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<ul><li><p>By Guv Callahan</p><p>Pentagram Staff Writer</p><p>Joint Base Myer-Henderson</p><p>Hall is once again participating</p><p>in the Feds Feed Families</p><p>campaign, helping to collect</p><p>nonperishable food items and</p><p>hygiene products for donation</p><p>to local food banks.</p><p>The food drive began June</p><p>1 and will continue through</p><p>Aug. 31. Employees can bring</p><p>donations to one of several</p><p>drop-off locations on the Fort</p><p>Myer portion of the joint base:</p><p>The Commissary - Bldg. 523,</p><p>the Fitness Center - Bldg.</p><p>414, the Exchange, Bldg.</p><p>450 and Buildings 202, 203,</p><p>205, 417 and 59.</p><p>On the Fort McNair portion</p><p>of the joint base, bring nonper-</p><p>ishable food items to National</p><p>Defense University, Marshall</p><p>Hall - Bldg. 62, National War</p><p>College Bldg. 61, Dwight D.</p><p>Eisenhower School - Bldg. 59,</p><p>Lincoln Hall - Bldg. 64, Inter-</p><p>American Defense College</p><p>- Bldg. 50, Military District</p><p>of Washington Headquarters -</p><p>Bldg. 39, the Shoppette - Bldg.</p><p>43, the StateDepartment Federal</p><p>Credit Union - Bldg. 41 and the</p><p>Fitness Center Bldg. 69.</p><p>Like last year, the Commissary</p><p>on the Fort Myer Portion of the</p><p>joint base will also sell prepack-</p><p>aged brown bags filled with items</p><p>selected from the programs</p><p>most-needed list.</p><p>We have bigger, more promi-</p><p>nent displays for the $10 bags,</p><p>said GildaDavis, JBM-HH com-</p><p>missary secretary. We also have</p><p>drop buckets for folks donating</p><p>one or two items.</p><p>ButDavis noted that shes seen</p><p>people go above and beyond since</p><p>the program opened. Customers</p><p>have been filling up bags much</p><p>larger than the $10 option on</p><p>their own, with some receipts</p><p>JBM-HH collects food for the</p><p>needy through Feds Feed Families</p><p>Vol. 62, No. 26 July 2, 2015 Published For Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall</p><p>Pentagram</p><p>Index Local forecast</p><p>Throwback Thursday. . . . . . . . . . page 2</p><p>Community . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 3</p><p>Holiday message . . . . . . . . . . . . page 3</p><p>News notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 5</p><p>MPD FAQs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 5</p><p>Independence Day hours . . . . . . page 6</p><p>Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 9</p><p>THURS.</p><p>85 | 70</p><p>FRI.</p><p>78 | 70</p><p>SAT.</p><p>81 | 70</p><p>SUN.</p><p>84 | 71</p><p>For more weather forecasts and information, visit</p><p>By Guv Callahan</p><p>Pentagram Staff Writer</p><p>The Memorial Chapel on</p><p>the Fort Myer portion of Joint</p><p>BaseMyer-Henderson Hall will</p><p>host the third installment in its</p><p>Moral Leadership Luncheon</p><p>series July 7.</p><p>Attendees will be treated to</p><p>a free lunch in the Fellowship</p><p>Hall and then participate in an</p><p>informal presentation from guest</p><p>speaker Army Lt. Gen. James C.</p><p>McConville, U.S. Army deputy</p><p>chief of staff, G-1.</p><p>JBM-HHChap. (Maj.) Fred</p><p>Wendel conceived the program</p><p>when he was stationed on Fort</p><p>McPherson in Atlanta, Ga.,</p><p>and is excited to incorporate</p><p>the quarterly event into the joint</p><p>base community.</p><p>The presentation is unlike</p><p>other command presentations</p><p>in that it is a more informal,</p><p>personal atmosphere, Wendel</p><p>told the Pentagram.</p><p>Its getting key leaders to</p><p>give a presentation on leader-</p><p>ship and its moral aspects, he</p><p>said. Its meant to be a pre-</p><p>sentation thats more personal.</p><p>Theyre giving their professional</p><p>understanding of leadership but</p><p>in a more personal kind of way.</p><p>The atmosphere we provide is</p><p>more relaxed.</p><p>The two previous speakers</p><p>in the quarterly series were</p><p>Maj. Gen. Jeffrey S. Buchanan,</p><p>former commanding general of</p><p>Get a different perspective at JBM-HH</p><p>Moral Leadership Luncheon series</p><p>see LEADERSHIP, page 4</p><p>News Notes</p><p>AIE system</p><p>upgrades ongoing</p><p>The Automated Installation</p><p>Entry system (AIE II Plus)</p><p>will undergo testing begin-</p><p>ning July 6 until July 17.</p><p>Personnel accessing Joint</p><p>Base Myer Henderson-Hall</p><p>through Fort Myers Wright</p><p>Gate and Henderson Halls</p><p>Gate 1 may experience minor</p><p>delays. Drivers who are DoD</p><p>ID cardholders accessing those</p><p>gates will have their ID card</p><p>scanned on hand-held devices</p><p>or will be instructed to use the</p><p>electronic pedestal. Testing</p><p>is necessary to confirm the</p><p>functionality of the system</p><p>in order to minimize delays</p><p>at the gates when the system</p><p>goes live across the joint base.</p><p>A date for full implementation</p><p>of the AIE II Plus system will</p><p>be determined after successful</p><p>testing has been validated.</p><p>Red, white and BBQ</p><p>Enjoy the Family and</p><p>Mora le , Wel fa re and</p><p>Recreations all-American</p><p>barbecue at the Officers</p><p>Club on the Fort McNair</p><p>portion of the joint base July</p><p>4. Gates open at 4 p.m. and</p><p>barbecue will be served at 5</p><p>p.m.Watch the fireworks from</p><p>a great setting at dusk. Open</p><p>tomembers and non-members</p><p>alike. Enjoy family fun, good</p><p>food and a waterfront view.</p><p>Price is $24 per person before</p><p>July 3; $26 per person at the</p><p>gate. Formore information and</p><p>to sign up, call 202-484-5800.</p><p>Red, white and pool</p><p>Spend the Independence</p><p>Day poolside at the Officers</p><p>Club on the FortMyer portion</p><p>By Damien Salas</p><p>Pentagram</p><p>Staff Writer</p><p>Due to high summer</p><p>demand for servicessuch as</p><p>help with Permanent Change</p><p>of Station (PCS) orders the</p><p>Joint Base Myer-Henderson</p><p>Hall Military Personnel</p><p>Division is streamlining its</p><p>business processes by getting</p><p>the word out to Soldiers about</p><p>who can help them PCS on a</p><p>quick turnaround, according</p><p>to JBM-HHHumanResources</p><p>Director Ken Washington.</p><p>The MPD office in Bldg.</p><p>202 on theFortMyer portion of</p><p>JBM-HHprovides services for</p><p>about 8,000 Soldiers, retirees,</p><p>civilians and family members</p><p>in the NCR, and during the</p><p>summer the Army asks more</p><p>of those Soldiers to relocate</p><p>with short notice, he said.</p><p>Around this time, there</p><p>is a greater demand for our</p><p>services, said Washington</p><p>in a June 25 interview with</p><p>the Pentagram. This time</p><p>of year Soldiers are moving to</p><p>and from different locations</p><p>around the worldsome-</p><p>times in a little more than</p><p>see NEWS NOTES, page 5</p><p>see FEED, page 4</p><p>see MPD, page 4</p><p>America, the beautiful</p><p>Celebrating Independence Day</p><p>MPD leadership:</p><p>Help available</p><p>to aid summer</p><p>reassignment</p><p>surge</p><p>Viewed from Whipple</p><p>Field on Joint Base Myer-</p><p>Henderson Hall, fire-</p><p>works explode over the</p><p>Washington, D.C., skyline</p><p>for Independence Day</p><p>July 4, 2013. Each year,</p><p>hundreds gather on and</p><p>near the joint base to</p><p>view the fireworks show,</p><p>which often illuminates</p><p>the sky enough to make</p><p>out D.C. landmarks,</p><p>such as the Washington</p><p>Monument and theCapitol</p><p>Building. Additionally,</p><p>the Presidential Salute</p><p>Battery will fire a</p><p>50-round salute at noon</p><p>at Whipple Field on the</p><p>Fort Myer portion of</p><p>JBM-HH on Independence</p><p>Day to celebrate the</p><p>nations history. For a</p><p>listing of JBM-HH holiday</p><p>weekend operating hours,</p><p>see page 6.</p><p>PHOTO BY RACHEL LARUE</p><p>PHOTO BY DAMIEN SALAS</p><p>One of several drop-off locations on the Fort Myer portion of</p><p>JBM-HH for the annual Feds Feed Families campaign located</p><p>in the Commissary. Like last year, the Commissary on the Fort</p><p>Myer portion of the joint base will also be selling prepackaged</p><p>brown bags filled with items selected from the programs most-</p><p>needed list.</p></li><li><p>2 Thursday, July 2, 2015 PENTAGRAM</p><p>Stay connected! Facebook: Flickr: Twitter: @jbmhh Slideshare:</p><p>Pentagram</p><p>Col. Michael D.</p><p>Henderson</p><p>Commander</p><p>Command Sgt. Maj.</p><p>Randall E. Woods</p><p>Command Sergeant Major</p><p>Mary Ann Hodges</p><p>Director of Public Affairs</p><p>Sharon Walker</p><p>Command</p><p>Information Ofcer</p><p>Jim Goodwin</p><p>Editor</p><p>james.m.goodwin3.civ@</p><p></p><p>Julia LeDoux</p><p>Staff Writer</p><p></p><p>Guv Callahan</p><p>Staff Writer</p><p></p><p>Damien Salas</p><p>Staff Writer</p><p></p><p>Helen Klein</p><p>Graphic Designer</p><p></p><p>703-696-5401</p><p></p><p>The Pentagram is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of the Pentagram are not necessarily the official views of</p><p>the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, Department of the Navy, or Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall. The content of</p><p>this publication is the responsibility of the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Public Affairs Office. Pictures not otherwise credited are U.S. Army photographs.</p><p>News items should be submitted to the Pentagram, 204 Lee Ave., Bldg. 59, Fort Myer, VA 22211-1199. They may also be e-mailed to james.m.goodwin3.</p><p> Circulation of 24,000 is printed by offset every Thursday as a civilian enterprise newspaper by Comprint Military Publications. Comprint Military</p><p>Publications is located at 9030 Comprint Court, Gaithersburg, MD 20877. Telephone (301) 921-2800. Commercial advertising should be placed with the</p><p>printer. Comprint Military Publications is a private firm in no way connected with the Department of the Army or Department of the Navy. The appearance of</p><p>advertisements in this publication, to include all inserts and supplements, does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of the Army or Department</p><p>of the Navy of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use, or patronage without</p><p>regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser,</p><p>user or patron. A confirmed violation of this policy of equal opportunity by an advertiser shall result in the refusal to print advertising from that source.</p><p>Four Vietnam-era Soldiers laid to rest</p><p>This week in military history</p><p>Compiled by Jim Goodwin</p><p>Editor, Pentagram</p><p>July 2</p><p>1926:</p><p>Congress passes Public Law 446 (44 Stat. 780), establishing the</p><p>Soldiers Medal, which is awarded for heroic acts not performed</p><p>during combat operations, according to an entry on theThisDay</p><p>in Military History website.</p><p>July 3</p><p>1775:</p><p>GeorgeWashington rides to the front of American troops gathered</p><p>at Cambridge Common in Massachusetts, and formally takes</p><p>command of theContinental Army, drawing his sword, according</p><p>to an entry on the This Day in Military History website.</p><p>July 4</p><p>1776:</p><p>TheContinentalCongress approves adoption of theDeclaration of</p><p>Independence, whichwas prepared byThomas Jefferson, without</p><p>dissent, according to an entry on theThisDay inMilitaryHistory</p><p>website. President of theContinental Congress, JohnHancock, is</p><p>the first to sign the document. Charles Thomson, the Congress</p><p>secretary, also signed the document.</p><p>July 5</p><p>1861:</p><p>In southwesternMissouri, the first large-scale engagement of the</p><p>Civil War begins, triggering an escalation in aggression between</p><p>Union andConfederate forces, according to an entry on theThis</p><p>Day in Military History website.</p><p>July 6</p><p>1747:</p><p>Birth of famednaval legend JohnPaul Jones inArbigland, Scotland,</p><p>according to an entry on Jones was appointed to the</p><p>ContinentalNavy in 1775, and ismost famous for his quote during</p><p>the battle between the Frigate BonhommeRichard and theHMS</p><p>Serapis on Sept. 23, 1779: Ive not yet begun to fight!</p><p>July 7</p><p>1941:</p><p>TheMarineCorps 1stMarineAircraftWing is activated atMarine</p><p>Corps BaseQuantico, Va. Less than a year later, theWing would</p><p>be part of the offensive at Guadalcanal, according to an entry on</p><p>the Marine Corps History Division website. The battle was one</p><p>ofmany that would distinguish the 1stMAWs combat-hardened</p><p>reputation. The Wing saw combat in World War II, Korea and</p><p>Vietnam, earning five Presidential Unit Citations for gallantry</p><p>during those campaigns.</p><p>July 8</p><p>1944:</p><p>MarineCorps Sgt.Grant F.Timmerman is posthumously awarded</p><p>the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions on this day during the</p><p>Battle of Saipan inWorldWar II, according to an entry on Navy.</p><p>mil. Timmermanwas serving as a tank commanderwhen his tank</p><p>was halted by Japanese combatants, who hurled a grenade inside</p><p>the tank. Timmerman held the grenade to his chest, absorbing</p><p>the blast, sacrificing his own life to save others.</p><p>JBM-HH Throwback Thursday</p><p>#JBMHHTBT</p><p>Reading the Declaration of</p><p>Independence by John Nixon, from</p><p>the steps of Independence Hall,</p><p>Philadelphia, July 8, 1776. This</p><p>drawing, by E.A. Abbey, was pub-</p><p>lished in Harpers Weekly.</p><p>PHOTO COURTESY OF THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS</p><p>OFFICIAL U.S. ARMY PHOTOGRAPH</p><p>An archived image of families sitting on Whipple Field on the Fort Myer</p><p>portion of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall as they wait for the annual</p><p>Independence Day fireworks over the National Mall. Though the photo is not</p><p>dated, it is believed to have been taken in the late 80s.</p><p>ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY PHOTO BY RACHEL LARUE</p><p>U.S. Army Capt. Carson Filipowski, right, presents an American flag to Peter Ramos, half-brother of U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 3 Rainer S. Ramos, during</p><p>a graveside service in Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery, June 17. Four Soldiers - U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 3 James L. Phipps, Ramos, Staff Sgt.</p><p>Warren Newton and Spc. Fred J. Secrist - went missing during the Vietnam War and were buried as a group in a single casket. According to the Department of</p><p>Defense, On Jan. 9, 1968, the crew was on a mission over Quang Tin Province (now part of Quang Nam Province), South Vietnam, when the Huey was struck by</p><p>ground fire, causing it to crash and explode in a North Vietnamese bunker and trench system. The crew was declared missing in action. On Jan. 20, 1968, a U.S.</p><p>led team recovered the body of Secrist and he was returned to his family for burial.</p><p>PHOTO BY RACHEL LARUE</p><p>People on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Halls Whipple Field wait for the fire-</p><p>works to begin above Washington, D.C., July 4, 2013.</p></li><li><p>PENTAGRAM Thursday, July 2, 2015 3</p><p>Community</p><p>By Lt. Gen. David</p><p>Halverson and Command</p><p>Sgt. Maj. Jeff Hartless</p><p>U.S. Army Installation</p><p>Management Command</p><p>July Fourth is a great occasion</p><p>in our country and a day to cel-</p><p>ebrate with patriotism.</p><p>John Adams, the first vice</p><p>president and second president</p><p>of the United States, helped write</p><p>the Declaration of Independence.</p><p>He said, I am apt to believe</p><p>that it will be celebrated by suc-</p><p>ceeding generations as the great</p><p>anniversary festival. It ought to</p><p>be solemnized with pomp and</p><p>parade, with shows, games,</p><p>sports, guns, bells, bonfires and</p><p>illuminations from one end of this</p><p>continent to the other.</p><p>Independence Day remains</p><p>a national celebration just as</p><p>President Adams predicted. We</p><p>encourage you to celebrate in</p><p>the spirit of independence and</p><p>patriotism that has endured for</p><p>239 years. As Army professionals</p><p>who protect our freedom, wemust</p><p>remain aware of the risks present</p><p>at July 4 festivities.</p><p>Outdoor activities are a source</p><p>of sunburn and heat injuries.</p><p>Drink plenty of water and take</p><p>frequent breaks when working</p><p>or playing in hot weather. Water</p><p>activities are also popular during</p><p>the July Fourth weekend. Wear</p><p>life jackets while boating, swim</p><p>only in supervised areas and obey</p><p>posted signs.</p><p>Pay attention to weather con-</p><p>ditions and get out of the water</p><p>at the first sign of bad weather.</p><p>Alcohol doesnt mix with</p><p>boating, swimming or driving.</p><p>Watch your consumption and</p><p>dont drink if you will operate any</p><p>type of vehicle. Give a responsible</p><p>person details on where you will</p><p>be and how long you will be gone</p><p>for added safety.</p><p>Enjoy Independence Day as</p><p>you celebrate with family and</p><p>friends. Please be safe because</p><p>our nation needs each one of</p><p>us to support and defend this</p><p>great country.</p><p>Once a Soldier, always a</p><p>Soldier. Soldier for Life!</p><p>IMCOM leaders:</p><p>Independence Day cause</p><p>to celebrate, but safely</p><p>By Georg...</p></li></ul>