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Project 3 part 3 habits


  • HabitsThey make us or break us

    Denition of Habit. Lets memorize it!!Habits are things we do repeatedly. But most of the time we do it unconsciously. They are on autopilot. Habits can either make us or break us

    Habits that can be life changingCheck o habits you have


    List habits that you haveEX: You brush your teeth six times a day. / You read every night.

    Now circles the ones that really matter in your life

    I read booksI write journals and notes of your thoughts, ideas, and feeling.I can talk about my ideas, opinions, and goals clearlyI invest in my education about..........I can talk about............./ I specialize in.......


    I eat healthy I exercise enough I sleep enough I smoke I am addicted to

    Relationship I have important friends I spend time with people that are important to me I can empathize and see things from other peoples shoes

    Finance I have nancial knowledge I save money I use my money wisely

  • be excellent at / exceptionally good be good atbe some what good atbe kind ofbe not really good atI need to improve on

    regularly / consistently have a lot of / kind of / sort of dont have a lot ofhardly evernever

    Add the phrases below to talk express your habits better

    What are your habits like right now.I consistently read books to acquire more knowledge and information. I also keep track of all of my ideas and thoughts by writing it in my journal. I feel I am exceptionally good at talking about my ideas and opinions. I think education is the most important thing so I regularly invest in my education.

    I need to improve on what I eat. I have very little time to eat so I dont eat a proper meal. I am young now so my body can take it but my body is starting to show signs that I need to take care of myself more. I hardly ever exercise so I am out of shape and I get very little sleep so I always feel tired. Luckily I am not addicted to anything and I dont smoke. I have a lot of important friends but I dont have a lot of time to spend with them. Every year I meet someone thats life changing. I wish I could spend more time meeting people and making lasting relationship with them. In order to make lasting relationship I need to improve on listening and empathizing skill. I need to see things from the speakers point of view.

    As for finance, I am some what good at managing my money. I have a lot of financial knowledge so I am not worried about my retirement. I feel I am good at using my money because I usually never spend it on just simple self gratification

    What you could beI feel that I could make changes in my health and my relationships. I need to take care of myself more or I will probably get sick. I would like to eat more vegetables and rest on weekends. I want to be t so I can do a lot of outdoor sports. I would like to go out and enjoy nature once a week to unwind. I would like to spend more quality time with people I love. Listening to them more and nding out what they are really like. I also want to become valuable for many people. I want to be the go-to-guy for people. I want to help people with my knowledge and experience. Eventually, I would like to become wealthy. I would like to become wealthy enough so I dont have to worry about money. I would also like to use that money to make this world a better place for everyone and especially for the next generation.

    acquire keep track exceptionally proper meal show signs can take it out of shape life changing

    make lasting relationship listening and empathizing skill speakers point of view simple self gratication t unwind valuable go-to-guy

    Prepare what you will talk about in class. What are your habits now and what kind of habits can you work on?