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<ul><li><p>Business Profile </p><p>Pentagram Consul2ng Pvt. Ltd. empowering your winning teams</p></li><li><p>About Us</p><p>Pentagram Consul2ng is one of a top HR consul2ng company in India with a mission that is simple yet powerful - We bring winners together </p><p> Founded in the year 2008; An ISO 9001;2008 and ISO 27001:2013 cerCfied; A TIE and NASSCOM Member. </p><p> A young and fast growing HR consulCng company with dedicated service line in Permanent Recruitment, Temporary Staffing, Background VerificaCon, Payroll Processing and Labor Law Compliance Management. </p><p> Specialized recruitment services firm with domain exper2se in Consul2ng, Knowledge Management and ITeS helping clients in meeCng their hiring goals at PAN India level. </p><p> Preferred vendor to consulCng clients, to name a few - Bain Consul2ng, BCG, EY India, KPMG, DeloiQe, Genpact, Axis Risk Consul2ng, Mazars Advisory, Sapient, CIANS AnalyCcs, etc. </p><p> Driven by a team of XLRI Alumni and industry professionals, with more than two decades naConal &amp; internaConal experience of talent management. </p><p>According to the Harvard Business Review, 80 percent of turnover is caused by bad hiring decisions. These are costly mistakes! </p></li><li><p>What we offer?As leading HR consultants in India, we understand the fact that the success and growth of an organizaCon is very much dependent on its people. Our endeavor is always to provide best-fit HR consulCng soluCons, by offering services throught following domain expert business units. </p><p>Pentagram Consul2ng is a core recruitement &amp; HR solu2ons business unit of the Company, which offers permanent recruitment services, learning &amp; development services and other HR SoluCons. Our recruitment search is built on rigorous research and deep understanding about candidates skill sets, knowledge of clients industry challenges and service experience in fields of IT, ITeS, ConsulCng specifically Big4, KPO, BPO, FMCG, Retail and Electronics industry. </p><p>We understand the importance of well designed learning and development programs for nurturing and retaining great professionals. Our wide range of flexible and customized staff training modules enables you to get the best out of your employees in a cost effecCve manner. </p><p>Pentagram Premium is CXO execu2ve search services business unit of the Company with domain experCse in conducCng premium execuCve search assignments at the Board Director, C-level and funcConal Vice President levels. </p><p>Pentagram Staffing is temporary staffing services business unit of the Company with experCse in offering contract staff services by meeCng all regulatory payroll and labour law compliances </p><p>Pentagram Secure is ethical &amp; process driven background verifica2on services business unit of the Company with domain experCse in address checks, employment checks, educaCon checks, reference checks and police verificaCon of employees, vendors and other stakeholders </p></li><li><p>What specific is in it for you?Pentagram Consul2ng is serving Big4s Consul2ng Clients for almost a decade thus understand the client culture, hiring processes, consulCng assignment pressure and consulCng talent demand. </p><p>We a ready to empower you by; Specialized recruitment services - Our extensive database and qualified professionals with </p><p>experCse in different fields make it easier to deliver specialized execuCve search services in following service lines (end-to-end); Knowledge Management Skills covering Data AnalyCcs, Primary &amp; Secondary Business Research, Data </p><p>Management, etc. InformaCon Technology including Soeware SoluCons, ERP SoluCon, Business Intelligence, Forensic </p><p>Technology Services, etc. Compliance Services covering Tax Compliances, Legal &amp; Regulatory compliances, HR compliances, etc. Business Excellence Advisory covering Revenue RecogniCon, Supply Chain OpCmizaCon, Business </p><p>AnalyCcs, Capital Projects, etc. Management Services including Management InformaCon Systems, Payroll, Working Capital, Banking, </p><p>etc. Risk Advisory covering Enterprise Risk, Contract Risks, Fraud Risk, Risk Strategy, InvesCgaCons, etc. M&amp;A Services, TransacCon structuring, ValuaCon &amp; Business Modeling, Corporate restructuring, etc. </p><p> Best fit to Role &amp; Work culture - We make sure that the individual not only fits the stated role profile but also your work culture. </p><p> Reduces admin burden - We alleviate the administraCve burden of recruiCng, evaluaCng, screening, and interviewing and inducCon of full-Cme employees into the Clients Business. </p><p> Dedicated team - We give every client a dedicated personal level of service; our skilled recruiters are available 24x7. </p><p> Confiden2ality We maintain complete confidenCality of our clients assignments. </p></li><li><p>How Pentagram brings values to you? </p><p>Pentagram Consul2ng is one of Indias specialized HR Consul2ng Company, with more than a decades experCse in talent acquisiCon. </p><p>Our Recruitment Services are built on rigorous research and deep understanding about candidates skill sets, knowledge of clients industry challenges and more than decades of pracCcal service experience. Further our experCse in offering contract staff services by meeCng all regulatory compliances helps clients off-burden them from end-to-end administraCve pains of hiring and separaCon of temporary staff and remain focus on their core business acCviCes. </p><p>Our specialized services and the knack to deliver significant results under most demanding situaCons has earned us oodles of apprecia2on from our clients, name a few Bain Consul2ng, E&amp;Y, KPMG, DeloiQe, Mazars, The Smart Cube, Sapient, JLT, EXL, BCG, Genpact, Headstrong, AXIS Consul2ng, LAVA, Incedo Inc, Blue Star, Barco Electronic, Future Group, etc. </p><p>We are catering to most of our clients at Pan India level across all service lines and funcConal across posiCon levelsfrom Consultant to Director. </p><p>We pracCce eithical and transperant work rela2onship with clients and within our organsiCon for honest and lasCng business associaCons. </p></li><li><p>Our ClientsWe are among top two performing vendor among our clients and been rewarded as a STAR PERFORMER by some of them since last few years. </p></li><li><p>Leadership Team very experienced professionals</p><p> Dheeraj is a Chartered Accountant and XLRI (Jamshedpur) Alumni He has been in CFO role over 10 years with overall 20+ years multi-industry experience in India and aboard in diverse industries like FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Media and Alco-beverages.. He has held CXO and Senior management positions in India, UK, Hong Kong and Myanmar in companies Cadbury Schweppes-UK, Foster's Group-Australia, Dr. Reddy's Lab-India, Carlsberg Group-Denmark, etc. He was also on the board of Carlsberg Group subsidiaries in India and abroad, advised and partnered various start-up businesses by setting up business &amp; people policies, organization design and establishment of teams. He has been involved with early stage companies as mentor, angle investor and Board Director. Dheeraj utilizes his CFO and board senior level experience to help build leadership team in broad range of industries. He also advises on organization design, talent development for leadership roles and succession with specialization in Finance function </p><p> Sandhya is a Law Graduate and XLRI (Jamshedpur) Alumni She is an Entrepreneur and Talent Management professional with 10+years of consultancy Industry experience. She founded Pentagram Consulting, a rapidly expanding and highly reputed executive search firm in 2008, with a footprint getting stronger year-on-year. She helps clients to build high performance leadership teams and mamange talent effectively. She, with her extensive experience in executive search, has lead successful domestic search engagements for large Indian &amp; Multinational corporations across multiple industry and functional disciplines. She lead client service across wide ranging verticals &amp; geographies such as Business Consulting, Finance Consulting, Information &amp; Technology, have expanded to work in Research &amp; Analytics, Outsourcing (KPO, BPO &amp; LPO) and making forays into FMCG, Consumer Durables, Manufacturing, Auto, Pharma Industries., Telecom, etc. </p><p>Sandhya MISHRA Managing Partner </p><p>Dheeraj MISHRA Managing Partner </p></li><li><p>Our Strength</p><p>Our Team Pentagram Consul2ng is run by a vivacious young team of B.Tech &amp; MBAs qualified recruitment professional with an incredible entrepreneurial zest and a burning desire to consistently exceed clients expectaCons by going above and beyond the call of duty. </p><p>Technical Competence Pentagram Consul2ng follows a Digital CCTS (Candidate Client Tracking System) process where we retain the enCre history of our candidates and a series of conversaCons they have had with us over the years. </p><p>Personnel Quality The quality of our candidates is what sets us apart. Our extensive database houses the best of pedigree professionals who are proficient in their respecCve domains and have gone thorough our rigorous screening procedure. </p><p>Business Process and Effec2veness Our Process is highly flexible and scalable to accommodate your hiring goals and ensure your success. It ensures constantly get beher candidate quality and decrease the Cme-to-hire at the same Cme at radically lower your costs </p></li><li><p>Our Recruitment Methodology</p><p>1. ENGAGE Meet with client Understand, advise and develop role profile Understand, advice and develop target </p><p>candidate populaCon Define candidate competencies relevant to </p><p>market Design method to search Delivery submit proposal and get client agreement 2. SOURCE Research and define candidate populaCon </p><p>and market map Approach candidate within target network Launch and manage addiConal adverCsing </p><p>when required AcCve feedback to client on acCvity and </p><p>progress Delivery Update on progress </p><p> 3. ASSESS CV screening Detailed iniCal assessment via teleconference </p><p>and/or Skype Face to face behavior based interview Face to face detailed competency assessment Psychometric profiling as per client Reference check Delivery Candidate report and shortlist presenta9on 4. DELIVER Produce candidate report Present short list to client. AcCve feedback. Support client assessment Support compensaCon negoCaCon and offer 5. SUPPORT Support candidate through resignaCon and </p><p>onboarding Post placement care </p></li><li><p>Our Vision &amp; Values</p><p>Our Vision To specialize in chosen field, with best in class service delivery. Our Values: We are judged, collecCvely and individually, by the return we provide to our shareholders. We choose to provide that return with the following values: </p><p>We are personally responsible for our acCons, outcomes and reputaCon. We build strong relaConships and create Pentagram Values in everything </p><p>we do. </p><p>We own and resolve customer and candidate issues with urgency. We treat every customer, employee and supplier with respect and integrity. We conCnuously seek opportuniCes to innovate and improve the </p><p>Pentagram experience. </p></li><li><p>Our Ethics PolicyPentagram Consul2ng is commihed to run business ethically and want to ensure that we act responsibly, and in accordance with integrity, legal and other internaConally recognized standards. We shall treat every customer, employee and supplier with respect and integrity </p><p>Compliance with applicable laws and standards All business acCviCes of Pentagram ConsulCng must, at a minimum, comply with the United NaCons Universal DeclaraCon of Human Rights and all internaConal, naConal and local legal requirements relaCng to consulCng services and employment. </p><p>Bribery Pentagram ConsulCng shall not give, directly or indirectly, money or anything of value to any person in posiCon of influence, government or government official in connecCon with the performance of the services. </p><p>Employment prac2ces Equal opportuni2es Pentagram ConsulCng should not discriminate against their Personnel based on race, colour, gender, sexual orientaCon, language, religion, poliCcal or other opinion, naConal or social origin or age. Personnel should not be subjected to sexual harassment or other forms of inCmidaCon. </p><p>Health and Safety Pentagram ConsulCng should provide their Personnel with safe and healthy working condiCons. At a minimum, drinking water, adequate venClaCon, fire exits, access to emergency medical care and appropriately lit work staCons must be provided. </p><p>Elimina2on of child labour Pentagram ConsulCng should not employ children under the legal working age and should not support child labour in any form. </p><p>Fair employment terms Pentagram ConsulCng should make systemaCc efforts to ensure that they use fair employment terms. In parCcular this includes: Forced labour: Pentagram ConsulCng will accept no use whatsoever of prison or forced labour by itself or by a supplier. Wages: Personnel must be fairly compensated and provided with wages that meet or exceed legal or industry minimum standards and are sufficient to meet basic human needs in the applicable community. Working hours: Pentagram ConsulCng must comply with applicable laws and industry standards on working hours. Development: Pentagram ConsulCng should provide their Personnel with opportuniCes to develop their skills, capabiliCes and knowledge. Communica2on to Personnel Pentagram ConsulCng should ensure awareness and compliance by all relevant Personnel within their organizaCon, if necessary in local language. </p><p>Compliance Pentagram ConsulCng prioriCzes business relaCons with customer and suppliers that follow these terms and condiCons. </p></li><li><p>Contact us</p><p>Sandhya MISHRA | Managing Partner Cell +91 9717091425 </p><p>Birendra Nath PANDEY | Business Development Head Cell +91 9911206538 </p><p> </p><p>Pentagram Consul2ng Pvt Ltd Registered Office: </p><p>73, NaConal Park, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi 110024 </p><p>Corporate Office: Second Floor, B-99, </p><p>Sector 63, Noida 201307 - U.P. India Phone(Board): +91-120-4286790 </p></li></ul>