Practical English. Pronounce it right! Business Writing Short Film Viewing & Discussion Expansion of Vocabulary

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<ul><li><p>Practical English</p></li><li><p>Pronounce it right!Business WritingShort Film Viewing &amp; DiscussionExpansion of Vocabulary</p></li><li><p> [i] [I] </p><p> feet fit </p><p> bean bin peel pill </p><p> seat sit </p><p> neat knit </p></li><li><p>Pamela Wallenda 2954 Brunswick Blvd., Apt. 709, Omaha, NB 45209 (413) </p><p>EMPLOYMENT OBJECTIVESenior Administrative Assistant in a dynamic high-technology company where my superior organization and communications skills in the industrial sector can add value.KEY STRENGTHS AND SKILLSOrganizational: Very well organized and comfortable working in a multi-tasking project-oriented environment. Known as a "highly organized and productive employee". Communications: Above average verbal and written communication abilities. A highly effective team player that understands the value of working together towards a common goal. Training: Experienced and effective at training new employees and co-workers. Natural teaching ability for which I have been complimented many times, both by my trainees and my supervisors.</p></li><li><p>PROVEN RESULTS</p><p>Functioned as a member of a team responsible for developing a new customer service manual that was later adopted and used by all customer service employees. Worked directly for the CEO and managed his meeting time, speaking engagements, and travel commitments to minimize conflicts and optimize his productive time. Managed the day-to-day work of three employees in the company's executive office and ensured that they met their time and production targets. Served as Deputy Chairperson of the plant Health and Safety Committee for two years. Frequently trained new support staff and co-workers on how to use new software programs. </p><p>EDUCATION AND TRAINING</p><p>Bachelor of Arts, Social Sciences, Northvale College, Omaha, Nebraska (1990-1993).Was active in athletics including volleyball and basketball. Served as a reporter for the Campus newspaper during my final two years. Made the Dean's Honor Roll every year.</p></li><li><p> Time Management in Dynamic Environments, Training Dynamics Ltd., Omaha, Nebraska (weekly, Jun. - Dec. 1997). Attended this comprehensive and challenging course one-half day per week for six months and made up the lost work time in the evenings and on weekends.</p><p>RECENT WORK EXPERIENCE</p><p>Dynamo Batteries Ltd., Omaha, Nebraska (1996-present) Executive Assistant to the CEO and Manager of the Executive Office. Respected and well-liked by management and co-workers and always received superior job evaluations.</p><p>Admiral Corporation, Omaha, Nebraska (1993-1996) Administrative assistant to the Director of Communications. Organized press briefings, hired contract writers, and drafted news releases for review by management.</p><p>PERSONAL INFORMATION</p><p>Married, no children. Enjoy reading, aerobics, gardening, and classical music. </p></li><li><p></p></li><li><p>Word Expansion</p><p>Suffix -proof</p><p>Waterproof soundproof bulletproof heatproof shockproof childproof foolproof</p><p>1. The window of the presidents car were made of bulletproof glass in case of an assassination attempt.2. Our tent wasnt completely waterproof and the rain came through.3. The soldiers were given shockproof watches.4. These dishes are heatproof. You can put them in the oven.5. The banks security system is completely foolproof. It cant possibly go wrong.6. The car locks should be childproof, otherwise my young sons will open them during a journey and fall out.7. The recording studio was completely soundproof.</p></li></ul>