallywrong ..., but simply because the closed-source world cannot win anevolutionary arms race with open-source communities that can putorders of magnitude more skilled time into a problem.- ERIC S. RAYMOND8 9. WHAT IS an innovation ecosystem?1. freedom to innovate2. risk investors3. infrastructure4. education5. talent6. culture of openness7. reinvestment 9 10. reinvestmentIf NYC can learn anything from Silicon Valley it is the reinvest wealthpower of plowing the fruits of the harvest back into reinvest knowledgethe soil reinvest network- Fred Wilson, from his preface to Tech and the City help others10 11. Community attentive maintainers respectful exchanges everyone contributes no bystandersOPEN TECH NYC 2013 11 12. foss in nycWHAT IS IT ABOUT NEW YORK? investors culture. you want to live here! education this guy population density12 13. GEOGRAPHY OF OPEN SOURCETakhteyev/Hilts, u of toronto 2010 COUNTRYUSERS CONTRIBUTORS CONTRIBUTIONS US39%39% 43% UK7%8% 7%Germany6%6% 6% Canada4%4% 4% Brazil4%4% 2% Japan 4%4% 5% France3%3% 3%Australia3%3% 3% Russia2%2% 2%Sweden 2%2% 2% 13 14. GEOGRAPHY OF OPEN SOURCETakhteyev/Hilts, u of toronto 2010CITY USERS CONTRIBUTORS CONTRIBUTIONSSan Fancisco7%7% 9%NYC 4%4% 4% London 4%4% 3% Tokyo3%3% 3% Boston 2%2% 3% Seattle2%2% 2%Chicago 2%2% 2% Washington DC2%2% 2% Los Angeles2%2% 2%Paris 2%2% 2%14 15. SOME* PROMINENT NYC FOSS PROJECTSSOME* PROMINENT NYC FOSS PROJECTSVIA NYC HACK AND TELL mongodb pandas brubeck core (ocaml) backbone.js syphon clojurescript cinder schematics giter8 coffeescript unfiltered nodejitsu packages twofishes statsd beautiful soup * THERE ARE MANY, MANY MORE 15 16. what is OPEN SOURCE doing for nyc? enabling companies to start small for little $$ enabling invividuals and teams to become prominent as contributors attracting talent changing our engineering culture to one of openness and collaboration teaching us about centralized vs. decentralized collaboration16 17. centralized vs decentralizedmodels for fossmysqlpostgresql centralized decentralized always run by a company or bdfl no bdfl now owned by evil megacorp not owned by any company or entity has resulted in many forks run by loose consortium of individuals future unification uncertain 17 18. what is NYC doing for OPEN SOURCE? leading the charge on municipal open data (nyc open data) MEDIA, FINANCE, FASHION, LOCATION, mobile attracting talented leaders NYC bigapps cornell tech campus diversifying the tax base, away from finance18 19. investment and hiring &gt; 1000 active cos hundreds hiring most foss-based many contributing to foss 19 20. where have we BEEN? ups and downs.1995 - 2000: first wave of internet companies 2000: dot-com bubble burst 2001: 9/11 2008: lehman failure and economic disaster 2000 - 2010: second wave, media tech (doubleclick, huffpo, engadget, gizmodo) 2007 - 2011: only region in the country to see increase in tech vc 2012: superstorm sandy now: third wave of successful startups (4sq, meetup, omgpop, etsy, gilt...)20 21. where are we headed? the future is extremely bright more community around nyc foss projects growth of nyc foss founding and contribution more large companies supporting these ideas more talent and innovation in nyc21 22. WHAT we all must do! find a help/mentoring opportunity start a project join a project talk about a project blog about something you discovered hack in person22 23. ABOVE ALL, keep perspctive andHAVE FUn inventing! 23 24. OPEN TECH NYC 2013NYC INNOVATION STACKMEETUP culture engineering talent science, tech, math educationstartups using and building fossestablished companies building foss forward-thinking government active investors at all tiers24 25. happify: a nyc company engineering talent in our technologies we love nyc, raising families here access to media companies smart, long investors need for happiness! 25 26. thank contact me:andy parsonsyou! 26 </p>