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IBM. POWERFUL STORAGE DS8870. HE PLM jlkim@kr.ibm.com 010-4995-8576. Agenda. . . . . Efficient by Design Product . Agenda. CIO . . & . / . / . / . / . CIO Office s Mission. / - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>POWERFUL STORAGE DS8870</p> <p>POWERFUL STORAGEDS8870IBM HE PLM jlkim@kr.ibm.com010-4995-8576</p> <p>AgendaEfficient by Design Product</p> <p>Agenda</p> <p> CIO / / RFI &amp; RFP / : / / IT </p> <p>CIO Offices Mission &amp; / / // IT () / High-End =</p> <p>IT Are You Ready? CHALLENGESIBMAgenda</p> <p>99.9999% IBMDS8870 Overview</p> <p>DS8870 Overview - Self OptimizeSelf Optimize </p> <p>EasyTier ver.4.0</p> <p>Multi-tier (SSD, SAS, NL-SAS) Single-tier (SAS) Extent Pool Data </p> <p>IBMDS8870 Overview</p> <p>HyperSwap(System z &amp; AIX)</p> <p>MM</p> <p>Metro MirrorDS8870 Overview - Reliability</p> <p>HyperSwap(System z &amp; AIX)</p> <p>DS8870 Overview - Reliability</p> <p>MMSAN </p> <p>AIX 6.1 TL8AIX 7.1 TL2Power HA Enterprise ver7.1.2</p> <p>DS8800 R6.3 86.30.49 DS8870 R7.1 Metro Mirror 100KM</p> <p>IBMDS8870 Overview</p> <p>DS8870DS8870 Overview - Performance</p> <p>DS8870DS8870 Overview - Performance</p> <p>IBMDS8870 Overview</p> <p>DS8870 Overview - Efficiency</p> <p>DS8700</p> <p>DS8700 - 1024 : 6.8kW: 7.1kW: 6.1kW: 6.1kW: 3.0kW : 29.1kW</p> <p>DS8800</p> <p>DS8800 - 1056 : 6.8kW: 5.4kW: 6.5kW : 18.7kW</p> <p>More Capacity ( 3,072TB )More Efficiency ( 23.2kW )DS8870 Overview - EfficiencyDS8870 Overview - SUMMARYSelf Optimize</p> <p>DS8870High PerformanceReliability Efficiency Tier EasyTier ver.4.0Single Tier VMware VAAI SPC-1,2 12 67% HA Application Open HyperSwap ( 20% Cost )IBM</p> <p>DS8870</p> <p> HyperSwap . : IBM &amp; TechSales Power 7 Architecture </p> <p>UltraSSD IO Draw </p> <p> Power 7 Architecture 2 Core 32GB </p> <p>144 </p> <p> 16 Core 1TB </p> <p>1536 POWER6+</p> <p>DS8800</p> <p>DS8K 140 - DS8K DR5,580 KM</p> <p>DS8K 220 3 2 DS8K DS8K </p> <p>Agenda </p> <p>IBM</p> <p> !! 2012. 08. 22 </p> <p>IBM</p> <p> IBMOLTP (DB)VTLXIVTMS Solution </p> <p>DS8870</p> <p>Power System Power System </p> <p>SAN</p> <p>Storwize V7000 UnifiedSVCSystem P,X </p> <p> OLTP (DB)CAD/CAM BATCHERP Storwize V7000</p> <p>Storwize V3700</p> <p>GPFS </p> <p>LTO 5,6 Tape LTFS SONASor Unified </p> <p>TMS Solution DS8870</p> <p>DS3500</p> <p>IBM IBMIBM </p> <p>Enterprise Smarter Storage LTO 5,6 Tape TMS Solution DS8870</p> <p>DS3500</p> <p> DB SSD IBMIBM </p> <p> () .</p> <p> . ( ) , . , 3 .</p> <p> . . . , . , , .1.2 Encryption concepts and terminologyEncryption transforms data that is unprotected, or plain text, into encrypted data, or ciphertext, using a key. Without knowledge of the encryption key, the ciphertext cannot be converted back to plain text.Computer technology has enabled increasingly sophisticated encryption algorithms. Working with the U.S. Government National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), IBM invented one of the first computer-based algorithms, Data Encryption Standard (DES), in 1974. Today, several widely used encryption algorithms exist, including triple DES (TDES) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).</p> <p>IBM System Storage DS8870 Disk Encryption1974 IBM . AES-256 IBM . 1974AES !!IBMIBM </p> <p> Performance Cost Management . </p> <p> . </p> <p> . !!IBMIBM </p> <p>DB </p> <p>TKLM </p> <p>Public Key MessageDataPublic Key Encryption Private Key Encryption Network - DS8870 !!</p> <p>IBM TMSRAMSAN System SSD IBM</p> <p>IBM TMSRAMSAN System SSD </p> <p>IBM SSD </p> <p>IBM TMSRAMSAN SystemIBMUltimateSpeed 34 (,,,HPC)History of SSD</p> <p>TMS SOLUTION (30s) 1U 5GB/s FC8 &amp; 4QDR IB Ultimate Speed 4 2 RAID Fault Tolerant HA SSD (500W) EFFICIENCYSmarter Storage-TMSIBM</p> <p>AgendaEfficiency DS8K Technology Management FlashCopy Manager</p> <p>TPC Ver.5.1With TPC for Disk :</p> <p>Topology, , Tool ServerSAN SwitchStorageTOPOLOGYCapacityPerformanceAlert</p> <p>Web GUI Cognos Report </p> <p> HTML / PDF / XML / CSV . </p> <p>QnA</p>