Please tell me a little about your last summer holiday (English writing topic)

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  • 1. EDITOR: HUNH B HC 1 WRITING TOPIC: YOUR LAST SUMMER HOLIDAY? Topic: Please tell me a little about your last summer holiday? Ch : Vui lng cho ti bit v k ngh h nm ngoi ca bn? I'm Hoc - an office worker but about a year ago, I was still a student. I remember that was a busy and challenging summer with a lot of activities and plants. Ti tn l Hc ti l mt nhn vin vn phng nhng mt nm trc y ti vn cn l mt anh sinh vin cao ng. Ti cn nh l mt ma h bn rn v y th thch vi nhiu hot ng v k hoch. For me, my last summer is not for holiday. It remind me of college and start-up career time. Looking back at this time last year, I was very busy with the preparation of graduation exam because I was a senior at college and this was my last semester. Therefore, I spent almost all of my time preparing for the important exam and was ready to do well. On the day of the exam, I did the tests and passed them, I was quite happy then. i vi ti th ma h nm ngoi khng dnh ngh ngi. N gi ti nh n thi sinh vin v qung thi gian bt u lp nghip. Nhn v qu kh, vo thi gian ny nm ngoi, ti rt bn rn vi vic chun b cho k thi tt nghip, v ti l sinh vin nm cui cao ng v hc k cng l hc k cui cng. Bi v vy, ti dnh phn ln thi gian ca mnh n bi cho k thi quan trng v sn sng tham d k thi. Vo ngy thi, ti hon thnh tt cc bi kim tra v vt qua chng, ti cm thy hnh phc sau . The day I got my bachelors degree which was also the last day I stayed in Nha Trang. I left Nha Trang and moved to Nhon Trach, Dong Nai on the next day. I had a job interview in there but I failed then. Ngy ti nhn bng c nhn cng l ngy cui cng ti Nha Trang. Ngy hm sau, ti ri Nha Trang v Nhn Trch, ng Nai. Ti c mt cuc phng vn xin vic nhng ti khng thnh cng sau . Until the middle of August, I successfully got a job in a foreign company in Binh Duong. At present, my career is beginning to stabilize and grow but I will never forget my difficult last summer, my old friends, my college and all things belong to Nha Trang. I am not sure if my next summer will happen but now I believe that that it will be very different. Cho n gia thng Tm, ti tm c vic thnh cng ti mt cng ty nc ngoi Bnh Dng. Vo thi im hin ti, s nghip ca ti bt u n nh v dn tin trin nhng ti s khng bao gi qun ci ma h y kh khn cng vi bn b c, trng hc v tt c nhng g v Nha Trang. Ti khng chc rng ma h nm sau s ra sao nhng chc chn rng s rt khc so vi ngy hm nay.