Primary Battery ( 原电池 ). What did Mrs. Green suffer from?

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  • Primary Battery ()

  • What did Mrs. Green suffer from?

  • varieties of electric equipment

  • chemical energyelectrical energy

  • Zn 2e- =Zn2+

  • Primary BatteryThe device that converts chemical energy to electrical energybasic conditions of forming primary battery:(Two different metals to be the electrodes, or one is not metal but conductor.

  • You are provided with copper wires, magnesium wires, and some fruits.Can you design a primary battery?

  • modern battery industry

  • To be practical,what features the batteries should have?

  • Research subject before class Investigate categories, use range, properties, price, oxidants and reductants of common cells. Investigate how to deal with the waste cells, and the value of recycling waste cells.

  • Dry cells (Zn-MnO2 dry cellCarbon rodZinc

  • kinds of alkaline dry cells

  • Lead storage batteries(cathode : Pb (lead)anode : PbO2 (lead dioxide)electrolyte: H2SO4(aq)

  • Lithium cells

  • heart pacemaker ()

  • Novel fuel cells ( H2 O2 fuel cell )

  • recycling stations of waste cells

  • What did Mrs. Green suffer from?

  • 1. Which reaction can be designed as primary battery? A. NaOH + HCl = NaCl + H2OB. CaO + H2O = Ca(OH)2C. Cu + 2AgNO3 = Cu(NO3)2+ 2AgD. Zn + 2FeCl3 = ZnCl2 + 2FeCl2Exercise

    CD ( )The essence of primary battery is redox reaction.

  • CuCualcohol()H2SO4(aq)YesYesYesNo