Parshat Shemot Dvar Torah

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" Parshat Shemot Dani Freidus

Exodus, the second book of the ,unsurprisingly deals with Israel's departure from the land of Egypt. The first of the book, Shemot, tells the story of the birth of Moshe Rabeinu and his rise to the station of leader of the people. At the beginning of the sedra, we are introduced to a new king who has risen to power over Egypt. This new Pharaoh, feeling threatened by the large Israelite presence in the land, instigates many harsh decrees to their detriment. However, the more they oppressed them, the more they multiplied and spread out, and they [the Egyptians] loathed the children of Israel. Thus, Pharaoh ordered that every son who is born throw him into the river! At the start of the second perek, the tells that there went a man of the house of Levi . The Gemarah in Sotah has an interesting idea on this . )( >