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<ol><li> 1. SEM micrograph with indentationgrid Indents spaced 10 m horizontallyand 20 m vertically Wide variety within indent space Transitions in mechanicalproperties consistent withinterphase regions Future work Evaluate mechanisms ofdegradation Improve correlationbetween phase andproperties Elucidate interactionbetween indenter andsurfaceImages from: R.D. Moser, P.G. Allison, and M.Q. Chandler. Characterization of Impact Damage in Ultra-High Performance Concrete UsingSpatially Correlated Nanoindentation/SEM/EDX. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance. August 2013 </li><li> 2. Concrete and Steel Reinforcement Characterizing the interfacebetween concrete and steelreinforcement Interphases between materialsnot well definedImage from: P.G. Allison, R.D. Moser, C.A. Weiss Jr., P.G. Malone, S.W. Morefield. Nanomechanical and chemical characterizationof the interface between concrete, glassceramic bonding enamel and reinforcing steel. Construction and Building Materials 37(2012) 638644. </li><li> 3. UAB </li></ol>