Piano-Vocal Key: C (SATB) Kelley, Meg, Nick ?œœœœ œœœœœ œ. Ev-enwhenthejur-y and thejudge. ww w. 25. œ œ. œ≈œœ œ œ. C. œ œ œœœ œœœœœ œ œœ. sayyou'vegot aright to hold a grudge

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<ul><li><p>&amp;?4444</p><p> j </p><p>w</p><p>CMedium Rock q = 89</p><p>P w</p><p> j ww</p><p>Fma7</p><p>&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> 4</p><p>ww</p><p> Ooh-ah - oh. Ooh-ah -</p><p>BGV's</p><p> j </p><p>w</p><p>C</p><p> j joh. Ooh-ah - oh, oh.</p><p> w</p><p>&amp;&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p>Ooh-ah - oh. Ooh-ah -</p><p> j </p><p>7</p><p>ww</p><p>Fma7</p><p> 1. It's the</p><p> j joh. Ooh-ah - oh, oh.</p><p> ww</p><p> hard-est thing to give a - way and the</p><p> j jww</p><p>C</p><p>1 Verse</p><p>Key: C</p><p>Forgiveness(based on the recording from the Matthew West album "Into The Light")</p><p>www.praisecharts.com/24451Matthew West</p><p>Arr. by Dan Galbraith</p><p> 2012 External Combustion Music | Songs for Delaney | Songs of Southside Independent Music Publishing (All admin. by Word Music Group, Inc. [obo Warner/Chappell Music, LLC]) |</p><p>All rights reserved. Used by permission. CCLI #6423944Duplication of this music is not allowed except under the terms outlined at www.praisecharts.com/copyright.</p><p>Piano-Vocal(SATB)</p><p>Jim MolinaKelley, Meg, Nick</p><p>Jim MolinaAnthony - lead</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p></li><li><p>&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> . rlast thing on your mind to - day. It</p><p> j j10</p><p>ww</p><p> al - ways goes to those who don't de-serve.</p><p> j jwww</p><p>F6</p><p>&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> It's the</p><p> j j12</p><p>www</p><p> op - po - site of how you feel. When the</p><p> j jww</p><p>Cadd9</p><p>&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> pain they caused is just too real takes</p><p> j j14</p><p>ww</p><p> . ev - 'ry - thing you have to say the word.</p><p> j jwww</p><p>F6</p><p>Piano-Vocal(SATB)</p><p>Forgiveness - page 2 of 11 Key: C</p></li><li><p>&amp;&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> For-give - ness.</p><p>w16</p><p>ww</p><p>Ooh-ah - oh. Ooh-ah -BGV's</p><p> j jw</p><p>C</p><p>F</p><p> For - give - ness.</p><p> j joh. Ooh-ah - oh, oh.</p><p> j jw</p><p>&amp;&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p>Ooh-ah - oh. Ooh-ah -</p><p> j j19</p><p>w</p><p>Fadd9</p><p> rIt</p><p> j joh. Ooh-ah - oh, oh.</p><p> j jw</p><p> flies in the face of all your pride. It</p><p>www . </p><p>C</p><p>2 Verse</p><p>&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> moves a-way the mad in - side. It's</p><p> .. 22 . </p><p> al-ways an - ger's own worst en-e-my</p><p>www . </p><p>FC</p><p> ... </p><p> . </p><p>Piano-Vocal(SATB)</p><p>Forgiveness - page 3 of 11 Key: C</p><p>Jim MolinaKelley, Meg, Nick</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p></li><li><p>&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> Ev - en when the jur - y and the judge</p><p>www25 . </p><p>C</p><p> say you've got a right to hold a grudge. It's the</p><p> .. . </p><p>&amp;&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> . whis-per in your ear say-in' set</p><p>www27 . </p><p>FC</p><p> it free. For -give - ness.</p><p> ... </p><p> . </p><p>Ooh-ah - oh. Ooh-ah -</p><p> . j</p><p>C</p><p>&amp;&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> For-give - ness.</p><p> j joh. Ooh-ah - oh, oh.</p><p> 30 . j</p><p>Ooh-ah - oh. Ooh-ah -</p><p> . j</p><p>Fadd9</p><p> R . For-give-ness.</p><p> j joh. Ooh-ah - oh, oh.</p><p> . j</p><p>Piano-Vocal(SATB)</p><p>Forgiveness - page 4 of 11 Key: C</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim MolinaAnthony - topNick - bottom</p></li><li><p>&amp;&amp;&amp;?</p><p>Ooh-ah - oh. Ooh-ah -</p><p> 33 . j</p><p>Am7</p><p> r .. For-give-ness.</p><p> j joh. Ooh-ah - oh, oh.</p><p> . j</p><p>.. </p><p>Ooh-ah - oh. Ooh-ah -</p><p> . j</p><p>G</p><p>&amp;&amp;&amp;?</p><p> Show me how</p><p>Mel. in TEN.</p><p>oh. Ooh-ah - oh,</p><p>?</p><p> 36</p><p> to love the un-love -</p><p> . j j</p><p>C</p><p>5 Tag</p><p>f</p><p>a-ble. Show me how . j j</p><p>&amp;?</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> to reach the un-reach -</p><p> 39</p><p> . j j</p><p>Fadd9</p><p> J a-ble. Help me now J</p><p> . j j</p><p> to do the im - pos -</p><p> . j j</p><p>Dm7</p><p>Piano-Vocal(SATB)</p><p>Forgiveness - page 5 of 11 Key: C</p><p>Jim MolinaAnthony - topNick - bottom</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim MolinaNick Top Note (octave lower)Meg Alto</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim MolinaAnthony</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p></li><li><p>&amp;?</p><p>&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> si-ble. For -give - ness. </p><p> 42 . j j</p><p>2nd X to Coda .. .. </p><p>Ooh-ah - oh. Ooh-ah -</p><p> . j j</p><p>C</p><p> For -give - ness.</p><p> j joh. Ooh-ah - oh, oh.</p><p> . j j</p><p>&amp;?</p><p>&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p>Ooh-ah - oh. Ooh-ah -</p><p> 45</p><p> . j j</p><p>Fadd9</p><p> J Help me now</p><p> J </p><p> j joh. Ooh-ah - oh, oh.</p><p> . j j</p><p> to do the im - pos -</p><p> . j j</p><p>Dm7</p><p>Piano-Vocal(SATB)</p><p>Forgiveness - page 6 of 11 Key: C</p><p>Jim MolinaKelley - Top note</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim MolinaNick - Top note Octave lower Meg - AltoAnthony - Tenor</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p></li><li><p>&amp;?</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> si - ble. For - give - ness. </p><p> 48</p><p> . j j</p><p>Fadd9</p><p>wwww</p><p>C</p><p> 3. It' - ll</p><p>wwww</p><p>&amp;?</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> clear the bit - ter-ness a - way. It can ..</p><p>51</p><p>www</p><p>C</p><p>4 Verse</p><p>P</p><p> . rev-en set a pris' - ner free. There</p><p> . R ...</p><p>www</p><p> is no end to what its pow'r can</p><p> ...www</p><p>F</p><p>&amp;?</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> . rdo. So</p><p> . r ...</p><p>54</p><p>www</p><p> let it go and be a - mazed by ...www</p><p>Am</p><p> what you see through eyes of grace.</p><p> ...www</p><p>Piano-Vocal(SATB)</p><p>Forgiveness - page 7 of 11 Key: C</p><p>Jim MolinaMeg</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim MolinaKelley</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p></li><li><p>&amp;?</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> The pris'-ner that it real - ly frees is</p><p> ...</p><p>57</p><p>www</p><p>Fma7</p><p> you. For-give - ness.</p><p> wwww</p><p> j </p><p>C</p><p>&amp;?</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> For-give - ness.</p><p>60</p><p> j </p><p>Fadd9</p><p>F</p><p> Oh, for-give -</p><p>. ness.. </p><p> j </p><p>Am7</p><p>&amp;?</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> For - give -</p><p> 64</p><p> .ness. ..</p><p> j </p><p>G</p><p> Show me how </p><p>D.S. al Coda </p><p>Piano-Vocal(SATB)</p><p>Forgiveness - page 8 of 11 Key: C</p><p>Jim MolinaNick - topMeg - altoAnthony - tenor</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim MolinaAnthony</p><p>Jim Molina</p></li><li><p>&amp;?</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> I want to fin - a - ly set it free. </p><p> 67 . j j</p><p>C</p><p>Coda</p><p>f</p><p> . r So show me how . R </p><p> . j j</p><p> to see what Your mer -</p><p> . j j</p><p>Fadd9</p><p>&amp;?</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> .. cy sees. Help me now .. </p><p> 70 . j j</p><p> to give what You gave </p><p> . j j</p><p>Dm7</p><p> to me. For - give - ness. </p><p> . j j</p><p>Fadd9</p><p>Piano-Vocal(SATB)</p><p>Forgiveness - page 9 of 11 Key: C</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim MolinaNick</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim MolinaAnthony - keep holding "Forgiveness"</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim MolinaNick/ Kelley - TopMeg - AltoAnthony - Tenor</p><p>Jim MolinaAnthony - Solo</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim MolinaNick/ Kelley - TopMeg - AltoAnthony - Tenor</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim MolinaAnthony - Solo</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim MolinaNick - TopAnthony - Tenor</p><p>Jim Molina</p></li><li><p>&amp;?</p><p>&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p>wwww </p><p>Ooh-ah - oh. Ooh-ah -</p><p>73 . j j</p><p>C</p><p>5 Tag</p><p> J Oh! For -give - ness.</p><p> J </p><p> j joh. Ooh-ah - oh, oh.</p><p> . j j</p><p>wwww</p><p> Ooh-ah - oh. Ooh-ah -</p><p> . j j</p><p>Fadd9</p><p>&amp;?</p><p>&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> For-give - ness.</p><p> j j</p><p>oh. Ooh-ah - oh, oh.</p><p>76 . j j</p><p>wwww </p><p>Ooh-ah - oh. Ooh-ah -</p><p> . j j</p><p>C</p><p> For-give - ness.</p><p> j joh. Ooh-ah - oh, oh.</p><p> . j j</p><p>Piano-Vocal(SATB)</p><p>Forgiveness - page 10 of 11 Key: C</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim MolinaKelley - SopranoMeg - Alto</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim MolinaNick - TopAnthony - Tenor</p><p>Jim Molina</p></li><li><p>&amp;?</p><p>&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p>wwww</p><p> Ooh-ah - oh. Ooh-ah -</p><p>79 . j j</p><p>Fadd9</p><p> oh. Ooh-ah - oh,</p><p> . j j</p><p> Ooh-ah - oh. Ooh-ah -</p><p> j w</p><p>C</p><p>6 Ending</p><p>&amp;</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> j joh. Ooh-ah - oh, oh.</p><p> 82</p><p>w</p><p> Ooh-ah - oh. Ooh-ah -</p><p> j w</p><p>Fma7</p><p> j joh. Ooh-ah - oh, oh.</p><p> w</p><p>&amp;?</p><p> j 85</p><p>w</p><p>C w</p><p> j w</p><p>Fma7 U. U</p><p>C</p><p>Rit.</p><p>Piano-Vocal(SATB)</p><p>Forgiveness - page 11 of 11 Key: C</p><p>Jim MolinaKelley and Megcontinue Harmoniesno Guys</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p><p>Jim Molina</p></li></ul>