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Using Portfolios & Learning Journals in ITE Lawry Price School of Education Roehampton University L.Price@roehampton.ac.uk. Portfolios & Learning Journals. 4 examples used for: PPD - Tracking and assessing professional development PDP Managing personal learning and employabilty skills - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Using Portfolios &amp; Learning Journals in ITE</p><p>Lawry PriceSchool of EducationRoehampton University</p><p>L.Price@roehampton.ac.uk</p></li><li><p>Portfolios &amp; Learning Journals4 examples used for:PPD - Tracking and assessing professional developmentPDP Managing personal learning and employabilty skillsPrimary PE tracking subject knowledge and developing a personal philosophyITTE PE tracking development to support effective teaching for primary PE</p></li><li><p>Using Portfolios &amp; Learning Journals 5 QuestionsHow widespread is the use of portfolios &amp; learning journals in ITE?For what purpose are they used assessment, subject knowledge/professional development, or for anything else?Do other models exist?How effective are they in terms of practicability, relevance and overall usefulness/effectiveness in supporting student learning?Are ePortfolios the answer to maintenance, manageability and monitoring of usage?</p></li></ul>