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Nongluck Manowaluilou Business & Computer Education Kasetsart University. Principles of Business Education . Nongluck Manowaluilou , 2010. What students should know. Nongluck Manowaluilou , 2010. Description. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Principles of Business Education

Principles of Business EducationNongluck ManowaluilouBusiness & Computer EducationKasetsart University

Nongluck Manowaluilou, 201010/7/20111What students should know.Nongluck Manowaluilou, 201010/7/20112DescriptionBusiness Education is the education FOR and ABOUT business.

Business Education is originated from Commerce which is the foundation of the business in the early years.

Business Education has changed and evolved over time.Nongluck Manowaluilou, 201010/7/20113Basic knowledge about Business Education (US)10/7/20114Vocational Education in schoolsNongluck Manowaluilou, 201010/7/20115Vocational EducationBusiness subjectsAccounting, Sales, Retail, AgricultureHorticulture, , Industrial, , Home Economics, , , Arts & Music, ,

Basic Business Education curriculum (Thai & US)Basic academic skills

Job specific skills

Employability skills

Preparation for advanced training and/or educationNongluck Manowaluilou, 200910/7/20118Comments 1, 2, 3, 4 4 ... 20